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I used to be MoneyDumb. I hung out at H&M every day and thought that a $50 lunch set was a good deal. These days, I spend my time researching the crap out of life and trying to maximise utility on micro-decisions. I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

FWD Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
FWD Car Insurance Singapore Review 2021
Known for its Lifetime 50% No Claims Discount (NCD) guarantee, FWD has grown to become one of the most digital-forward car insurers around. If you’re the less-traditional type who prefers...
1 day ago
NTUC Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
NTUC Income Car Insurance Singapore Review 2021
NTUC Income is a brand that needs no introduction in Singapore. Naturally, it has the lion’s share of the car insurance market, especially among local drivers.  So NTUC car insurance...
1 day ago
Best Credit Card Promotions (May 2021): Get Apple Watch SE, Apple AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds & More
Credit Cards
Best Credit Card Promotions (May 2021): Get Apple Watch SE, Apple AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds & More
I have to admit, I absolutely love credit card promotions. These days, banks offering the best credit cards in Singapore compete so hard for new customers that they practically rain Apple Watch...
2 days ago
Direct Asia Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
DirectAsia Car Insurance Singapore Review 2021
DirectAsia is among the younger entrants  in Singapore’s car insurance scene. While it is not a household name like NTUC or AXA, it has been gaining market share because of...
2 days ago
Aviva Car Insurance Review
Car Insurance
Aviva Car Insurance Singapore Review 2021
Singaporean men might remember the insurer Aviva from their NS days as it provides insurance coverage during National Service. But did you know there’s also Aviva car insurance? Apart from...
4 May 2021
How to Pick the Best Home Loan for Your Property in Singapore
Home Loans
How to Pick the Best Home Loan for Your Property in Singapore
Have you got your eye on a new home and are already looking for the best home loan in Singapore? Are you comparing the interest rates on the market, ready...
27 April 2021
EZ-Link Card Singapore Guide: 7 Nifty Features You Probably Didn’t Know About
EZ-Link Card Singapore Guide: 7 Nifty Features You Probably Didn’t Know About
EZ-Link is just like GST. We don’t know how it works exactly, but it’s always there, slowly but surely chipping away our hard-earned money in small, painless increments. It’s time...
15 April 2021
University Degrees in Singapore 2019
NUS, NTU, SMU & Other Singapore University Degrees – How Much Do They Cost in 2021?
We Singaporeans are a privileged bunch. For tertiary education, most of us focus on getting into our school of choice – be it NUS, NTU, SMU or any other university – and...
5 April 2021
National steps challenge
Fitness & Beauty
National Steps Challenge Season 5 (Bonus Round) – Guide to Registration, Steps Tracker Collection & Rewards
Haven’t you heard? The National Steps Challenge Season 5 has just launched a bonus round from 29 Mar 2021 to 18 Jul 2021. Now heartland uncles and aunties will have something...
30 March 2021
What were you doing this time of the year, last year? Screaming at the kids at Tokyo Disneyland? Relaxing at the beach in Bali? Or... snapping up 2018’s Astrea IV bonds like there was no tomorrow? (Which there was.) If you answered the latter, you probably don’t need to read this article because you very likely have already bought yourself some Astrea V Bonds when they went on sale at 9am today. It’s the highly anticipated follow-up to the breakthrough Astrea IV, and features much of the original’s merits. For those of you reading this with a blank look on your face, here’s a primer to get you up to speed on the new Astrea V Bonds from Temasek Holdings’ subsidiary, Azalea Asset Management.
Astrea VI Bond — What You Should Know About this Private Equity Bond
Not unlike a Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Astrea bonds are a near-annual affair and almost guaranteed to be a hit among investors in Singapore. In 2018, Singaporeans snapped up Astrea IV bonds like...
15 March 2021
hdb sales of balance flat
HDB Sale of Balance Flats 2021: Guide to SBF & Open Booking
Although the SOP for buying an HDB BTO flat has been well-documented, buying a flat via HDB’s Sale of Balance Flats (HDB SBF) or the new open booking systemis a little...
26 February 2021
apple watch singapore price
Apple Watch Singapore Price Guide — SE vs Series 6 vs Series 3
Checking your blood oxygen level and even notifying if you have an irregular heart rate — is there anything the Apple Watch Series 6 can’t do? But at $600 to...
19 February 2021
Fitness & Beauty
Cheap Gyms in Singapore 2021 — 9 Gym Memberships Under $100/Month
These days, spending upwards of $200/month on fancy gyms like Fitness First and Virgin Active are the norm. But after a certain point, you’ll realise you’re actually paying more for the...
11 February 2021
cheap bicycle shop singapore
Fitness & Beauty
5 Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore for Cheap Bikes Under $700
Maybe you’re looking for a cheap bicycle for your commute. Or maybe you’re trying to get in shape without having to pay $250 a month for a gym membership.  Whatever...
8 February 2021
stashaway review
Stashaway Review — Is This Popular Robo Advisor Good for Beginner Investors?
You might have heard of a little robo advisor called Stashaway. OK, it’s not so little — this startup has been around since 2016 and has dominated the robo advisor...
27 January 2021
How to Decide which Investment Brokerage in Singapore is Best for You
Which Investment Brokerage in Singapore is Best? Here’s How to Decide
You’ve read up enough about how to start investing. You’ve triple-checked your emergency fund. You’re finally ready to rake it in on the stock market! Now what? The next step...
22 January 2021
cpf life payout plan minimum sum
CPF LIFE: The Complete Guide to Payouts, Plans & Minimum Sums in 2021
If you’re in your 30s like I am, retiring in Singapore is the stuff of nightmares. By the time our retirement rolls around, the old folks selling cheap hawker food...
19 January 2021
Singapore REITs (2018) – MoneySmart Guide to Investing in REITs
REITs in Singapore — MoneySmart Guide to Investing in REITs
Investing in real estate is part of the Singapore Dream. Own property, become a landlord, enjoy a consistent stream of rental income until the end of your days. … I...
17 January 2021
13 Cheapest SIM-Only Mobile Plans in Singapore 2021 (<$20/Month)
Gone are the days when you’d have to sign up with one of the big 3 telcos — Singtel, Starhub and M1 — just for mobile data. With one of...
14 January 2021
Top 7 ETFs in Singapore — The Total Beginner’s Guide to Investing in ETFs
Most of us have a vague idea that we should be investing at least some of our money to make it grow, but no one ever sits us down and...
12 January 2021
li chun 2019 deposit money guide
Savings Accounts
Li Chun 2021 (3 Feb) – When is the Best Date & Time to Deposit Money?
You might not know it by its name, but surely you’ve noticed snaking queues at cash deposit machines on a particular day around Chinese New Year. This date is called...
6 January 2021
Best savings accounts with high interest rates in Singapore
Savings Accounts
7 Best Savings Accounts in Singapore with the Highest Interest Rates
2020 has been a pretty tough year on our finances. Not only did many of us suffer pay cuts and income losses, most of the high interest savings accounts in...
6 January 2021
Health Insurance
Health Insurance in Singapore — Everything You Need to Know to Survive
Intimidated by all the acronyms, government schemes and ridiculous jargon surrounding health insurance in Singapore? Yeah, us too. That’s why we did the research to give you a crash course...
16 December 2020
With So Many Integrated Shield Plans Available, How Do You Decide Which to Choose?
Health Insurance
With So Many Integrated Shield Plans Available, How Do You Decide Which to Choose?
All Singaporeans are covered by MediShield Life for the most basic of medical coverage. But on top of MediShield Life, an estimated two-thirds of Singaporeans are also paying for an...
15 December 2020
cheap courier delivery service singapore
9 Best Courier Services in Singapore With the Cheapest Delivery Fees
Whether you’re a power Carouseller or running a fledgling e-commerce business, finding the right delivery or courier provider can be a headache. While we no longer need to rely on...
10 December 2020