Cheap Gyms in Singapore: 10 Gym Memberships Under $100/Month (Sep 2023)


Today, many people wouldn’t bat an eye at spending upwards of $200/month on fancy gyms like Fitness First and Virgin Active. Past a certain point, these gyms aren’t just facilities to work out in—they’re a branded experience.

Thankfully, if all you want is sound equipment and no-frills facilities to use, there are still a few cheap gyms in Singapore where you can work out for less than $100/month. (No, I’m not talking about the neighbourhood fitness corner.)

And if you’re a commitment phobe or just want to work out casually without locking yourself into a contract, some of these gyms also let you pay per entry.

Cheap Gyms in Singapore (Sep 2023)

      1. 10 cheap gyms in Singapore under $100/month (Sep 2023)
      2. The Gym Pod ($7.50 to $9.50/entry)
      3. iGym ($6/entry)
      4. ActiveSG Gym ($2.50/entry, $15 to $30/month)
      5. HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz ($8.60/entry and $41/month for HomeTeamNS members)
      6. SAFRA EnergyOne Gym ($14/entry and $55/month for SAFRA members)
      7. Dennis Gym ($64 to $120/month)
      8. Ark Move ($80/month)
      9. GymmBoxx ($95 to $130/month)
      10. Anytime Fitness (~$80 to $100/month)
      11. 24X Fitness ($91 to $102/month)
      12. Best credit cards for gym memberships


10 cheap gyms in Singapore under $100/month (Sep 2023)

Here’s a summary of Singapore’s top 10 cheapest gyms. The rates below are for peak hours, because we’re assuming most of you aren’t going to be going to the gym in the middle of the night. But if that’s your plan, great! Your rates may be even lower.

Cheap gym in Singapore Membership fee Locations
The Gym Pod (24h) $7.50 to $9.50/entry 40+ pods islandwide
iGym (24h) $6/entry 2 outlets: Bishan, Serangoon
ActiveSG Gym $2.50/entry, $15 to $30/month 28 outlets islandwide
HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz $8.60/entry, $49/month for HomeTeamNS members
$21.40/entry, $81/month for guests
4 outlets: Balestier, Bukit Batok, Khatib (premium gym) Bedok Reservoir (premium gym)
SAFRA EnergyOne $14/entry, $55/month for SAFRA members /
$22/entry, $60/month for non-members
6 outlets: Jurong, Mount Faber, Punggol, Tampines, Toa Payoh, Yishun
Dennis Gym (24h) $64/month 6 outlets: Farrer Park, Tai Seng, Jurong, Tampines, Balestier, SuperBowl
Ark Move (24h) $80/month 3 outlets: Woodleigh, Jurong Spring, West Coast
GymmBoxx (24h) From $95/month 8 outlets: Keat Hong, Canberra, Kebun Baru, Jurong, Fernvale, Ci Yuan, Bishan, Century Square
Anytime Fitness (24h) ~$80 to $100/month 90+ outlets islandwide
24x Fitness (24h) From $91/month 2 outlets: Bugis, Paya Lebar


1. The Gym Pod ($7.50 to $9.50/entry)

The Gym Pod is a 24-hour “container gym” concept that lets you book a small, private gym space (called a “Pod”) at affordable rates. With over 40 locations islandwide, you can find Pods in the heartlands as well as the city centre.

Each Gym Pod is a tiny gym with free weights, a squat rack and a treadmill. It’s the introvert’s dream—working out 100% alone with no waiting time!

Other Pods cater to different workout needs. Head to the Spin Pod to cycle your heart out, or try your hand at combat training in the Rumble Pod. Sessions are generally 30 minutes each, excluding set-up and pack-up time. Here’s the pricing per pax:

Source: The Gym Pod

The classic Gym Pod is best for casual gym-goers, e.g. those who work out 2x a week. Assuming you go solo at peak times, that’ll cost you $76/month.

Starter Pack: If you’re sure you’re going to be visiting The Gym Pod for about a month, you might want to give their Starter Pack a try instead. At $69/month, you get 10 Gym Pod sessions and 30-day access to other benefits, such as priority booking and rescheduling flexibility.

Subscription: Once you’ve got the hang of it, it makes sense to spring for the Premium Subscriptions plans, at $38.70/3 months ($12.90/month) or $16.90/1 month. This membership gives you 30% off bookings, priority booking, rescheduling flexibility, and 10% off personal training services. With the same workout routine of 2x/week, you’d end up paying $66.10/month if you get the 3-month plan and go during peak hours.

Thinking of booking class-based fitness pods such as the Spin Pod or Flow Pod on a regular basis? You might also want to check out fitness class subscriptions like ClassPass, which give you a greater variety of classes and gym studios to choose from. 

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2. iGym ($6/entry)

Another pay-per-entry option is 24-hour iGym, which offers a credits-based payment. To access the gym, you have to download their mobile app, top up a minimum of $10 to your app wallet, and sign in and out via a QR code at the gym.

Charges are per entry: $6 for the first hour, $0.50 for each block of 30 minutes for the second and third hours. Should you need the gym for 4 hours, the fourth hour will be charged from $6.

If their locations at Bishan and Serangoon are convenient for you, iGym is a more affordable drop-in gym than The Gym Pod. Working out 2x a week for an hour each time will set you back only $24/month here.

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3. ActiveSG Gym ($2.50/entry, $15 to $30/month)

Singapore’s largest group of public gyms located in practically every heartland central, ActiveSG Gym is by far the cheapest gym option in Singapore. Check out the current ActiveSG Gym membership fees and pay-per-entry prices:

Usage timing Membership period Adult (18–54 years) Student (12–17 years) /
Senior Citizen (55 years and above)
Peak 1 month $30 $18
6 months $160 ($27/month) $95 ($16/month)
12 months $300 ($25/month) $180 ($15/month)
Off-peak 1 month $15 $9
6 months $40 ($7/month) $40 ($7/month)
12 months $80 ($7/month) $80 ($7/month)
Any time Per entry $2.50 (Singaporean & PR) / $3.30 (Standard rate) $1.50

Peak period: Every day, for all opening hours.
Off-peak period: Weekdays from opening till 4pm, excluding public holidays.

ActiveSG gyms are also the most crowded option on the list, which means you’ll run into gym hogs and have to wait a while to use equipment. Free weights are always in high demand, and there’s almost always a queue for the squat racks and benches.

If you have a flexible work schedule, I recommend going for the unbelievably cheap off-peak membership (or just drop in since it’s so cheap). Going early on weekdays also gives you better access to equipment.

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4. HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz (From $8.60/entry and $41/month for HomeTeamNS members)

Not a fan of the packed ActiveSG gyms? Try the affordable HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz gyms—they’re less crowded, and generally have better amenities. The premium gyms at Khatib and Bedok Reservoir even have steam rooms!

HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz has two regular gyms and two premium ones. There are also three membership types, and two time periods (off-peak and all-day) that affect their rates. If all that sounds confusing, don’t worry. Here’s a summary of the per-entry and monthly membership rates for access to a single gym, for walk-ins and all-club access:

All-club access
Membership type All day / Off-peak 3 months 6 months 12 months
HomeTeamNS members All day $250 ($83/month) $420 ($70/month) $590 ($49/month)
Off-peak $195 ($65/month) $320 ($53/month) $490 ($41/month)
Affiliate (SAFRA and PAssion members) All day $305 ($102/month) $520 ($87/month) $735 ($61/month)
Off-peak $235 ($78/month) $390 $65/month) $635 ($53/month)
Guest All day $430 ($143/month) $685 ($114/month) $975 ($81/month)
Off-peak $325 ($108/month) $505 $84/month) $875 ($73/month)
Walk-in rates
Membership type All day  Off-peak
HomeTeamNS members $8.60 $8.60
Affiliate (SAFRA and PAssion members) $10.70 $12.80
Guest $21.40 $21.40

Off-peak periods: Weekdays 7am-5.15pm, weekends 7am-1.45pm

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5. SAFRA EnergyOne Gym ($14/entry and $55/month for SAFRA members)

One step up from the HomeTeam NS Fitness Workz gyms is SAFRA EnergyOne. These gyms come with a higher price tag, but also slightly nicer amenities like warm jacuzzis—but be warned that these may be out of order from time to time. Like the HomeTeamNS gyms, the SAFRA gyms are less crowded than ActiveSG gyms. And with 6 locations islandwide, you can probably find one that’s convenient for you too. Here are their per entry rates:

Usage period SAFRA members Guests
Off-peak $8.65/entry $12.95/entry
Peak $14.05/entry $21.60/entry

Peak period: 5pm – 10.30pm on weekdays, 1pm-8pm on weekends.
Off-peak period: 6.30am – 5pm on weekdays, 6.30am – 1pm and 8pm – 10.30pm on weekends.

Unfortunately, while the SAFRA EnergyOne per entry rates are straightforward enough, their membership fee structure is a hot mess. Take note that the membership rates change every few months depending on the ongoing promotion, so it’s best you check SAFRA EnergyOne’s promotions page for the latest prices. Here’s our attempt to simplify the current rates, inclusive of GST:

Membership tier SAFRA member Non-SAFRA member
Main (All-day access to all 6 gyms) $494.60/9 months ($55/month)
Spouse (All-day access to all 6 gyms) $378/9 months ($42/month)
Term All-Day (All-day access to all 6 gyms) $540/9 months ($60/month)
Term Daylighter (Off-peak access to only 1 gym) $360.70/9 months ($40/month)

Peak period: 5pm – 10.30pm on weekdays, 1pm-8pm on weekends.
Off-peak period:6.30am – 5pm on weekdays, 6.30am – 1pm and 8pm – 10.30pm on weekends.

The two highest membership tiers are Main and Spouse, which are open to SAFRA members and their spouses only. Both give you access to all gym locations during opening hours at a rate of $55/month (main SAFRA member) or $42/month (their spouse) for a 9-month period.

If you/your spouse are not SAFRA members, you can get the Term All-Day or Term Daylighter memberships. The Term All-Day membership is the non-SAFRA equivalent of the Main or Spouse memberships. Naturally, it’s pricier than the SAFRA member rates, at $60/month.

We’d say, most people can forget about the Term Daylighter option. Unless you stay right next to a SAFRA gym, can go during off-peak hours, and are willing to commit for 9 months or more, the option is just not convenient. 


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6. Dennis Gym ($64 to $120/month)

Created by former Singapore Bodybuilding Federation coach Dennis Tew, Dennis Gym has 6 outlets—Farrer Park, Tai Seng, Jurong, Tampines, Balestier and SuperBowl. All outlets are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

While they focus on personal training services (which you’ll have to pay more for, obviously), Dennis Gym has a great variety of strength-building equipment if you know how to work out on your own.

Here are the membership fees for different commitment periods:

Commitment period Membership fee
1 month $120
3 months $230 ($77/month)
6 months $430 ($72/month)
12 months $770 ($64/month)

Dennis Gym’s promotions come and go, and this month they have a “Super Sept Promo”: $283.50 for 4 months’ membership to all branches, with waiver of their registration fee. They’re also dangling a free Dennis Gym access key (U.P. $60) as a carrot, but all the memberships in the table above also come with this anyway. If you’re keen on this September promotion, you’ll need to like and share their page on Facebook.


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7. Ark Move ($80/month)

Ark Move is a 24-hour chain of neighbourhood gyms with 3 outlets at Woodleigh, Jurong Spring Community Club, and West Coast currently. Prices are fixed at $80/month, and you’ll also need to pay a one-time initiation fee of $100 Check their website because this fee may be discounted based on seasonal promotions—it’s currently $80 at the time of writing.

Though more limited in locations than other gyms, Ark Move has 2 big plus points.

Firstly, the $80 monthly fee gets you access to all of their outlets, with no separate fee structures for access to 1 gym versus all gyms. Nice and simple.

Secondly, there are no contracts. That means you’re only committed for 1 month at a time—perfect if you’re just starting out on your exercise journey or have commitment issues. 24hr

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8. GymmBoxx ($95 to $130/month)

GymmBoxx is a well-run 24-hour heartland gym chain with outlets in the Central/North, East and West. It’s very much a weightlifting gym—free weights and strength training equipment are in abundance here. Death to cardio!

While not as fancy as the likes of Virgin Active, the gyms are clean and membership is also pretty affordable. Here are their rates before GST:

Off-peak membership Regular membership
1 month $110 $130
6 months $480 ($80/month) $690 ($115/month)
12 months $780 ($65/month) $1140 ($95/month)
One-time fee $60 joining fee for newbies / $30 reactivation fee

Off-peak: Weekdays 12am-4pm, 11pm-11.59m. All day on weekends and public holidays.
Regular: All day 24/7.

GymmBoxx’s rates are for access to all their outlets.

Can’t pay the full sum upfront for a 6-month or 12-month membership? GymmBoxx offers a 0% interest instalment plan that you can get access to at the gym’s front desk.


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9. Anytime Fitness (~$80 to $100/month)

Anytime Fitness (AF) is the 7-11 of gyms—ubiquitous and open 24/7. But unlike 7-11, the quality and prices vary quite a bit across their 90+ outlets.

From what we’ve researched, the AF outlets at Pasir Panjang and Serangoon Nex are awesome. Spacious, clean, great equipment. But we’ve also seen some other outlets that look cramped and a bit worn out. So it’s worth checking out a few locations.

Prices vary from location to location; generally around $75, $85, or $95/month depending on your commitment period, any promotions, and how desperate the salespeople are that month.

There may be a separate admin fee as well. But if you are persuasive enough with the salesperson, you can try for a fee waiver and even haggle for a free gift.

Some AF outlets give you access to more than just the branch you chose. Again, this really varies from outlet to outlet. You’ll have to go down and speak to the staff to get the deets.


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10. 24X Fitness ($91 to $102/month)

24X Fitness is one of the new competitors to Anytime Fitness offering pretty much the same deal—24/7 gym facilities. Currently, there are only two outlets, in Bugis and Paya Lebar.

Membership costs $90.72/month for 18 months’ commitment, or $101.52/month for 12 months, including GST. You also have to pay a one-time $73.44 fee for the access key.

Both memberships come with a free personal trainer assessment. If you want a personal trainer to coach you thereafter, you’ll have to fork out additional fees. 


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