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Cheap Gyms in Singapore (2019) – 7 Affordable Gym Memberships Under $100/Month

Cheap Gyms in Singapore -- Affordable Gym Memberships Under $100

Clara Lim


Whether you think of the gym as a second home or a dungeon full or torture devices, one thing is for sure – the cost of gym membership is the biggest pain point of working out.

These days, spending upwards of $200/month on fancy gyms like Fitness First and Virgin Active are the norm. But after a certain point, you’ll realise you’re actually paying more for the lifestyle and brand than equipment and facilities.

Thankfully, there are still a few cheap gyms in Singapore where you can work out for less than $100/month. (No, I’m not talking about the neighbourhood fitness corner.) And if you’re a commitment-phobe or just want to work out casually without locking yourself into a contract, some of these gyms also let you pay per entry.

Cheap gyms in Singapore (2019) – 7 gyms with membership fees under $100/month

Here are the 7 cheapest gyms in Singapore, ranked by their monthly membership prices for adults (non-concession):

Cheap gym in Singapore Membership fee (peak) Membership fee (off-peak) Price per entry
ActiveSG Gym $25 to $30/month $7 to $15/month $2.50 (Singaporean & PR) / $3.30
Community Centre Gym

~$30/month, varies from CC to CC

$3.50 to $6

$60 to $85/month + joining fee $30

EnergyOne Gym (SAFRA member) $42.80/month + one-time fee $395.90 $32.10/month + one-time fee $128.40 $13.90 (peak) / $8.55 (off-peak)
EnergyOne Gym (non-SAFRA member) $80.25 to $96.30/month $64.20/month $21.40 (peak) / $12.85 (off-peak)
Dennis Gym $78/month with 1 year contract 
Anytime Fitness

~$80 to $100/month + admin fee may apply


~$80 to $90/month + admin fee may apply



ActiveSG gym price, location & review 2019

Singapore’s largest group of public gyms, ActiveSG Gym is by far the cheapest gym option in Singapore.

Of course, because it has that distinction, it’s also the most crowded option on the list, which means you’ll run into gym hogs and have to wait a while to use equipment. Free weights are always in high demand, and there’s almost always a queue for the squat racks and benches.

If you have a flexible work schedule or can wake up super early, I recommend going for the unbelievably cheap off-peak membership. The timing (weekdays before 4pm) gives you better access to equipment.

The newer ActiveSG gyms are actually pretty nice, I must say. I used to go to the Heartbeat@Bedok one (opened in 2017) and loved the variety of brand new gym equipment. There are even clean showers.

ActiveSG gym price list

Check out the current Active SG gym prices:

Category Membership fee (adult) Concession fee (student/senior citizen)
Peak – 1 month $30 $18
Peak – 6 months $160 ($27/month) $95 ($16/month)
Peak – 12 months $300 ($25/month) $180 ($15/month)
Off-peak (weekdays before 4pm) – 1 month $15 $9
Off-peak – 6 months $40 ($7/month) $40 ($7/month)
Off-peak – 12 months $80 ($7/month) $80 ($7/month)
Per entry $2.50 (Singaporean & PR) / $3.30 $1.50

By the way, if you’re just a casual gym user, you don’t need to pay for membership as the drop-in rate is really affordable.

ActiveSG gym locations

East: Bedok, Tampines, Pasir Ris
Northeast: Serangoon (Silver Circle), Hougang, Sengkang
West: Redhill (Delta & Enabling Village), Clementi, Jurong East, Jurong West, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Gombak
Central & North: Toa Payoh, Bishan, Yio Chu Kang, Yishun, Woodlands

See the full list of ActiveSG Gym locations here.

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Community club gym price, location & review 2019

Apart from the ActiveSG gyms, you can also find small public gyms dotted all over the island. These are found in your friendly neighbourhood CC. Price is usually around the same or slightly more expensive than ActiveSG gyms.

Although CC gyms are usually tiny and super basic, they’re perfectly serviceable if all you want to do is run on a treadmill somewhere close to home. They might even be less crowded than ActiveSG gyms as well.

CC gym price list

Prices are not available online and presumably vary from outlet to outlet. Here are some sample prices:

Category Membership fee
Monthly membership Varies from CC to CC, approx. $30. Concession rates may apply
Per entry drop-in rate Varies from $3.50 to $6

CC gym locations

Everywhere! But there is no central listing of CC gyms, so you’ll have to call up or drop by your nearby CCs to enquire. See the People’s Association website for a full list of CCs.

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SAFRA EnergyOne Gym price, location & review 2019

If you’re a SAFRA member, you might want to consider joining the SAFRA EnergyOne gyms as they are affordable but have better facilities (like sauna/steam room) and are less jam-packed than ActiveSG and CC gyms.

In terms of equipment, it’s similarly basic. Again, the focus is on cardio and resistance machines rather than free weights.

SAFRA EnergyOne Gym price list

Price-wise, it’s a little complicated. SAFRA has recently opened up gym membership to non-SAFRA members so the EnergyOne membership fee structure is a mess. Here’s my attempt to simplify it:

Category Membership fee (SAFRA member) Membership fee (non-member)
Peak $128.40/quarter ($42.80/month) + one-time fee $395.90 $80.25 to $96.30/month depending on commitment period
Off-peak (weekdays before 5pm, Sat before 1pm, Sun after 1pm) $96.30 ($32.10/month) + one-time fee $128.40 $64.20/month

On the top left is the highest membership tier (Silver) which is open to SAFRA members only. You get access to all gym locations at all times of the day. It seems affordable at less than $42.80/month (billed every 3 months), but there’s a very expensive one-time fee to pay up front. The longer you are a member with the gym, the cheaper it is.

The bottom left is the 2nd tier membership (Red) which is open to SAFRA members and MINDEF workers. It’s only for off-peak access, and only lets you go to 1 gym location. It’s a lot cheaper and the one-time fee is less of a burden.

Peak and off-peak EnergyOne Gym membership is now open to non-SAFRA members. Non-members pay more per month, but there’s no one-time fee – woohoo!

You can pay per entry too, although prices are quite exorbitant. Note that guests have to be accompanied by SAFRA members.

Category Peak hours (weekdays after 5pm, Sat after 1pm, Sun before 1pm) Off-peak (weekdays before 5pm, Sat before 1pm, Sun after 1pm)
Per entry (SAFRA member) $13.90 $8.55
Per entry (guest) $12.85 $12.85

SAFRA EnergyOne Gym locations

East: Tampines
Northeast: Punggol
West: Mount Faber, Jurong
Central & North: Toa Payoh, Yishun

See the full list of SAFRA EnergyOne Gym locations here.

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GymmBoxx price, locations & review 2019

GymmBoxx is a heartlander gym rat’s dream. It’s open 24 hours, has clean facilities and a great variety of workout equipment. Sure, it might not be as fancy as Virgin Active, but it’s also less than half the price. (And you’re here to train, not to preen.)

Many gym bros and babes in Singapore love GymmBoxx because it focuses on lifting and weights rather than cardio. Strength training equipment is in abundance here. (Death to cardio!)

GymmBoxx price list

You don’t even need to pay for a membership at GymmBoxx because the walk-in rate is pretty affordable at $8 per entry. Even if you go there 3x a week, it’ll still cost less than $100 a month. And there’s no commitment!

Of course, if you plan on working out regularly, it’ll be much more cost effective just to pick up a membership. GymmBoxx rates are now standard across all outlets and are clearly published on the website.

Category Membership fee (adults) Concession fee (youth age up to 21) Concession fee (seniors 55 and up)
1 month $85 $70 $65
3 months $210 ($70/month) $165 ($55/month) $150 ($50/month)
6 months $390 ($65/month) $300 ($50/month) $270 ($45/month)
12 months $720 ($60/month) $540 ($45/month) $480 ($40/month)
One-time fee

$30 joining fee (new members) / $15 reactivation fee

You can get a 5% discount if you have a PAssion Card.

GymmBoxx locations

East: Bedok, Tampines
West: Bukit Batok, Jurong East, Choa Chu Kang
North/Central: Bishan, Ang Mo Kio

See the full list of GymmBoxx locations here.

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Dennis Gym price, locations & review 2019

Created by former Singapore Bodybuilding Federation (SBF) coach Dennis Tew, Dennis Gym has been serving the heartlands for some 20 years.

The core strength of this gym centres on its personal training services (which you’ll have to pay more for, obviously). However, if you know how to work out smartly without breaking bones or tearing muscles, you’ll find that this place has a great variety of premium equipment for workouts.

Dennis Gym prices

According to the website, Dennis Gym membership fee is $78/month for a 12-month contract. They also have monthly fees and 6-month contracts but they are not published. Before you sign up, definitely call them at 8543 2903 to find out about any promotional and concession rates.

Dennis Gym locations

East: Simei, Tai Seng (24 hours)
West: Jurong (24 hours)
Central: Farrer Park (24 hours) (coming soon)

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Anytime Fitness price, locations & review 2019

Anytime Fitness is the 7-11 of gyms – ubiquitous and open 24/7.

It’s a big franchise so the quality and price varies quite a bit from outlet to outlet. Most branches are pretty small and don’t have a lot of equipment, especially weight lifting equipment like plates and benches.

It’s on the pricey side, especially compared to its direct competitor GymmBoxx, but that might be a tradeoff if you want total convenience.

Anytime Fitness prices

Prices are not available online and presumably vary from location to location. The standard rate seems to be $98/month with a contract, but you can also quite easily get a cheaper rate, as low as $78/month, when there’s an opening promotion (or when the salespeople get desperate).

There may be a separate admin fee as well. But again, this can be waived if you are persuasive enough with the salesperson.

One weird trick you can try is to go across to JB and sign up for a membership with Anytime Fitness Malaysia, taking advantage of the exchange rate. AF members are supposed to get worldwide access anyway. It’s kind of a dick move, but so is Anytime Fitness for not publishing their prices.

Drop-in rates are exorbitant, by the way. I couldn’t get an official published rate but when I asked on the phone, they quoted me $30. $30!!!

Anytime Fitness locations

Around 40 locations in Singapore (told you it’s everywhere)! See the Anytime Fitness website for the complete list.

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24XFitness prices, locations & review 2019

24XFitness is a new competitor to Anytime Fitness offering pretty much the same deal – 24/7 gym facilities.

However, it focuses a lot more on personal training, which may explain the heftier price and long lock-in periods. Still, given the premium locations and how new the equipment and facilities are, it might be worth the membership fees.

24XFitness prices

Category Price
Processing fee (for members) $99
One-time key fee (for members) $68
12 months membership $89/month x 12
18 months membership $79/month x 18
Per entry $25

24XFitness locations

Central: Bugis
East: Paya Lebar

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Active SGMake gains, save moneyMost affordable gymsin SingaporeMembership per month$25 to $30 (peak)$7 to $15 (off-peak)Pay per entry$2.50 (Singaporean / PR)$3.30 (Everyone else)Largest public gym. Highest Traffic of users.Best used during off-peak hours.GymmboxxMembership per month$60 to $85 + $30** = one-time feePay per entry$8Premium facilities for cheap.5% discount for Passion Cards.EnergyOne Gym(SAFRA Members)Membership per month$42.8 + $395.90* (peak)$32.10 + 128.40* (off-peak)* = one-time feePay per entry$13.90 (peak)$8.55 (off-peak)Above average equipment.Fewer people than CC / ActiveSG.Expensive up-front fee, butcheaper in the long run.EnergyOne Gym(Non-SAFRA Members)Membership per month$80.25 to $96.30 (peak)$64.20 (off-peak)Pay per entry$21.40 (peak)$12.85 (off-peak)Same as above.No stupid one-time fee.Anytime FitnessMembership per month$80 to $100 + admin feePay per entry$30Open 24/7.High number of gyms.Oftentimes small.CC GymMembership per monthVaries, approx. $30Pay per entry$3.50 to $6Neighbourhood gyms. Likely fewer people.Often tiny and super basic.Dennis GymMembership per month$78 (1 year contract)Pay per entryN/AFocus on personal training.Premium equipment.24XFitnessNow go out there and get swoleMembership per month$80 to $90 + admin feePay per entry$25Open 24/7.Longer lock-in period.Limited locations.

What are some other cheap gyms or budget fitness hacks you’d like to recommend? Tell us in the comments.


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