WSG - Unemployed or Retrenched? Here’s Some Help on Managing Finances & Restarting Your Career
Unemployed or Retrenched? Here’s Some Help on Managing Finances & Restarting Your Career
Recently, I just got news from an ex-colleague that half of her department was retrenched due to Covid-19’s ...
Course programmes in Singapore with training allowance
Courses in Singapore that pay you to learn — 4 Programmes with Training Allowance
Do you dread reading the news every day for fear of reading yet more about the economic recession that ...
26 June 2020
Data analytics, digital marketing and interpersonal skills are the top skills employers are looking for
Data analytics, digital marketing and interpersonal skills — Top skills Singapore employers look for in 2020
Many industries have been affected by COVID-19 including tourism, F&B and retail. If yours has been hit, ...
25 June 2020
Jobs in Singapore 2020 - sectors hiring include healthcare, education, and finance
Jobs in Singapore 2020: 10 industries still hiring amidst pandemic include healthcare, education, and finance
It seems like just yesterday when the Singapore economy was humming along happily, and people were confident ...
23 June 2020
WSG Career Coaching Services
Worried About Your Job? Here Are Some Helpful Insights & Advice from A Seasoned Career Coach
This post was written in collaboration with Workforce Singapore (WSG). While we are financially compensated ...
covid-19 part time job singapore
5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do During This Covid-19 Period
Covid-19 is a medical emergency, but its impact goes far beyond the healthcare industry. It has accelerated ...
1 April 2020
doctor lawyer salary singapore
Ever Wondered How Much Your Doctor and Lawyer Friends Earn?
Kiasu parents all over Singapore put their kids through years of private tuition sessions and enrichment ...
19 March 2020
coworking space in singapore
14 Best Coworking Spaces in Singapore – How Much to Work in One?
Entrepreneurs are turning Singapore into hotbed of startups as more and more new companies form to meet ...
18 March 2020
sugarbook sugar baby singapore
Being A Sugar Baby in Singapore — How Much Money Can This Controversial “Job” Make?
You can say that the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel have completely changed the ...
18 March 2020
nsf ns singapore pay salary allowance
National Service in Singapore — NSF Ranks, Pay and Other Benefits
I’ve obviously never served National Service (NS), but from what I gather, it’s pretty serious business. ...
5 March 2020
scoot singapore vincent fu
Scoot’s Revenue Head Vincent Fu On ‘Unsexy’ Jobs, Scoot’s Office Culture & More
If you’re a MoneySmart reader, you would most definitely be familiar with local airline Scoot. A subsidiary ...
25 February 2020
job recruitment agency singapore 2018
Singapore Job Agencies – 10 Recruitment Agencies for Your Next Career Move
You might have snagged your first job by spamming job ads on JobsDB, or asking your parents to pull some ...
19 February 2020
5 Interesting Career Insights From Dawn Teo, SVP of Amara Hotels and Resorts
5 Interesting Career Insights From Dawn Teo, SVP of Amara Hotels and Resorts
The hospitality industry has been booming in recent years — and not just in Singapore, where tourism is ...
14 February 2020
highest paying jobs singapore 2018
Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore – 43 Jobs With Monthly Salary Over $10K
Are you happy with your salary in Singapore? Rhetorical question, I know… But if you are happy with what ...
14 February 2020
fresh graduate jobs singapore
Fresh Graduate Jobs in Singapore: How to Write Your Resume & Other Tips
Nobody teaches you how to “adult”, least of all your teachers at school. Whether you scored As or Ds, you’ll ...
10 February 2020
MCI - #DoWhatYouLove - With the WSG Professional Conversion Programme, a mid-career switch is possible
Can You Really #DoWhatYouLove? We Speak to 2 Singaporeans Who Made A Mid-Career Switch
This post was written in collaboration with Ministry of Communications and Information: MCI. While we are ...
what it takes ps cafe singapore
What’s It Like as Head Chef of Singapore’s Trendiest F&B Chain, PS Cafe?
If you’re into Sunday brunches, you would probably be familiar with PS Cafe. They’re most known for their ...
11 December 2019
SkillsFuture Courses, WSG Programmes & More: 5 Practical Tips for Career Progression
SkillsFuture Courses, WSG Programmes & More: 5 Practical Tips for Career Progression
The words “career” and “job” can mean very different things to different people. For some, it’s just a ...
10 December 2019
civil servant year end bonus 2018
Singapore Civil Servant Bonus 2019 – How Does It Compare to Your Year End Bonus?
The end of the year tends to make Singaporeans feel pretty broke, what with the pressure to take part in ...
9 December 2019
event jobs singapore christmas
5 Easy Part-Time Event Jobs in Singapore for Christmas 2019 & CNY 2020
December should be officially declared as broke month — it’s when we go on expensive vacations, buy Christmas ...
21 November 2019
mdrt million dollar round table
MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table): What Does It Mean If Your Financial Advisor Has Achieved MDRT?
Insurance agents often throw around the term “Million Dollar Round table”, or MDR especially in recruitment ...
19 November 2019
compassionate leave in singapore
Compassionate Leave: How Many Days Are You Entitled to in Singapore
When a family member passes away, many employers will give you compassionate leave. There is no MOM law ...
18 November 2019
food delivery rider
Food Delivery Riders (2020) – How Much Can You Make as a Deliveroo, Foodpanda or Grabfood Rider?
Forget about giving tuition or waiting tables. These days, the part-time job of choice is being food delivery ...
7 November 2019
dbs career wsg
A Career in DBS — DBS Bank’s MD Soh Siew Choo On Getting Hired and Becoming a Manager
Ask anyone and chances are, they’ve probably upon a time applied for a job in the banking industry. There’s ...
6 November 2019
off in lieu leave mom hr singapore
What is Off-in-Lieu Leave and Are You Entitled to it?
Have you ever had to work on weekends? Or ever went on a work trip that stretched over a weekend? Or maybe ...
22 October 2019