Daycations in Singapore: 7 Best Hotel Daycation Deals From $25++

Daycations in Singapore: 7 Best Hotel Daycation Deals From $25++

Ever since working from home became the default in May 2021, everyday has become a bit of a blur. What better way to bougie up your days with a daycation — i.e. a staycation, except without sleeping over night?

Daycations in Singapore have really taken off because of 3 things:

  • Work from home (WFH) fatigue
  • The fact that Singapore’s geography lacks any large changes in scenery
  • Costs

The last bit is important because a staycation is essentially sleeping in another bed, but without added luxuries. A daycation can be up to 75% cheaper than staying the entire night, so what’s not to love? And what if you just want the luxuries without the bed, especially when your own bed is even more comfortable? Daycations just make ¢ent$.

Find the 7 best hotel daycation deals in Singapore starting from $25++ here!

7 best hotel daycation packages in Singapore

Hotel Price Package highlights
M Social Singapore $25++ (WorkAway)

$105++ (DayAway)

  • Complimentary lunch (WorkAway)
  • Complimentary access to pool (DayAway)
  • 15% discount at Beast & Butterflies bar (both)
Fairmont Singapore $66++
  • Complimentary access to pools, gym, whirlpool, steam rooms and saunas
  • $75 dining credit for in-room dining with ultimate daycation package
Hotel G $90++
  • Complimentary lunch
  • Free flow of coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices in-room
Kesa House, the Unlimited Collection by Oakwood $95++
  • In-room high tea for two pax
Raffles Hotel Singapore $100++
  • Pool access from 1pm to 4pm
  • Top-up available for spa treatment or private high tea
The Vagabond Club, Tribute Portfolio $125++
  • 12-hour access to Classic-room
  • Complimentary breakfast
Andaz Singapore  $150++
  • 8-hour access to room
  • Complimentary afternoon tea
  • Complimentary cocktails

1. M Social Singapore Daycation ($25++)

Source: Millennium Hotels

Wow! A daycation package at $25? Not so fast. Going for this package via WorkAway means that you’ll be spending your time at Beast & Butterflies restaurant in M Social itself, but it does get you a 1-set lunch meal, with your choice of coffee, tea or water.

As for the room itself, that starts from $105, and that gets you 8-hour access to the room, free flow coffee, tea and water, as well as 15% off at Beast & Butterflies.

2. Fairmont Singapore Daycation ($66++)

Source: Fairmont Singapore

Okay, even though Fairmont Singapore’s daycation package starts from $66, I’m going to tell you to pony up an extra $79 to get the full daycation package.

For $145, you get 12-hour access to the room, $75 worth of in-room dining credits and access to pool and sunbed service! It’s as good as a staycation but with the added benefit of sleeping in your own bed.

3. Hotel G Daycation ($90++)

Source: Hotel G Singapore

If you want a no-nonsense, value-for-money in-room daycation, Hotel G is your best bet — it’s the cheapest hotel on this list that gets you 12-hour access to the room. There’s also free-flow coffee, tea and water with the room and complimentary lunch set at its own Ginett Restaurant. 

4. Kesa House, the Unlimited Collection by Oakwood Daycation ($95++)

Source: Kesa House Singapore

Having only 6-hour access to the room is a bit of a dampener, but you do get a sumptuous high tea set for two. After all, high teas are pretty pricey — for example, The Fullerton Bay Hotel’s always sold-out high tea buffet costs $70 per person (and it only lasts for 3 hours, mind you).

So really, topping an extra $25 for an extra 3 hours for the ability to blob yourself on the bed and shower doesn’t seem THAT bad of a deal after all.

5. Raffles Hotel Daycation ($100++)

Source: Raffles Hotel Singapore

For a hotel that’s positively priced out of most people, a $100 daycation for a slice of luxury at Raffles Hotel is one to be considered. A staycation there is at least 10 times the price, at $1000 a night, but $100 only gets you 3 hours at their pool. Not a very good deal.

Top up an extra $158 and now we’re talking luxury here — this gets you a spa treatment and pool access; but if you want the ultimate bougie bonkers experience on a budget, pony up $350 for a 6-hour hotel suite access with an afternoon tea for two. That’s $175 per person!

6. The Vagabond Club Daycation ($125++)

Source: The Vagabond Club

If you find most hotels boring and basic, definitely check out The Vagabond Club. It’s inspired by 1940s boudoir decor, so it isn’t necessarily relaxing, but possibly conducive to, say, a burlesque-themed photoshoot.

Its $125 package is similar to Hotel G’s — 12-hour access to the room and a breakfast set meal including coffee and tea. But it is not free flow, so make sure you have extra drinks on the side or be prepared to order food delivery.

7. Andaz Singapore Daycation ($150++)

Source: Hyatt Singapore

You know, I’ve always wanted to go for a staycay at Andaz Singapore but I’ve never been able to take the plunge with its steep asking price of about $350 a night and no bathtub (it’s very important to me okay!).

But for a daycation package that includes 8-hour access to the room, afternoon tea and cocktails for only $150 for 2 people, I might just take the plunge!

The package is also appropriately named “Kids Free Day”, which is perfect for frazzled parents wanting to take a break and date each other whilst the kids are at daycare.

What about the Shangri-La daycation that was going for $75?


Yes, you read that right. Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa WAS offering a $75 daycation package per adult that included $50 worth of dining credit, and all-day access to the pool (with the water slides!) and the beachfront area.

Sadly it’s not available to book on Shangri-La’s website anymore. Please bring it back! 

How to book your next daycation in Singapore

There are several ways to book daycations — a new app called DayAway, a booking/deals site like Klook, or directly from the hotel. 


As its name suggests, DayAway is an app that solely focuses on day-use hotel deals in Singapore — either a work-from-hotel package (“WorkAway”) or a more relaxed daycation deal (“DayAway”). Currently the list of hotels on it is rather small, but it’s growing day by day. 


As one of the most popular SingapoRediscovers-friendly booking sites, Klook probably needs no introduction. It lists some daycation packages — but you’ll need to do some digging as they’re buried within the hotel listing. Searching for “daycation” throws up very little results, so you’ll have to search via the hotel itself.

Thinking of using your SingapoRediscovers vouchers on a daycation? Not so fast — while it’s generally okay to use them on hotel stays, not all daycation packages allow you to use your vouchers.

Direct via hotel

Most hotels would rather have you stay the night to make full use of their facilities, but some hotels do list daycation packages on their websites. Some, like Goodwood Park Hotel and York Hotel, offer a daycation package under the guise of a work-from-hotel package.

It’s worth comparing deals from DayAway and Klook with the hotel’s own package because usually, for the same price, hotel packages offer more or may have tie ups with credit cards

Best credit cards for daycation bookings 

Depending on which booking platform you use, your credit card strategy might be different.

We’ve found that Klook and other travel booking platforms sometimes offer special deals with certain air miles cards. So you might want to dust off that sadly underutilised miles card and charge your stay to it.

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If you prefer cashback, you could consider charging it to an online shopping credit card. Do note the minimum spend and cashback caps, though.

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Paying at the hotel? Your best bet is to use one of these basic, no-frills cashback cards where you needn’t bother with any terms and conditions.

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Daycays for vacays: yay or nay?

Who’s staycation? I don’t know her. I only know this “girl” called daycation, and she’s way more flexible than staycation could ever hope to be.

Like I said in the beginning, daycations are a way for people to get away without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to check for credit card promotions and see if you can offset the amount with your SingapoRediscovers vouchers.

(Speaking of which, did you hear that the vouchers’ validity got extended until December 2021? Now, if only they would top up the vouchers….)

Daycations are also perfect for people who find their own beds more comfortable, because sometimes hotel beds are just not cut out for a restful sleep — and waking up the next morning feels less relaxing than it’s intended to be.

Remember that if you book a daycation, always remember to compare offers via the hotels’ websites, and also check if there are any credit card promotions. A daycay away keeps the work blues away!

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