Singtel Dash Rewards - how to maximise it
3 Ways to Maximise Your Singtel Dash Rewards
Source: Singtel Dash In tough times such as this ongoing Covid-19 situation, maximising our dollar is key. For example, I have stopped buying items at full price (unless I urgently...
10 Reusable Face Masks to Buy and Try from Uniqlo, Under Armour and More
10 Reusable Face Masks to Buy and Try from Uniqlo, Under Armour and More
Who would have thought face masks would one day become a wardrobe essential? Before Covid-19 became a thing, the only times you would see face masks in Singapore were at...
17 hours ago
Life insurance from FWD, NTUC Income, critical illness changes, payment deferment from Life Insurance Association are some new changes in 2020
Life Insurance
5 Things You May Not Know About Personal Insurance in 2020
Insurance has become more important than ever these days, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, global economic doom and gloom, and all the bad things that have happened in 2020,...
1 day ago
DBS Multiplier Changes in August 2020 - now more inclusive for NSFs, tertiary students and retirees
Savings Accounts
Are You an NSF, Tertiary Student or Retiree? Here’s How the Latest DBS Multiplier Account Changes Benefit You
You’re not like “most people”. You don’t have a typical full-time job, have no credit card and your income stream doesn’t necessarily come from an employer… Heck, you’re still in...
Being A Personal Trainer in Singapore — Complete Guide to Costs, Courses and Certification
Being A Personal Trainer in Singapore — Complete Guide to Costs, Courses and Certification
Gyms are full of people grinding away at the machines but not seeing the results they want. What these people need is a personal trainer to work out a personalised...
2 days ago
cheapest parking in orchard road
The Cheapest Parking Rates in Orchard Road for Cars (2020 Edition)
Orchard Road is designed to make people go broke. Some of the buildings along Orchard Road charge so much that parking there is no different from getting your wheel clamped....
5 days ago
google pay
Credit Cards
Google Pay vs Apple Pay vs Alipay – What’s the Difference for a Singaporean?
Head to China and you’ll realise that people there are totally comfortable making payments with their mobile phones. All they have to do is download mobile wallet app Alipay, and...
6 days ago
Chiropractors in Singapore help to manage neck pain and back pain
10 Chiropractors in Singapore to Manage Pain in the Back, Neck and More
Feeling more aches and pains in your lower back or waking up to a stiffer neck than before? So are the rest of us, thanks to working from home and...
23 September 2020
Best cash back cards in singapore
Credit Cards
11 Best Cashback Credit Cards in Singapore (2020)
Cash back credit cards must be the most popular kind of card in Singapore. Sure, earning points or miles is nice and all, but lots of us would rather get...
22 September 2020
Consider StashAway, Phillip Securities POEMS, MoneyOwl, Endowus, FSMOne cash management accounts for better interest rates
Cash Management Accounts: Stashaway vs FSMOne vs Phillip Securities vs Endowus vs MoneyOwl Comparison (2020)
We all know that stashing your savings away in a run-of-the-mill POSB savings account is a waste due to dismal interest rates. But even so-called high interest savings accounts (UOB...
21 September 2020
apple watch singapore price
Apple Watch Singapore Price Guide 2020 — Series 3, SE or Series 6?
Checking your blood oxygen level and even notifying if you have an irregular heart rate — is there anything else the new Apple Watch Series 6 can’t do?  If the...
18 September 2020
careshield life singapore
How Does CareShield Life Help Singaporeans?
It’s probably not news anymore that our healthcare needs will continue to increase in the near future. Especially when it’s estimated that nearly half of Singapore’s population will be at...
18 September 2020
WSG - Unemployed or Retrenched? Here’s Some Help on Managing Finances & Restarting Your Career
Unemployed or Retrenched? Here’s Some Help on Managing Finances & Restarting Your Career
Recently, I just got news from an ex-colleague that half of her department was retrenched due to Covid-19’s impact on the business… herself included. In other news, a few people...
Budgeting 101 – 8 Apps to Manage your Expenses
Budgeting 101 – 8 Apps to Manage your Expenses
If you’re not making enough moolah (and let’s be honest, in this economy, who is?), the biggest favour you can do yourself is to pick up some financial management skills....
17 September 2020
Best savings accounts with high interest rates in Singapore
Savings Accounts
Your Savings Account Sucks, Here Are Some That Don’t – 2020 Edition
Believe it or not, masses of Singaporeans are still using a POSB savings account and “enjoying” the standard POSB interest rates of 0.05% p.a. on their hard-earned savings. You know...
16 September 2020
Top Singapore tourist attractions are offering cheap tickets and other promotions and packages now
Singapore Attractions To Visit in 2020 — Promotions At Sentosa, USS, Cable Car, the Zoo and More
We’re more than halfway through 2020 and being able to travel still seems to be a far off dream as the pandemic surges on.  Well, there’s still the option of...
16 September 2020
singapore islands st john island kayaking ria tan flickr
Pulau Ubin, Coney Island and 5 Other Nearby Singapore Islands Where You Don’t Need a Passport to Visit
You’ve probably caught yourself referring to Singapore as “this island” at least once in your life. But technically, Singapore is made up of 63 islands. Yup, that’s a lot!  The...
15 September 2020
Grow your savings and earn high bonus interest rates with the Standard Chartered BonusSaver Account
Savings Accounts
Standard Chartered BonusSaver Account Review 2020 — Higher Interest Rates for Savers
Technically called the Standard Chartered Bonus$aver Account, not Bonus Saver, the account name says it all — a bonus for savers. In fact, this current account is one of the...
11 September 2020
ocbc 360 savings account review 2018
Savings Accounts
OCBC 360 Account — OCBC Savings Account Review 2020
If you’re gonna open a primary savings account in Singapore, you’re most likely going to go with one of the 3 local banks (DBS, UOB and OCBC). But how good...
10 September 2020
The Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore (September 2020)
Fixed Deposits
The Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore (September 2020)
Fixed deposit (sometimes called time deposit) accounts are low-risk investments that earn you interest over a fixed commitment period. You don’t need to do anything to earn this interest, just park your money...
8 September 2020
kids' activities school holidays singapore
12 Best Kids’ Activities for School Holidays in Singapore For Every Budget
The September school holidays will bring the kids some much-needed respite from the stress of going to school in a pandemic, but they’re just a week long. With exams looming...
8 September 2020
poems philips capital
POEMS by Phillip Securities — A Review of PhillipCapital’s Investment Brokerage Tool
“Poetry is a luxury we cannot afford,” said former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in the 1960s. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that POEMS by Phillip Securities is actually an investment...
7 September 2020
mooncake festival singapore 2018
Mooncake Festival 2020 – Ultimate Price Guide to the Best Mooncakes in Singapore
Every Mid-Autumn Festival is always an interesting event, especially for folks with a sweet tooth or adventurous taste buds. Mooncakes are as tasty as they are sinful, but they’re also...
7 September 2020
Top 10 Kids Activities in Singapore to Learn Coding, Art and Other Skills
Top 10 Kids Activities in Singapore to Learn Coding, Art and Other Skills
The September school holidays are just around the corner! Sign your kids up for some activities and camps where they can pick up new skills, have fun, and more importantly,...
4 September 2020
City Index invest or trade forex, CFDs, indices, stocks, shares, commodities
City Index Review (2020) – A Guide to Investing Using This Brokerage
City Index is a brokerage that lets you trade CFDs or contracts for difference. Wait up, CF-what? Well, when you trade CFDs, you are entering into an agreement based on...
3 September 2020