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Facials, teeth whitening, massages and other self care treatments that you can do at home to save money
5 Gadgets for DIY Facial Treatments, Massages & Teeth Whitening at Home
Without frequent weekend trips to our favourite overseas destinations, most of us feel like crap right ...
22 October 2020
Being A Personal Trainer in Singapore — Complete Guide to Costs, Courses and Certification
Being A Personal Trainer in Singapore — Complete Guide to Costs, Courses and Certification
Gyms are full of people grinding away at the machines but not seeing the results they want. What these ...
28 September 2020
Singapore gyms memberships for online fitness HIIT, boxing, spinning, pilates, yoga, barre classes
Singapore Gyms Offering Online Yoga, Pilates, HIIT and Boxing Fitness Workouts
2020 is the worst year ever for anyone with a gym membership. Gyms have reopened, but there’s still a cap ...
26 August 2020
Cheap Gyms in Singapore (2020) – 11 Affordable Gym Memberships Under $100/Month
Whether you think of the gym as a second home or a dungeon full or torture devices, one thing is for sure ...
23 August 2020
cheap bicycle shop singapore
7 Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore — Shops to Buy Cheap Bikes Under $500
Maybe you’re looking for a cheap bicycle for your commute, now that e-scooters are practically banned in ...
17 March 2020
ClassPass Singapore
ClassPass Singapore — 6 Reasons Why It Is Value for Money
This post was written in collaboration with ClassPass. While we are financially compensated by them, we ...
cheap massage singapore
Cheap Massage Parlours in Singapore (2020) – Clean Ones Under $70!
Singaporeans are really experts at enjoying life. We are always on the hunt for shopping deals, good food ...
16 December 2019
IPL hair removal header
7 IPL Hair Removal Salons in Singapore 2020: Price List of Treatments
Women go to great lengths to achieve beauty, and hair removal is something that only the bravest dare to ...
16 December 2019
fitness first virgin active true fitness singapore
Gym Memberships at Fitness First, True Fitness, Virgin Active, Pure Fitness & Amore Fitness – Worth It?
The big gyms in Singapore have a reputation for being rather… how do we put this nicely… predatory. Not ...
16 December 2019
amore store lazada k-beauty brands
AMORE Store x Lazada Launches With New-to-Singapore K-Beauty Brands in One-Stop Shop — So You Can Pay Less for Shipping and Transport
This post was written in collaboration with Lazada. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
manicure pedicure singapore
10 Nail Salons in Singapore for Affordable Manicures & Pedicures From $8
Most of us know how to paint our nails at home, but once in a while, it’s nice to pay someone to help us ...
10 December 2019
Fitness and Step Trackers Singapore
Best Fitness Trackers in Singapore – Price List of Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3 and Others
Instead of stepping onto the weighing machine with trepidation every few weeks, it’s so much easier to ...
21 October 2019
National steps challenge
National Steps Challenge Season 5 – Guide to Registration, Steps Tracker Collection & Rewards
Haven’t you heard? The National Steps Challenge is back for Season 5 from 26 Oct 2019 to 30 Apr 2020. Now ...
25 September 2019
facial treatments singapore
Facial Treatments in Singapore — Are They Worth $200 If You Can “DIY” At Home?
Facials are crazy expensive in Singapore. At most respectable spas and salons, a 60- to 90-minute facial ...
8 August 2019
men perfumes scents singapore
Perfumes for Men: How to Save on Men’s Fragrances in Singapore?
When checking out a man’s style, the focus usually goes to his watch, his shoes or his bag. But a man’s ...
25 July 2019
Evolve mma studios boxing gym
MMA Studios in Singapore: Best Places To Learn Boxing, Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiujitsu
It seems like full combat sports are all the rage these days. Maybe because they’re an effective way to ...
25 July 2019
5 Korean Makeup Brands & Online Stores in Singapore for K-Beauty under $10
5 Korean Makeup Brands & Online Stores in Singapore for K-Beauty under $10
Soft brows, tinted lips and cherry cheeks — Korean makeup is great because not only does it enhance your ...
10 July 2019
semi-permanent makeup
Semi-Permanent Makeup Prices in Singapore — Is It Worth The Money?
You’ve probably heard of eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery, but did you know — aesthetics salons ...
8 July 2019
free yoga classes singapore
5 Places to Attend Free Yoga Classes in Singapore (Yes Really Free!)
Yoga is supposed to help you find peace and serenity, but the prices of some of the yoga classes in Singapore ...
3 July 2019
personal fitness trainer singapore
Personal Fitness Trainer Singapore: 5 Tips On How to Save When Engaging One
Half of 2019 has just zoomed by, hasn’t it? If at this point you have abandoned all of your fitness-related ...
21 June 2019
strawberrynet sephora
StrawberryNet vs Sephora Singapore – Which Is Cheaper? Is StrawberryNet Legit?
As a self-professed beauty junkie, I’m always looking for good lobang to shop for branded makeup. I recently ...
13 June 2019
Dyson hair dryer singapore price
Would You Pay $599 For The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?
Dyson has a knack for coming up with overpriced gadgets that actually sell like hotcakes despite the hefty ...
5 June 2019
teeth whitening singapore
Teeth Whitening Singapore Price Guide – Home Kits vs Salons vs Dentists
Plastic surgery and beauty-enhancing procedures have always been taboo in Singapore, but there is a strange ...
29 May 2019
barre classes singapore
5 Studios for Barre Classes in Singapore: Is Barre Worth the Hype?
When people think of exercise, it’s no longer limited to running, swimming or even line dancing. These ...
24 May 2019
daiso singapore makeup
$2 Daiso Makeup & Skincare Products To Try: Colour-Correcting Primers, “Designer” Eyelashes & More
As an avid fan of Daiso in Singapore, I’ve explored almost every outlet and every aisle of the $2 paradise. ...
13 May 2019