ClassPass Singapore — 6 Reasons Why It Is Value for Money

ClassPass Singapore

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ClassPass made its Singapore debut in mid-2018, with a slew of fitness offerings across multiple gyms and studios islandwide.

For someone like me, who was previously tethered to a single gym membership, ClassPass is an attractive concept. Suddenly, with just one subscription, I now have the flexibility to drop in for any available slot on ClassPass’ network — without signing up for multiple gym memberships.

Here are 6 reasons (and a bonus one!) why ClassPass is a value-for-money addition to my fitness regime:


1. ClassPass gives you different plan options

Whether you are a gym bunny, a casual “I’ll just go once a week… or not” kinda person, or trying to achieve your 2020 New Year’s Resolution, ClassPass has something for everyone. 

Those who want to work out once or twice a week can opt for the $59 plan, which includes 25 credits to book up to 7 classes.

If you seem to run on an Energizer battery, go ahead, opt for the highest tier plan at $315 — you will get 150 credits to book up to 45 classes (that’s 1 to 2 classes every day!).

And the best part — you can change your plan any time to suit your lifestyle.



2. ClassPass can be used in over 2,500 cities and 28 countries

Travelling? With ClassPass, there’s no excuse to slack off from your fitness regime. And for the avid gym-goers, this literally opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The magic of ClassPass credits is that they are like a universal fitness currency — they can be used all over the world. So even if you signed up for the ClassPass Singapore subscription, you can use your credits to drop in for classes in Portland, Oregan in the US; Paris in France; London in the UK; or even Bangkok, Thailand!

And you can do this without having to speak the native language, or even while in transit without a single cent in your pocket. Just open the ClassPass app, and it will auto-generate your location, showing the best classes near you.

Since its inception in 2013, ClassPass is now available in over 2,500 cities, in 28 countries — plus there is no surcharge or conversion fee to use your credits anywhere.



3. ClassPass lets you work out at almost 500 studios all over Singapore

ClassPass Singapore gym

Here’s some mental acrobatics: In Singapore alone there are almost 500 studios on the ClassPass network. Multiply this by 28 countries and over 2,500 cities… you’re probably looking at millions of classes all over the world.

That’s mindblowing.

Anyway, back in Singapore, ClassPass members can try multiple workouts on their subscription (unlike some singular gym memberships that restrict its members to specific class packs or tier like premium, regular, etc).

I’m not that adventurous when it comes to fitness (I don’t think I’ll ever try barre), but if I am so inclined to, on ClassPass I can do anything from yoga and HIIT, to strength training, pilates, barre, boxing — and even trampoline classes!



4. Enjoy up to 70% off studio drop-in rates with ClassPass

ClassPass Singapore

If you are a serial drop-in class goer, getting ClassPass will save you a pretty penny. In fact, you can get up to 70% off when you book classes via ClassPass instead of paying the usual drop-in fee.

Hey, it’s the best of both worlds!


5. Membership is credits-based

Credits are agnostic. This means the value of 1 credit doesn’t change — only the number of credits required per class. So, since the ClassPass membership is credits-based, they can be used at any studio or gym… try as many as you like!

It’s a fair system that takes into account the type of session you’re booking, a class’ popularity, equipment/facilities and more. For example, a 1-hour slot in a gym (no trainer) typically doesn’t cost as much as megaformer pilates. And, going for a class at off-peak hours can be cheaper than one in the evenings after work. Read more about ClassPass credit rates here.

I also like how extra credits can be rolled over to the next month (up to 10 credits). This satisfies my need to ensure that nothing of value goes to waste, not even 1 credit (about $2+, which can get you 2 freshly-shucked oysters). If you’re particularly active some months, adding credits is a breeze as well.


6. You don’t need to work out alone — round up your friends!

ClassPass Singapore BEATX

How’s this for friends with benefits? ClassPass gives you friend referral benefits, and you can also send invites to your buds, or check out what workouts they’ve been busy with so that you can join them next time. 

There are also many benefits of gymming with a friend. Studies have shown how overweight people can lose more weight if they spend time with their fit friends, and you’ll be less inclined to skip your workout if your friend is already committed to it!


Bonus: Best thing ever — you get one week free

Enjoy 1 week free with ClassPass. You can try up to 7 classes for free and you can cancel any time. Sign up for your free ClassPass trial here. Terms and conditions apply. 

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