Best High Tea Buffets & Sets in Singapore
22 Places for High Tea in Singapore (2020) — Updated with 1-for-1 Deals
Long associated with tai tais, colonial masters, and assorted rich people not chained to a desk job, having ...
6 November 2020
indian sweets singapore
Deepavali 2020: 7 Best Places to Buy Indian Sweets in Singapore
If your knowledge of Indian food stops at prata, then you’re missing out on the amazing world of Indian ...
5 November 2020
promo codes singapore
Foodpanda, Deliveroo & GrabFood Promo Codes in Singapore (Nov 2020)
We can’t live without food delivery services like Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and GrabFood these days, especially ...
4 November 2020
shops restaurants bars that closed down
R.I.P. Robinsons — 17 Businesses That Closed Down Thanks to COVID-19
Here’s an article about the retail apocalypse we wrote a year ago. What innocent times! Those closures ...
30 October 2020
Best 10 Bars in Singapore That Have Opened or Reopened
10 Best Bars in Singapore That Have Reopened (as of Phase 2)
The pandemic has left us craving post-work drinks more than ever, but Singapore’s nightlife has unfortunately ...
30 October 2020
singapore airlines sia@home restaurant a380
How Much Do Singapore Airlines’ Home Delivery & Inflight Meals Cost Anyway?
Over the weekend, while the rest of us normies were watching Emily in Paris in our PJs, approximately 900 ...
26 October 2020
mooncake festival singapore 2018
Mooncake Festival 2020 – Ultimate Price Guide to the Best Mooncakes in Singapore
Every Mid-Autumn Festival is always an interesting event, especially for folks with a sweet tooth or adventurous ...
7 September 2020
mooncake credit card discounts
Mooncake Festival 2020 — Best Credit Card Promotions for Mooncake Discounts
It’s that time of the year again when sweet treats rule. I wouldn’t miss my beloved mooncake fiesta for ...
2 September 2020
bakeries in singapore for sourdough
Bakeries in Singapore — 9 Places For Sourdough Bread And More
Not all breads are equal. And this is keenly felt not too long ago when sourdough began trending on social ...
23 July 2020
durian delivery price guide for popular places like ah seng, combat durian, durian express
Durian Delivery Singapore Price Guide 2020
We all wish the pandemic would be over, but one effect of Covid-19 is that more and more shops are offering ...
2 July 2020
Handcrafted Rice Dumplings-Si-Chuan-Dou-Hua-Restaurant-at-PARKROYAL-on-Beach-Road_featured
Rice Dumplings Delivery 2020: 12 Places to Order Bak Zhangs from, Ranked from Cheapest to Most Expensive
Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, and during this time of the year, it’s common to see long ...
12 June 2020
Foodpanda Singapore Guide (2020): Promo Codes, Delivery Fees and More
Foodpanda Singapore Guide (2020): Promo Codes, Delivery Fees and More
Foodpanda is probably the most popular food delivery service app in Singapore after Grabfood. The Panda ...
14 April 2020
Deliveroo Singapore Guide (2020): Delivery Fees, Delivery Plus Subscription and More
Deliveroo Singapore Guide (2020): Delivery Fees, Delivery Plus Subscription and More
Deliveroo riders whizzing around on their motorbikes, bicycles and (until recently, RIP) PMDs are now a ...
13 April 2020
GrabFood Singapore Guide (2020): Promo Codes, Delivery Fees, Subscriptions and More
GrabFood Singapore Guide (2020): Promo Codes, Delivery Fees, Subscriptions and More
Grab isn’t just about ride hailing anymore. They’ve now expanded into other services like GrabFood and ...
13 April 2020
Seafood buffets singapore
9 Most Worth-It Seafood Buffets in Singapore Under $100 Per Pax (2020)
When Sebastian the crab sang about how life is better down where it’s wetter under the sea, he had a point ...
24 March 2020
best porridge buffet singapore
9 Best Taiwan & Teochew Porridge Buffets in Singapore – 2020 Price List
I’m normally a rational person, until you put me in front of a good Taiwan or Teochew porridge buffet. ...
23 March 2020
haidilao singapore
4 Hot Pot Alternatives To Haidilao – Xiao Fei Yang, Beauty In The Pot & More
I felt a little happy when I read the news about food critic Chua Lam getting flamed for his blasphemous ...
23 March 2020
13 Cheap Mookata Buffets & Set Meals in Singapore (2020)
13 Cheap Mookata Buffets & Set Meals in Singapore (2020)
With sizzling meat and seafood on lard-drenched hot plates, mookata (i.e. Thai BBQ) is the stuff sinful ...
22 March 2020
best dempsey hill restaurants 2018
Dempsey Hill Restaurants Price Guide – 15 Best Restaurants for Every Budget
Going to Dempsey Hill is like entering a parallel universe. All of a sudden, everyone turns into a #blessed ...
2 March 2020
velentines day dinner singapore
10 Restaurants for an Atas Valentine’s Day Dinner under $100++ per pax — 2020 Edition
Love is a many-splendoured thing, but it does come with expectations. What if your other half isn’t the ...
31 January 2020
lo hei yu sheng singapore
Yu Sheng Singapore Price Guide (2020) – Plus, “Huat” To Say When You Lo Hei!
Oi, all of you jiak kantang one ah. You have less than a month to brush up on your mandarin if you want ...
22 January 2020
cheap steamboat singapore
Cheap Steamboat & Steamboat Buffet Price List in Singapore (2020)
As comforting as a bubbling hot pot of soup is, I simply can’t afford to splash $60 on Hai Di Lao (or the ...
16 December 2019
what it takes ps cafe singapore
What’s It Like as Head Chef of Singapore’s Trendiest F&B Chain, PS Cafe?
If you’re into Sunday brunches, you would probably be familiar with PS Cafe. They’re most known for their ...
11 December 2019
korean bbq buffet
Cheap Korean BBQ Buffets in Singapore (2020)
As you probably already know, it’s very expensive to enjoy Korean food in Singapore – especially Korean ...
3 December 2019
chilli crab singapore
Best Chilli Crab Singapore: Complete Price Guide to Famous Crab Restaurants
Without doubt, Singapore’s famous chilli crab dish is a quintessential local dish that has earned a name ...
3 December 2019