FoodPanda, Deliveroo, UberEats, FeastBump: Which Is The Best Food Delivery Service?

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If there’s something Singaporeans love more than food, it’s convenience. since we never have the time to do anything besides fiddle with our smartphones. But for the longest time, food delivery services in Singapore were only limited to fast food. We longed for the convenience of ordering anything we wanted and getting it delivered.

That’s probably why food delivery services, with FoodPanda leading the pack, are so popular right now. Singaporeans can enjoy food and convenience at the same time, all while fiddling with their smartphones. We compare the 4 key players on the food delivery market: FoodPanda, Deliveroo, UberEats and FeastBump.


Selection of food

FoodPanda: A wide range of mid-range and budget options including fast food chains like Burger King, Subway, Toastbox and Yoshinoya. Neighbourhood restaurants run by aunties and uncles are also featured. There are some decent mid-range options like Spruce, Nara Thai and Marché Mövenpick. This app offers the widest selection of restaurants for those of us living in the ‘burbs.

Deliveroo: FoodPanda’s biggest competitor differentiates itself by offering a curation of upper-mid range restaurants and cafes like Potato Head Folk, PS. Cafe Petit, Meat Liquor and The Butcher’s Club. Still, there are some cheaper or chain options available, including PastaMania, ThaiExpress, Jollibean and Crystal Jade Kitchen.

UberEats: At the moment, this app works only in central Singapore, and the selection is on the atas side. Offerings include Candlenut, Tanuki Raw, Standing Sushi Bar, Saveur, Teppei Syokudo and Hombre Cantina.

FeastBump: Mid-range eateries with some local restaurants and caterers thrown in. Examples include Siam Kitchen, Baja Fresh, Daily Cut, Brinda’s (an Indian eatery) and Fong Fu (a caterer). Feastbump seems to be targeted at corporate customers who are ordering in bulk, and this has clearly influenced the selection of eateries.


Food delivery fee

FoodPanda: Varies according to the restaurant. Some will deliver for free (usually those close to you), while others charge a fee.

Deliveroo: $3 for orders of at least $25, $8 for orders under $25.

UberEats: Free for a limited time only, after which the delivery charge is purported to be $3.

FeastBump: Varies from merchant to merchant. Some deliver for free, while others charge anything from a few dollars to almost $20. Take note of the minimum order—some establishments require a minimum spending of up to $100.


Delivery area

FoodPanda: Serves all areas, and you can order from restaurants as far as 5 or 6 km away.

Deliveroo: Serves all areas, and the restaurants you can order from seem to sit within a maximum radius of about 2 km.

UberEats: At present, only available in the areas in and around the CBD, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard and River Valley. They’ve only been around a month though, and they say they intend to expand further.

FeastBump: Serves all areas.


Waiting time

FoodPanda: Depends on the restaurant. 30 minutes on average, but some restaurants can take over an hour. You can check estimated delivery time on the site before placing an order. To be fair, they’ve gotten a lot faster than they were when they first started out.

Deliveroo: Average of 32 minutes.

UberEats: Average of 35 minutes.

FeastBump: Varies according to the restaurant.



Deliveroo: New users get credits for inviting a friend.

UberEats: You get a shareable code that you can disseminate to your friends. You get discounts each time your friends place an order using your code. You also get $15 off your first order with the promo code UBEREATSSG.

FeastBump: Discounts of up to 30% using promo code. UOB cardmembers get up to 35% off with promo code.

Tip: Pay by credit card and earn cashback and rewards. Some credit cards are more suitable for online orders, since they give you higher cashback rebates and rewards. Consider paying with a dining credit card too. Use MoneySmart’s credit card wizard to pick a card that suits your spending habits.

Have you tried any of these food delivery services? Share your reviews in the comments!

Image Credit: Djaka FarezkI