8 Best Credit Cards in Singapore for Online Shopping (2019)


I can barely remember what life was like before online shopping became the norm in Singapore. In fact, I don’t think I want to know.

Between the ridiculously cheap prices on Taobao, rebate programmes like LiveUp and Shopback, and free/cheap shipping and returns on Lazada, online shopping is a complete godsend for thrifty and lazy Singaporeans.

But the icing on the cake? Big fat cash rebates or bonus miles on top of all that, thanks to the fact that credit cards are all fighting for you to use them to pay for your online purchases.


8 best credit cards for online shopping Singapore (2019)

Credit card Online shopping benefits
Citibank Rewards Card $1 = 4 miles on online spending (excluding travel)
OCBC Titanium Card $1 = 4 miles on Amazon, Taobao, Lazada & other major sites
UOB Preferred Platinum $1 = 4 miles on online shopping, groceries, food delivery, entertainment
UOB KrisFlyer Card $1 = 3 KrisFlyer miles on online fashion & travel
Citibank SMRT Card 2.7% to 3% cashback with no minimum spend
DBS Live Fresh Card 5% cashback on online spending
OCBC FRANK Card 6% cashback on online spending
BOC Qoo10 Mastercard 5% to 10% Qmoney rebates


Citibank Rewards Card

Citibank logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Earn Points for Online Spending
Online Spend, including Food Delivery and Groceries
S$1= 10X Points
Grab and Gojek
S$1= 10X Points
All Other Spend
S$1 = 1 Point
MoneySmart Exclusive:

Apple Watch SE (worth S$419) or $350 cash via PayNow - get either for free when you apply for a Citi Credit Card today! Simply make a minimum spend of $200 within 30 days of the account being opened! 

Valid until 30 Apr 2021

The Citi Rewards Card used to offer 4 miles per $1 spent on fashion websites, but as of April 2019, Citi has widened the scope to all online spending except travel. Woohoo!

There’s no minimum spend and it’s capped at $1,000 a month. That makes it the best credit card right now for earning miles/points on general online spending, such as your Lazada/RedMart/Qoo10 purchases, movie ticket bookings, Grab rides, FavePay etc.

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OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

OCBC logo
on Online, Offline, Local and Overseas spend
S$1 = 10 OCBC$
with 18,000 OCBC$
S$50 Titanium cash
Rewards to Miles Conversion
10 OCBC$ = 4 Miles

If you’re moving into a new home or starting a family for the first time, it goes without saying that your bank balance is about to take a major hit.

To help with that, I’d recommend signing up for and charging all your major purchases to the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, because it gives you a very generous 4 miles per $1 spent on big online retailers like Amazon, Lazada and Taobao (as well as offline electronics, department and kidswear stores).

Like most rewards cards, there’s no minimum spend on this one and therefore no hoops to jump through. Hooray!

What’s even better is that there’s no monthly restriction on the bonus miles you can earn – there’s just an annual cap of $12,000 – which means you can swipe your heart out in a short time span.


UOB Preferred Platinum Card

UOB logo
on Online Shopping, Entertainment & Contactless Payments
S$5 = 10X UNI$
on All Other Spend
S$5 = 1X UNI$
Rewards to Miles Conversion
1 UNI$ = 2 Miles

A seriously underrated credit card, the unglam UOB Preferred Platinum credit card can actually give you that same sweet 4 miles per $1 on an even wider range of day-to-day online spending.

If you’re the type who buys everything – from movie tickets to lunch to groceries – online, you’ll love this card for giving you miles/points for just about everything you spend on. The notable exception is online travel bookings, so use another card for that.

It also gives you 4 miles per $1 spent on offline contactless payment (PayWave, Apple Pay…) so it’s definitely a good one for daily use. There’s a monthly cap of $1,000 but I think that’s OK unless you’re a very big spender or swiping for a big family.

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UOB KrisFlyer Miles Card

UOB is really killing it, huh? Their new miles card, which is an official KrisFlyer co-branded credit card, lets you bypass all of the boring rewards points redemption so you earn miles straight into your KF account.

You can earn a very respectable 3 miles per $1 on online fashion, food delivery, and online travel bookings with this card. Not exactly everything under the sun, but if that’s the kind of stuff you spend on, you can rack up miles pretty quickly. (Same earn rates for offline dining and transport too.)

There’s one condition, though, which is to spend at least $500 a year on Scoot or SQ. Simply charge your next long weekend budget flight to this and you’re sorted.

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Citibank SMRT Card

Citibank logo
No Minimum Spend for Cashback
Cash Back on Eligible Spend
Cash Back Cap per year
Min. Spend per month

If you thought the Citi SMRT Card is just for your daily commute, you’re wrong!

It’s got a decent cashback of 2.7% to 3% on online spending (excludes travel bookings). Though the rebate isn’t exactly jaw-dropping, I like it purely because there’s no minimum spend. But if you spend above $300, you get an additional 0.3% to make it 3%.

It’s not exactly cashback in that you actually earn SMRT$, but you can just convert it to cash rebates at no extra cost – it’s just an added step. The rebate is capped at 600 SMRT$ per year, which averages out to $50 per month.

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DBS Live Fresh Card

DBS logo
Online Promo
Online & Visa Contactless Spend
Cash Back on Online Spend & Visa Contactless
Up to 5%
Min. Spend
Cash Back Cap
Online Promo:
Get S$250 cashback with 1 transaction when you apply online for a DBS/POSB Credit Card with promo code "DBSFLASH"!
Valid until 29 Apr 2021

Though its 5% cashback on online spending also doesn’t sound all that amazing, the DBS Live Fresh Card’s advantage is versatility: You also get 5% cashback on contactless payment (Visa PayWave, Apple Pay…). That means you can get a decent 5% rebate both on- and offline.

There’s a minimum spend of $600, which isn’t tough to meet since you can use it offline too, but what you should look out for is the split caps of $20 (online spending) / $20 (contactless payment). This means you can only spend up to $400 for each category each month.

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OCBC FRANK Credit Card

OCBC logo
Cash Back on Online Spend
Cash Back Cap per month
Min. Spend per month on Total Purchases

The OCBC FRANK Credit Card offers 6% cashback on all eligible online spending, which includes not just online shopping but also things like flight tickets, hotel bookings, and Grab rides.

However, the minimum spend is quite troublesome: You will need to spend $400 on offline purchases. I guess OCBC really wants you to carry this card around and use it for watching movies, drinking coffee and going clubbing (3% cashback on weekdays, 5% weekends).

The cashback cap is $60, which means you should swipe no more than $1,000 for online purchases.

See the full review of the OCBC FRANK Card here.


BOC Qoo10 World Mastercard

If you’re a Qoo10 addict and don’t mind getting your rebates in Qmoney rather than, y’know, real money, the BOC Qoo10 Mastercard (the World Mastercard, not the Platinum one) is worth considering if you haven’t already signed up for it.

Spend $600 and above in a month to get 10% rebate on Qoo10 purchases and 5% rebate on other online spending. This is capped at $40 for each category, so $80 in all. But again, this is all in Qmoney, which ensures you stay loyal to that platform.

See the full review of the BOC Qoo10 Mastercard here.

Did we miss out your favourite online shopping credit card? Tell us in the comments! 

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