Best Credit Card Promotions (Sep 2021): Apple TV,  iPad, Ergotune Chair & More
Best Credit Card Promotions (Sep 2021): Apple TV, iPad, Ergotune Chair & More
I have to admit, I absolutely love credit card promotions. These days, banks offering the best credit cards ...
16 September 2021
National steps challenge
National Steps Challenge Season 6 – Guide to Registration, Steps Tracker Collection & Rewards
Haven’t you heard? The National Steps Challenge Season 6 is about to begin, on 1 October 2021! This will ...
14 September 2021
dyson cordless vacuum cleaner singapore
7 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore: Cheaper Alternatives to Dyson
I really have to hand it to Dyson for designing a vacuum cleaner that’s so out there, even men want to ...
6 September 2021
teaching in singapore MOE tuition teacher
Teaching in Singapore: Is It Better to Be an MOE Teacher or a Private Tuition Teacher?
On the face of it, MOE teachers seem to have it good. Decent pay AND long holidays? Sign us up! Yet everyone ...
17 August 2021
Best savings accounts with high interest rates in Singapore
7 Best Savings Accounts in Singapore with the Highest Interest Rates
2020 has been a pretty tough year on our finances. Not only did many of us suffer pay cuts and income losses, ...
17 August 2021
doctor lawyer salary singapore
Ever Wondered How Much Your Doctor and Lawyer Friends Earn?
Kiasu parents all over Singapore put their kids through years of private tuition sessions and enrichment ...
16 August 2021
Best Fibre Broadband Singapore
Best Fibre Broadband Singapore 2021: Singtel vs Starhub vs M1 vs Others
It used to be that unless you were a hardcore gamer, there was no reason to get a fibre broadband plan. ...
2 August 2021
free parking singapore
20 Car Parks in Singapore You Didn’t Know Had Free Parking
If I had to nominate one cliché that rings all-too-true in Singapore, it would be “there’s no such thing ...
27 July 2021
5 Best Regular Savings Plans in Singapore 2021: Invest With $100 a Month
5 Best Regular Savings Plans in Singapore 2021: Invest With $100 a Month
Investing is like exercising daily, improving your cooking skills or sleeping earlier — we all know we ...
14 July 2021
sembcorp electricity retailers
Electricity Retailers in Singapore — Which Offers the Cheapest Electricity Price Plan?
You can’t procrastinate forever — the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative has been in full swing for ...
2 July 2021
passive income
7 Ways for Regular People to Earn Passive Income in Singapore
Having a steady stream of passive income sounds like a dream, because it effectively means you get to earn ...
2 July 2021
credit score credit bureau singapore.jpg
Credit Bureau Singapore: How to Get Your Credit Score and Credit Report
A credit report is essentially a bill of health for your finances. On it, you can find your credit score ...
30 June 2021
invest in stocks and bonds
How to Invest in Singapore: 5 Most Common Investing Methods & Tools
To new investors in Singapore, the stock market presents a bewildering range of options. There are dozens ...
15 June 2021
Car Insurance in Singapore: All You Need to Know to Get the Cheapest Rate (2021)
“Woo hoo! It’s time to renew my car insurance, I’m so excited,” said no one ever. Yes, we may love our ...
14 June 2021
best credit card singapore
7 Best Credit Cards in Singapore (2021) — MoneySmart Writers’ Favourites
Here at MoneySmart we’re always going on and on about credit cards, but which ones do we actually use ourselves? ...
31 May 2021
best personal loan singapore
5 Best Personal Loans in Singapore with Lowest Interest Rates (2021)
If you’re in urgent need of money, but too paiseh to borrow from your family and friends, your best bet ...
31 May 2021
7 Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping in Singapore (2021)
Remember the good old days before online shopping became the default way to buy stuff? Me neither. Memories ...
21 May 2021
7 Best Rewards Credit Cards in Singapore (2021)
7 Best Rewards Credit Cards in Singapore (2021)
If you love collecting points and redeeming them, then a rewards credit card will give you some added life ...
5 May 2021
How to Pick the Best Home Loan for Your Property in Singapore
How to Pick the Best Home Loan for Your Property in Singapore
Have you got your eye on a new home and are already looking for the best home loan in Singapore? Are you ...
27 April 2021
cost of living
Cost of Living in Singapore (2021) — Is Your Salary Really Enough?
Singapore is always appearing at the top of those cost-of-living surveys. But how expensive is it really ...
25 March 2021
Taobao Singapore – The Complete Shopping & Shipping Guide
When your teachers told you Chinese was the language of the future, they were right. Except that instead ...
23 March 2021
Step by Step Guide Buying a BTO
Buying an HDB BTO Flat in 2021: A Step-By-Step Guide
Buying an HDB BTO flat is practically a rite of passage for Singaporeans, a sign that you’re finally ready ...
4 February 2021
GOMO giga singtel starhub singapore telco
Singtel GOMO vs StarHub giga vs M1 & Other SIM-Only Data Plans in Singapore
Telcos in Singapore are still at war — and it’s not just among the 3 giants.  In March 2019, Singtel launched ...
27 January 2021
CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) – Everything You Need to Know About Investing with CPF
CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) – Everything You Need to Know About Investing with CPF
One of the biggest complaints that Singaporeans have about their CPF savings is that we never actually ...
27 January 2021
Best Robo Advisors in Singapore — How to Choose the Right One?
Everyone and their mom has been telling you that you REALLY ought to start investing this year. But you’re ...
25 January 2021