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Best Credit Card Promotions (2019) – CapitaLand Vouchers, Free Luggage, Cashback & More

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I have to admit, I’m a complete sucker for credit card promotions. These days, even the best credit cards in Singapore are so desperate to get new customers that they practically rain CapitaLand vouchers, Takashimaya vouchers, NTUC vouchers, cashback and other forms of free money on us.

And in my household, we’d rather die than spend a cent at the Samsonite store, because duh, that’s what credit card free luggage promotions are for.

Okay, enough grandmother stories for now. Let’s cut the crap and get straight to what you’re here for… the best credit card promotions in Singapore.


Best credit card promotions Singapore 2019

Bank Credit card promotion Expiry
Citibank $200 Takashimaya / NTUC / CapitaLand vouchers 31 Jan 2019
Citibank $120 cashback with min. spend $1,200 in first 3 months 31 Dec 2019
Standard Chartered $150 Amazon Prime credits / $100 cashback 31 Jan 2019
CIMB $120 cashback with min. spend $400 in first 2 months 31 Jan 2019
HSBC $100 cashback / free luggage + bonus 5% cashback on contactless payments with min. spend $600 in first month 28 Feb 2019
UOB $100 cashback with min. spend $1,000 in first month 23 Jan 2019
Amex True Cashback Card Up to $80 CapitaLand vouchers upon first spend 31 Mar 2019
Maybank $50 cashback with min. spend $500 in first 2 months


Citibank credit card promotion 2019

If you’re new to Citibank credit cards, hurry up and sign up through MoneySmart to get $200 CapitaLand vouchers, $200 Takashimaya vouchers or $200 NTUC vouchers, no questions asked and no minimum spend required. These are the eligible cards:

Separately, Citibank is also offering $120 cashback if you spend $1,200 on your card in the first 3 months, but that’s obviously not quite as worthwhile. Eligible cards:

The Citibank PremierMiles and Citibank Rewards cards also have welcome promotions, but in the form of points/miles instead. 

One thing to add about Citibank Cash Back Card is that it offers 20.88% savings for both Esso and Shell, so it’s a great petrol credit card for drivers to own.


Standard Chartered credit card promotion 2019

StanChart has one of the best promotions for new sign-ups. Upon card activation, you should get either $150 in Amazon Prime Now credits or $100 cashback, no minimum spend required. Sweet.

They haven’t forgotten their existing customers either. Existing cardmembers can still get $20 cashback if they sign up for another Standard Chartered credit card.

Eligible cards for both promotions are:


CIMB credit card promotion 2019

Those new to CIMB credit cards can sign up online to get $120 cashback. There’s a minimum spend but it’s very easy to hit – just spend $400 on your new credit card within the first 2 months to get the cashback payout.

CIMB has just 2 credit cards for regular people, so it’s pretty easy to take your pick:


HSBC credit card promotion 2019

Like everyone else, HSBC is also running a credit card promotion to entice new signups.

Apply and charge $600 in the first month to get either $100 cashback OR free luggage, plus a bonus 5% cashback on cashless payments in the first month capped at $100.

HSBC also has a promo for existing customers. Sign up for a new HSBC card and spend $600 in the first month to get $50 cashback. You can see full T&Cs here.

Eligible credit cards:


UOB credit card promotion 2019

UOB is running a credit card sign-up promotion for all newcomers to UOB credit cards: a generous $100 cashback for spending $1,000 in the first month.

Of course, this being UOB, there’s a catch. You need to be one of the first 200 people to spend that amount, and there’s no way to tell if you’re one of them at the point of spending.

All UOB credit cards are eligible for the promotion. Read the full T&Cs here.


American Express credit card promotion 2019

American Express is running a credit card promotion where you can get $60 CapitaLand vouchers. Just sign up for the Amex True Cashback Card and swipe any amount (minimum $1). You also get 3% cashback on the first $5,000 spent in the first 6 months.

In addition, if you use SingPass MyInfo to submit your application for the card, you get a bonus $20 CapitaLand vouchers.

The promotion is open to existing cardmembers, except those who cancelled their Amex True Cashback card in the last 6 months.

There’s a similar promo for the Amex CapitaCard – $60 CapitaVouchers as well, but with minimum spend of $1,500 in the first 3 months, so not quite as worthwhile.


Maybank credit card promotion

Maybank is giving away free luggage (Samsonite Orfeo 69cm Spinner) $50 cashback* to anyone who signs up for CreditAble (their credit line service) and any 2 credit cards.

Note that you’ll have to spend at least $500 on your credit cards or withdraw from your CreditAble account within the first 2 months to get the reward. For foreigners, this minimum goes up to $700.

*free luggage out of stock; replaced with $50 cash credit


So many credit card promotions! Is there a catch?

You can’t blame us for liking free stuff. If your storeroom is so full of free luggage from credit cards that it could double as a Samsonite warehouse, you might be wondering if there’s a catch to all these freebies.

Well, there IS one drawback to signing up for all the credit card promotions – you’ll get disqualified from getting more freebies in the future.

That’s because banks and comparison sites like us usually offer the best giveaways for new sign ups. Usually this is defined as people who either:

  • Have never ever owned a credit card from that bank, OR
  • Cancelled their card at least 12 months ago

So if you’re thinking of gaming the system by cancelling your card and re-applying, tough luck!

Another thing to note is that some banks are more generous than others. If you’re lucky, you’ll get vouchers or cashback or luggage immediately upon card approval.

However, but some banks require you to spend a minimum (say, $600 in the first month) AND make you wait a few months before you can even smell the freebie. So, be sure to read the T&Cs, and only sign up when you’re confident you can hit the minimum spend.

Did we miss out any credit card promotions? Good things must share – tell us about them in the comments!


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