Taking the Train from SG to JB? The Ultimate Guide to KTM Ticket Prices, Train Schedule, and More (2024)

Taking the Train from SG to JB? The Ultimate Guide to KTM Ticket Prices, Train Schedule, and More (2024)

There’s nothing Singaporeans love more than good food and cheap shopping, so it’s no wonder that we flock in droves to Johor Bahru across the Causeway. Whether you’re going on a quick day trip or a weekend getaway, the many cafes, restaurants and megamalls will be sure to delight you.

If the thought of being stuck in annoying traffic jams and long customs queues turns you off, fret not! The KTM Shuttle Tebrau is your ticket to hassle-free JB jaunts and it won’t break the bank either. Departing from Woodlands, the Shuttle Tebrau gets you to JB in just 5 minutes and prices vary based on your starting point. As of January 2024, ticket prices for a one-way ticket are as follows:

JB to Woodlands: RM5 (~S$1.42)

Woodlands to JB: S$5 

Guess what’s even better? Children aged 4 and below ride for free—they just need to register at the ticket counter before boarding.

It’s quick, convenient and oh-so-affordable. Read on to find out how to take the train from Singapore to JB.


Buying Train tickets to JB from Singapore

The sole train service between Singapore and JB is Shuttle Tebrau, which is operated by KTM, Malaysia’s national rail company.

This is the daily Shuttle Tebrau schedule from Singapore to JB:

Shuttle Service Departure Time Arrival Time
ST72 08:30 08:35
ST74 09:45 09:50
ST76 11:00 11:05
ST78 12:30 12:35
ST80 13:45 13:50
ST82 15:00 15:05
ST84 16:15 16:20
ST86 17:30 17:35
ST88 18:45 18:50
ST90 20:00 20:05
ST92 21:15 21:20
ST94 22:30 22:35
ST96 23:45 23:50

This is the daily Shuttle Tebrau schedule from JB to Singapore:

Shuttle Service Departure Time Arrival Time
ST61 05:00 05:05
ST63 05:30 05:35
ST65 06:00 06:05
ST67 06:30 06:35
ST69 07:00 07:05
ST71 07:30 07:35
ST73 08:45 08:50
ST75 10:00 10:05
ST77 11:30 11:35
ST79 12:45 12:50
ST81 14:00 14:05
ST83 15:15 15:20
ST85 14:30 14:35
ST87 17:45 17:50
ST89 19:00 19:05
ST91 20:15 20:20
ST93 21:30 21:35
ST95 22:45 22:50

Now, onto snagging those tickets. Don’t wait till the last minute, especially if you’re eyeing a weekend getaway. Book online via the KTM website or try your luck at the train station counter. But hey, I’d recommend snagging those return tickets online pronto–they vanish faster than free samples at a food fair!

This is how much tickets cost:

Ticket sales channel Singapore to JB JB to Singapore
KTM website S$5 (one-way) / S$10 (return) RM5 (one-way) / RM10 (return)
KTM counter (Woodlands) S$5 (one-way) / S$10 (return) S$5 (one-way) / S$10 (return)
KTM counter (JB Sentral) S$5 (one-way) / S$10 (return) RM5 (one-way) / RM10 (return)


Pro tip: As you can see from the above table, buying one-way and return tickets from JB to Singapore online and at the KTM counter in JB Sentral is much cheaper. If you’re a frequent traveller to JB, take advantage of the savings by booking trips originating in JB.


Step 1: Booking KTM train tickets to JB online

Visit the KTMB Integrated Ticketing System (KITS) to book your tickets for Shuttle Tebrau.

Enter your origin and destination, select your travel dates and the number of persons travelling, and you’ll be taken to the next screen to select train timings.

As you can see, tickets for 9 March 2024, the first weekend of the school holidays are mostly gone already. You can, however, search for more departure and return dates.

Make sure you have your passport on hand as you’ll need your passport details to complete your booking. You’ll have to create an account first and you can do so via email, or your Facebook or Google accounts.

KITS accepts a variety of payment options, including Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Here’s how it looks like when we selected another date that’s not during the school holidays.

If you didn’t manage to get tickets online, you can try buying them at the KTM counter at Woodlands Train Checkpoint. You’ll need to present your passport to the counter staff and pay in cash. Ticket sales end 20 minutes before train departure.

Over-the-counter tickets usually sell out during peak travel periods like weekends, public holidays and school holidays. If that happens don’t worry — you can cross over to the regular checkpoint and catch a bus to JB instead.


Step 2: Getting to Woodlands Train Checkpoint

train to JB guide 2018 woodlands train checkpoint

You’ve booked your tickets online, now it’s time to find out how to get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint. It’s located in the same vicinity as the regular Woodlands Checkpoint, and is near the bus stop and drop-off point.

To get to the Woodlands Train Checkpoint, take the train to Marsiling station and exit via exit C. You’ll emerge at the bus stop opposite the train station. Take bus 856 and ride 3 stops, alight and walk to the checkpoint.

There are other buses that go to the Woodlands Train Checkpoint bus stop, and you can take bus 911 from Woodlands interchange as well.

train to JB guide 2018 woodlands train checkpoint

Pro tip: Give yourself a buffer time of 30 minutes to clear immigration. The boarding gates at Woodlands Checkpoint open 40 minutes before and close 20 minutes before departure. However, try to be there early so that you have enough time to get through customs and immigration.

train to JB guide 2018 woodlands train checkpoint


Step 3: Getting your physical/e-ticket scanned

Head to level 2 and join the crowd of people milling around waiting for the boarding gates to open. You should aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before your train departs so that you have sufficient time to clear immigration on both sides. If your train is at 9 am, you should be at the boarding gates by 8.20 am.

You’ll need to show a hard copy or digital copy of your train ticket to the ticket staff, who will scan it as you pass through the gates.

If you encounter issues with your ticket, you might have to go to the KTM ticket office to validate your online booking. The KTM ticket office is located on the ground floor — there’s usually a queue so be warned!

train to JB guide 2018

train to JB guide 2018

The staff will probably ask you to show proof of your booking so that they can print a physical ticket for you. Ensure that you download a copy of your ticket to your phone in case you have issues accessing the internet.

Step 4: Take the 5-minute train from Singapore to JB

You’ll have to clear Singapore customs first which is a breeze at the automatic gates.

At Malaysian customs, the staff will check your passport and stamp it manually. After picking up your bag(s) from the scanning machine, proceed to board the train.

train to JB guide 2018

It’s free seating so park yourself by the window or aisle, depending on which you prefer. Sit back and enjoy the view of the Straits of Johor as the train zips ahead. If the train is full and there are no seats, you’ll have to stand, but what’s a few minutes? 

train to JB guide 2018

train to JB guide 2018

In 5 minutes, you’ll arrive in JB Sentral, where you can feast and shop to your heart’s content. The journey from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to JB Sentral should take around 30 minutes. Compared to taking a bus, car or taxi, where travelling time can be unpredictable, the KTM Shuttle Tebrau is fast and reliable.

train to JB guide 2018


Taking the return train from JB to Singapore

The train journey back to Singapore from JB is similar. Make sure you arrive 30 minutes before the train departs. The boarding gate opens 30 minutes before departure and closes 10 minutes before departure.

Head to the gate when it’s time to board. Your passport will serve as a boarding pass—simply scan it at the Automated Controller Gate (ACG) and you’re through. Check out the handy pictorial guide below for the step-by-step process.

train from Singapore to JB

Bear in mind that you can only check in with your passport when taking the train from JB to Singapore, but not from Singapore to JB. (Not yet, anyway!)

What is the best time to travel to JB?

Picking the train ensures you’ll be spared from the horrendous Causeway jams when you commute by car. Monday to Thursday are your best bet for a smooth and hassle-free journey. Avoid Fridays and weekends as the crowds are intense.

As for timing, mornings around 7 am and evenings around 6 pm tend to be packed as people are commuting to work and back. Try to go before 7 am and return to Singapore after 8 pm if you’re not a fan of rush hour chaos. Now that you’re all clued in on taking the KTM Shuttle Tebrau, get ready for more frequent escapes to JB!


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