Savings Accounts

10 Best Savings Accounts in Singapore with the Highest Rates (Jun 2024)
First UOB, then Standard Chartered. Banks have cut rates on their flagship savings accounts, and that means ...
3 June 2024
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Priority Banking Accounts in Singapore
Whenever you go to your local bank in Singapore, you may notice words such as “Premier” or “Treasures” ...
23 May 2024
5 Ways To Cut Back on Expenses in 2024 (Without Feeling the Pinch)
Let’s face it, Singapore isn’t exactly known for being cheap. With GST sitting at 9% and the cost of groceries, ...
Could Trust+ Be Better Than Fixed Deposits or T-Bills?
Interest rates were at an all-time high in 2023, which raised the rates for fixed deposits and T-bills. ...
UOB One Account to Cut Interest Rate from 7.8% to 6%—Which Savings Accounts Will Earn You More?
They say that what goes up must come down, and the UOB One account’s 7.8% interest rates are no exception. ...
2 April 2024
Li Chun 2024: The Most Auspicious Date and Time to Deposit Money This Chinese New Year 2024
Li Chun 2024: The Most Auspicious Date and Time to Deposit Money This Chinese New Year 2024
You might not know it by name, but perhaps you’ve noticed snaking queues at cash deposit machines on a ...
19 January 2024
Webull’s Wealth Management Tool and Regular Savings Plan—The Lazy Investor’s Dream Team?
Webull’s Wealth Management Tool and Regular Savings Plan—The Lazy Investor’s Dream Team?
If you’re not investing, your savings are kind of doomed. According to Channel NewsAsia, the rate of inflation ...
Can Foreigners Overseas Open a Singapore Bank Account 100% Digitally?
Say goodbye to endless paperwork and long queues at bank branches—OCBC has become the first bank in Singapore ...
11 July 2023
HSBC is Giving You Cashback For Paying Your Taxes? We Review HSBC’s Everyday+ Rewards Programme
Wouldn’t it be great to get cashback on our taxes like how we get cashback on our shopping? Hang on a second. ...
19 May 2023
What Should You Do If You Find Out Your Bank Has Collapsed Overnight?
What Should You Do If You Find Out Your Bank Has Collapsed Overnight?
Banks around the world should probably check their feng shui, because things are not going well. Hot on ...
28 March 2023
Deposit Insurance Scheme Singapore
What Does SDIC’s Deposit Insurance Scheme And Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme Each Cover?
Have you ever feared the thought of losing all your money if a financial crisis hits home? It’s a valid ...
23 March 2023
UOB One Card, UOB One Account
Here’s Why UOB One Customers Can Still Live Life to the Fullest, Amid High Inflation
High inflation in Singapore has been the talk of the town, and MAS has forecasted that core inflation for ...
16 Best Savings Accounts in Singapore with No Minimum Balance (2024)
Banks like to put nasty conditions like high minimum balances and fall-below fees on their savings accounts ...
15 January 2023
OCBC 360 Account up to 7.65% p.a. interest
One of the Best Interest Rates in Town (A Realistic 4.65% p.a.)? A Closer Look at the Updated OCBC 360 Account & How Straightforward It Is
This post was written in collaboration with OCBC. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
dbs multiplier account review
DBS Multiplier Account Review — Should You Switch Savings Account in 2022?
Remember the ads for the DBS Multiplier account? You know, the one with bunnies multiplying? That’s supposed ...
4 August 2022
Person's hand inserting a coin into a clear plastic piggy bank to symbolise savings and savings accounts.
Standard Chartered JumpStart Account Review: Interest Rates, Minimum Balance (2022)
Managing your finances is hardly a priority for many of us until we enter our late 20s. It’s a major life ...
29 June 2022
Close up of a hand holding Monopoly bills.
Maybank SaveUp Account Review: Is SaveUp Account’s 3% Interest Rate Good?
Everyone needs a high interest savings account in their lives. These accounts let you earn a bit of interest ...
22 June 2022
An image of a calculator, notepad and a wad of cash
Bank of China Savings Account Interest Rate – MoneySmart Review 2022
When you think of putting your life savings in a bank, chances are DBS Multiplier, OCBC 360, or UOB One ...
20 June 2022
uob stash savings account
UOB Stash Savings Account — MoneySmart Review 2022
A stash-and-forget account is essentially one that allows you to put aside extra money at a good interest ...
14 June 2022
first jobber savings account
Best Savings Account for First Jobbers – 7 Questions to Ask Yourself
What a thrill it is to receive your first paycheck! Now, you’re finally an independent, self-sufficient ...
14 June 2022
UOB Lady's Savings Account provides insurance protection coverage for female medical problems, female cancers
UOB Lady’s Savings Account – MoneySmart Review (2022)
We’re used to seeing all sorts of products marketed at women only, from pink mobile phones to the UOB Lady’s ...
14 June 2022
best kids' savings account for children singapore
Choosing the Best Kids’ Savings Account to Grow Your Child’s Money in 2022
Kids in Singapore know they’ve got to think about the future. In between those battles with Pokemon and ...
10 June 2022
cimb fastsaver
CIMB FastSaver Account — MoneySmart Review 2022
These days, saving up in Singapore is all about knowing how to jump through hoops to get the most interest ...
9 June 2022
ocbc 360 savings account review 2018
OCBC 360 Account — OCBC Savings Account Review
If you’re gonna open a primary savings account in Singapore, you’re most likely going to go with one of ...
8 June 2022
POSB SAYE savings account singapore
POSB SAYE Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2022
POSB SAYE (Save As You Earn) is a special savings account that allows you to earn additional interest on ...
7 June 2022