CHAS Card Review 2024—Latest Updates to Annual Home Value Criteria
CHAS Card Review 2024—Latest Updates to Annual Home Value Criteria
You may know of the CHAS card as a card that lets the elderly and folks with disabilities get subsidised ...
2 February 2024
A Guide to Mental Wellness Insurance & Financial Support: Can You Get Covered for Anxiety & Depression?
Mental health has long been a topic gaining more awareness and attention in Singapore. In 2023, 56.6% of ...
30 January 2024
24-Hour Clinics in Singapore (2024): A Guide to Consultation Fees and Surcharges
24-Hour Clinics in Singapore (2024): A Guide to Consultation Fees and Surcharges
You or your family member is suddenly sick in the wee hours of the night and there’s nothing in your medicine ...
12 January 2024
birth control singapore 2018 cost guide
Birth Control in Singapore—Cost Guide to Contraception Options
If you’re in a committed relationship and don’t want kids, or if you simply want to keep your family size ...
15 November 2023
Doctor Anywhere, WhiteCoat, Speedoc… Can Telemedicine Apps Save Us Money?
Opinions about doctors fall firmly in one of two opposing camps. Either you’re a true believer of the power ...
24 October 2023
Breast Cancer Screening 2023: Where to Go for Free or Cheap Mammograms
Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting Singaporean women—almost 1 in 13 women in Singapore will ...
23 October 2023
LASIK Surgery in Singapore 2023: Where To Go And How Much Does It Cost?
LASIK Surgery in Singapore 2023: Where To Go And How Much Does It Cost?
Going on holiday with a bunch of Singaporeans but forgot your contact lens solution? Someone else will ...
18 September 2023
cheap dentists singapore 2019
7 Affordable Dental Clinics for Regular Check-ups in Singapore
We’ve all had it hammered into our heads that we should see the dentist once every 6 months for regular ...
3 July 2023
Health Screening in Singapore
How Much Are Health Screening Packages in Singapore? Comparing Public and Private Hospitals and Clinics
Just about every Singaporean knows about the importance of health screenings. After all, catching a serious ...
25 April 2023
gynaecologist women's clinic singapore 2018
A Guide To Women’s Clinics & Gynaecologists in Singapore (2023): What Services Do They Offer, How Much Do They Cost, Etc.
The female body is a wonderful, complex machine. But, like any machine, sometimes it doesn’t work the way ...
8 March 2023
Minmed health screening - best health screening singapore
How Going for Regular Health Screenings Can Help You Save Money in the Long Run
This post was written in collaboration with Minmed. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
counselling singapore depression
Counselling in Singapore — Free & Affordable Help for Mental Healthcare
We’re always joking about slaving our lives away, but that’s only because it’s true — very often, living, ...
14 September 2022
hpv vaccine singapore 2018
HPV Vaccine Singapore: How much does Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gardasil 9 cost?
Wouldn’t you sit up and pay attention if we told you that you could get vaccinated against cancer? Well, ...
1 August 2022
CPF MediShield Life in Singapore
What Is MediShield Life: Premiums, Coverage, Deductibles, and Claims
When you fall sick, what’s the first thing you do? Complain about how expensive healthcare is in Singapore? ...
14 July 2022
cost of asthma treatment in singapore
Asthma in Singapore – Guide to Asthma Treatment Costs for Children
If your kid has asthma, know that he or she is not alone. It’s one of the most common children’s ailments ...
18 March 2022
hand foot mouth disease singapore
Hand Foot Mouth Disease Singapore – Cost of Treating HFMD in Adults & Children
If you have a toddler in daycare or childcare, you would probably know that hand, foot and mouth disease ...
18 March 2022
Chiropractors in Singapore help to manage neck pain and back pain
10 Chiropractors in Singapore to Manage Pain in the Back, Neck and More
Feeling more aches and pains in your lower back or waking up to a stiffer neck than before? So are the ...
21 January 2022
acne treatment singapore 2018
Acne Treatment & Acne Scar Removal in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost?
Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts… whatever the variant, acne is definitely the bane of every teenager ...
20 January 2022
basic healthcare sum
CPF MediSave Basic Healthcare Sum Raised to $66,000 in 2022 – What It Means For You
If you’ve been doomscrolling the news lately, you might have noticed that the CPF Basic Healthcare Sum ...
3 January 2022
best critical illness insurance singapore
Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore: The Complete Guide (2021)
Critical illness insurance is generally considered good to have in Singapore… if you can afford it. It ...
12 July 2021
How Does the Singapore Healthcare System Work Anyway?
How Does the Singapore Healthcare System Work Anyway?
In Singapore, we tend to have the attitude that healthcare is something to be sought only when you fall ...
14 April 2021
medisave limits
MediSave Limits in 2021: When Can You Use MediSave to Pay?
Every month, a chunk of your salary disappears into the depths of your MediSave account. As much as it ...
14 April 2021
Integrated Shield Plan Premiums Are Rising. Whose Fault Is It?
Integrated Shield Plan Premiums Are Rising. Whose Fault Is It?
It’s been a hot minute since the commotion surrounding the premium hike around MediShield Life and Integrated ...
12 April 2021
careshield life singapore
CareShield Life Guide 2021: What It Is & How to Make the Most of It
By 2050, nearly half of Singapore’s population will be at least 65 years old. Government spending on healthcare ...
18 February 2021
covid-19 vaccine vifap singapore
Covid-19 Vaccine & VIFAP in Singapore: Everything you Need to Know
That moment we’ve all been waiting almost a year for has arrived: COVID-19 vaccines have been invented, ...
8 February 2021