Breast Cancer Screening 2023: Where to Go for Free or Cheap Mammograms

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting Singaporean women—almost 1 in 13 women in Singapore will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

The good news is that it can be detectable in many cases before it is too late. The key is to be conscientious about doing breast self-examinations and going for mammograms regularly. This doesn’t need to be an arduous or expensive process. Ever heard of the Mammobus? It brings mammograms to you at the cost of $0 to $10 for Singaporeans and $25 to $35 for PRs.

Here are the most accessible and affordable options for mammogram screenings in Singapore.


Mammobus Singapore from $0 to $107

Source: Singapore Cancer Society

An initiative by the Singapore Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, and National Healthcare Group Diagnostics, the Community Mammobus Programme is a travelling bus that provides mammogram services to women of all walks of life. Mammogram rates are subsidised and kept affordable thanks to funding assistance:

Mammogram screening price (subsidised) First-timer Repeat mammogram
Singaporean $0 $10
Permanent Resident (PR) $25 $35
Foreigner (requires doctor referral letter) $107 $107

The Mammobus is open to women 40 years old and above who have not gone for mammography in the last 12 months (40-49 years old) or 24 months (50 years old & above). You also shouldn’t be pregnant, should not have been breastfeeding in the past 6 months, and should have no symptoms like breast lumps or nipple discharge. If you do have the latter, go straight to a doctor please!

You might be thinking, there’s a Mammobus in Singapore? Where is the Mammobus right now? Where will it be this weekend? View the updated Mammobus schedule.

Subsidised mammograms in Singapore from $50

The Health Promotion Board offers subsidised mammograms for Singapore Citizens and PR women aged 50 and above under the Screen For Life programme.

The lowest fee is $50 for Singapore citizens and $75 for PRs who get their mammograms done at HPB’s Screen for Life breast screening centres (selected polyclinics), afPolyciter prevailing government subsidies and SCS’ funding assistance.

Women (aged 50 and above) Mammogram screening price
Permanent Residents (PRs) $75
Singaporeans $50
Merdeka Generation Cardholders $37.50
Pioneer Generation Cardholders $25

If you prefer to get your mammogram at a private GP clinic, you can do so and still get a $25 off your bill with the Singapore Cancer Society funding assistance for mammogram screening from now to 30 Nov 2023.


Paying for your mammogram with Medisave

By the way, women aged 50 and above can use Medisave to pay for mammograms at Medisave-approved centres. You can use up to $500 per year of Medisave funds (or the Medisave funds of an immediate family member).

So ladies, don’t be lazy. Once you hit the age of 40, schedule an appointment with your doctor, who’ll help you decide when’s the right age to start going for mammograms.


How to do a breast self-examination

Yes, only women aged 40 and above are encouraged to go for mammograms. But no—that doesn’t mean only women of this age bracket and up should start doing breast self-examinations.

Women of all ages should learn how to do a breast self-examination. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, you should conduct one monthly from the age of 20 onwards. It’s an important measure you can take to regularly check for lumps and other potential signs of breast cancer in between mammograms.

I remember being made to watch a video about this at school and everyone laughing and going eww. But now that I actually know several people who have had cancer, it doesn’t seem so funny anymore.

This animated video shows you how to do breast examinations. It’s only 3:47 minutes long and features a cute cartoon mascot. So please, let this be one of the YouTube videos you watch today.

Want an even shorter tutorial? Check out this infographic from HealthHubSG.

Source: HealthHubSG


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