Vaccination In Singapore – A Guide To Costs And Government Subsidies
Vaccination In Singapore – A Guide To Costs And Government Subsidies
As the world waits with bated breath for the COVID-19 vaccine that will save us all, here’s a gentle reminder ...
20 August 2020
covid19 health insurance
Covid-19 Health Insurance – 9 Insurers with Free Coronavirus Coverage
Ever since the global spread of Covid-19 — originating in Wuhan, China — Singaporeans (well, everyone, ...
22 March 2020
24 hour clinics singapore 2018
24-Hour Clinics in Singapore (2020) – A Guide to Rates & Surcharges
It’s the dead of the night and you or someone you love is feeling really sick. You don’t think your medicine ...
7 February 2020
dental clinics jb
Dental Clinics in Johor Bahru: How Much Can You Save By Going Across The Border?
A perfect set of pearly whites is one of the best accessories you could have. But dental care in Singapore ...
29 October 2019
merdeka generation package singapore
Merdeka Generation Package Singapore — Who’s Eligible & What Top-Ups Do You Get?
Remember the Pioneer Generation package that was rolled out in Budget 2014, to much excitement and debate? ...
25 October 2019
health screening package appointment
Don’t Skip Your Annual Health Screening: How to Select a Package That Suits You
This post was written in collaboration with Raffles Medical Group (RMG). While we are financially compensated ...
overseas medical procedures
4 Overseas Medical Procedures That Singaporeans Go Abroad For: How Much Can You Really Save?
“It’s cheaper to die than to fall sick in Singapore”, goes the now-popular saying. In actual fact, Singapore’s ...
17 October 2019
cost of chronic illness singapore
Can You Afford to Fall Sick? A 20-something Singaporean on the Cost of a Chronic Illness
If you met Wendy (not her real name) on the street, there is no way you can tell that she’s different from ...
24 September 2019
std symptoms std test singapore at clinics
Suspect That You Have STD Symptoms? Cost of STD Tests & Clinics in Singapore
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are not exactly the most appetising topic to debate at the dinner ...
19 September 2019
haze subsidy scheme for haze in singapore
What Subsidies Can You Get in Singapore For Haze-Related Illnesses?
The haze is like the paparazzi. When it comes, you’re likely to be seen walking around dressed in a surgical ...
10 September 2019
cost of diabetes treatment singapore
Diabetes in Singapore – Guide to Cost of Screening, Treatment & Medication
Not sure if you got the memo, but diabetes is a major problem here in Singapore. Consider the following ...
17 April 2019
ageing population measures
8 Measures To Help Singaporeans Age Gracefully, Happily and Healthily
Everybody already knows this, but it bears repeating: Singapore’s population is ageing fast. People are ...
26 March 2019
aia insurance mental illness
New AIA Insurance Covers Depression, Schizophrenia & OCD – But Is It Enough?
As we all know, mental illness is heavily stigmatised in Singapore. It takes a lot of courage to seek medical ...
14 February 2019
heart diseases heart health cost of heart procedures
Cost of Heart Diseases: Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Ischemic Heart Disease, and More
The next time you joke “my heart can’t take it,” know that that hits a bit too close to home for a lot ...
20 December 2018
mental conditions depression schizophrenia normal
The Financial Burden of Mental Illnesses: Depression, OCD, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism and Dementia
Try telling your boss you need to take a mental health day off work and see where that gets you in Singapore. ...
12 December 2018
pap smear singapore 2018
Pap Smear Singapore Guide – How to Get Screened for Cervical Cancer (for Free!)
Considering that 300 women in Singapore get diagnosed with cervical cancer every year, it’s amazing that ...
24 August 2018
health supplements singapore 2018
Health Supplements in Singapore – Who Needs Them & How Do You Budget for Them?
Singaporeans aren’t known to be particularly healthy, so it might surprise you to know that we spent $490 ...
20 August 2018
eczema cures & treatment costs singapore 2018
Eczema in Singapore – Cost Guide to Eczema Creams & Treatments
Eczema affects 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 5 kids in Singapore. But what makes eczema all the more alarming ...
18 July 2018
chicken pox vaccine vs treatment cost
Chicken Pox in Singapore – Vaccination vs Treatment Costs
Once upon a time, chicken pox was thought of as a rite of passage and accepted as just a part of life. ...
17 July 2018
elderly care options singapore 2018
Elderly Care in Singapore – Cost Guide to Your Options
Singapore’s ageing population has been a cause for national alarm for some time. Yet the question of what ...
13 July 2018
LASIK in Singapore – 5 Ways to Not Get Ripped Off by Your Clinic
LASIK in Singapore – 5 Ways to Not Get Ripped Off by Your Clinic
If there’s one thing Singaporeans can agree on without trying to out-troll each other on the Internet, ...
7 June 2018
careshield life
CareShield Life – It’s Not Just an “Old People” Thing, You Know
Did you know anything about ElderShield before this week? I didn’t. After all, it didn’t sound like something ...
4 June 2018
braces singapore invisalign ceramic braces
Braces in Singapore – How Much Do Invisalign, Ceramic and Metal Braces Cost?
Supermodels Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford did it. Action star Tom Cruise did it (at the ripe old age of ...
27 April 2018
Pioneer Generation Card In Singapore – Guide to Utilising Its Subsidies And Top Ups
Pioneer Generation Card In Singapore – Guide to Utilising Its Subsidies And Top Ups
If you were born before 1950 and became a Singapore citizen before 1987, congratulations, you’re part of ...
16 April 2018
medisave account singapore
Your Medisave Account – What Can You Actually Use It For?
You may not be able to touch the money in your CPF Ordinary and Special Accounts till you’re older, but ...
2 February 2018