10 Reusable Face Masks to Buy and Try from Uniqlo, Under Armour and More

10 Reusable Face Masks to Buy and Try from Uniqlo, Under Armour and More

Who would have thought face masks would one day become a wardrobe essential?

Before Covid-19 became a thing, the only times you would see face masks in Singapore were at a hospital or dental clinic, or during haze emergencies once every few years. Now, you risk getting fined if you step out of your home without a face mask on.

Disposable surgical face masks in Singapore used to fly off the shelves at the start of the pandemic, but reusable options are easily available now. Plus a lot cheaper in the long run and better for the environment too. Here’s where to get one.


10 face masks to reuse in comfort and style

How do you wear a surgical face mask and still look chic? The answer is, you don’t. Opt for stylish and high-tech ones to help you breathe easy and look chic at the same time.

No matter what type of mask you go for, make sure it’s at least double-layered for adequate protection. Some come with pockets to insert filter sheets.

Brands Price Ideal for
Under Armour $35 Athletes
Uniqlo $14.90 for 3 People on a budget
Gill Mask $30.50-$31.50

$5.99 for 10 filters

Vulnerable people, people working in high risk jobs
Sewcuteleh $12 Fashionistas and folks who like cute stuff
LOVE SG $9.90 Patriots
Marvelous Works $10 to $15

2 for $20 on Lazada

People who want to give back to society and prefer cute stuff
1929 $25 to $38 People who prioritise comfort
Will & Well $15 for regular mask

$20 for clear mask

People with hearing impaired friends or relatives
Hey Friday $19.90 Party animals
Dr TWL Biomaterials $70 Beauty addicts

Under Armour

Want to exercise while continuing to protect yourself from the virus? Under Armour sells a face mask for athletes that promotes air flow and can be used while running or training.

The fabric is designed to stay clear of your mouth, absorb sweat, and most importantly in Singapore’s climate, disperse heat. The masks have undergone antimicrobial treatment, so they are hopefully less acne-inducing than your typical mask.


Available in packs of 3, these AIRism masks in plain black or white are the mask equivalent of Uniqlo’s bundles of basic T-shirts.

Each triple-layer mask is kitted out with a high performance filter that keeps you dry from external moisture, and comes with a first layer of breathable mesh. Like Uniqlo’s basic T-shirts, the AIRism masks are nondescript, affordable and of reasonable quality.


Gill Mask

This respirator looks like something Darth Vader would wear. It consists of a filter made of medical grade silicone and antimicrobial plastics that fits over your face, thanks to an adjustable strap. You can change the filter according to the level of protection you need.

The Gill Mask offers protection equivalent to what you would get from an N95 or surgical mask, depending on which filter you choose. If you are a vulnerable person or work in a high-risk job that puts you in contact with many people, this mask will give you better protection than your typical fabric mask.



Since your mask is hiding your beautiful face from the world, it had better be a nice-looking one. Sewcuteleh sells double-layer handmade masks with a removable nose bridge wire for easy washing.

Their cute-as-a-button fabrics will make you stand out from the crowd even without showing your face, thanks to their extensive array of fabrics, including Harry Potter- and Star Wars-themed ones.


Wear your patriotism on your face with a LOVE SG mask. These masks let you make a Singapore-loving statement without being too in-your-face. Think subtle Singapore-related motifs.

They also make customised face masks with a minimum order of 50 pieces, which some companies will no doubt want to take advantage of. After all, what’s better publicity than having your employees wear your logos on their faces?


Marvelous Works

These handmade fabric masks not only look cute, but also let you give back to society. Marvelous Works is a social enterprise that enables disadvantaged people to earn a sustainable living through craftsmanship.

As an added bonus, their face masks are super cute. So, if you fancy wearing little cats or penguins all over your face, you’re in the right place.


Will & Well

Home-grown company Will & Well not only sells pleated masks but also clear ones that make life easier for the hearing impaired or those who need visual cues in a conversation. Each clear mask is fitted out with a clear PVC screen so the wearer’s mouth can be seen.

You can also consider the option of personalising your mask through embroidery, which helps to avoid mix-ups at home. Embroider your initials on your masks for an additional $5.




The brainchild of a local fabric-making business, 1929 was founded with the goal of helping to save surgical grade masks for frontline personnel who need them most. Its 3-ply masks come in several patterns and offer a comfortable fit, thanks to the makers’ years of experience with fabrics and tailoring.

The water-repellant masks have antimicrobial properties with active ingredients, and they can last for 100 washes.


Hey Friday

Friday nights haven’t been the same since Covid-19 struck. But you can still party hard in your heart with Hey Friday’s LED optic fibre face mask, which lights up at the touch of a button. Each mask comes with a rechargeable battery and seven modes, and can light up for up to five hours on a full charge.

In the daytime, save battery by turning the mask off and wearing it as regular protection, with its breathable mesh material and filter.

Dr TWL Biomaterials

All this mask-wearing, combined with the hot and humid weather, is wreaking havoc on our skin. This copper silk face mask from Dr TWL Biomaterials aims to be anti-ageing by releasing copper ions that purportedly promote collagen production and reduce pigmentation. It also has antimicrobial properties to prevent acne.

We’re not sure if this mask will really do all it says, but it sure looks luxurious with its gold synthetic silk fabric. 25% of the sales proceeds will go to a Bartley Community Care Services project to distribute food and care packages to disadvantaged families.


How to care for your reusable face mask

Unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer, you can simply toss your reusable face mask into the laundry together with the rest of your clothes. Or you can hand wash it with soapy water. Always make sure your mask is completely dry before wearing it.

Pick unscented laundry detergent to reduce your chances of a reaction to the fragrance when you’re wearing your mask.


What face masks are you wearing? Tell us in the comments!


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