How to Take the Bus From Singapore to Johor Bahru


Craving some cheap and good makan on the weekends? It’s time to hop over the Causeway to Johor Bahru (JB). And the most convenient and cheapest way to do it is by bus! 

With trips lasting between 40 minutes and 2 hours (depending on traffic), the bus is your best bet for getting to Malaysia without too much hassle. 

Don’t be confused by the variety of buses and options around Singapore and JB—they give you the convenience that you can’t get with other modes of transport. (Unless you have a car but not all of us are that rich or want to risk our cars getting burgled).

We’re here to give the low down on all the things you need to know about taking the bus to JB.


Pros and Cons of Taking a Bus From Singapore to JB

Quick look at the pros and cons of going by bus: 

Pros Cons
Cheap  May not have space to sit
Can reach JB as quick as 40 minutes during off-peak time May be stuck in traffic during peak hours
Frequent departure timings  May be stuck in the crowds and queues at immigration
Plenty of bus options
Can board from various bus stops around Singapore

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Types of Bus Services Available

SMRT Buses


Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange or Opposite Marsiling MRT station (Bus Stop 46529) – JB Sentral Terminal. 

Frequency: 9 – 13 mins

Full route

SBS Transit Buses 


Jurong Town Hall Interchange – JB Sentral Terminal

Frequency: 6 – 15 mins (weekends), 6 – >15 mins (weekdays)

Full route


Queen Street Terminal (near Bugis) – Larkin Terminal

Frequency: >15mins (weekends), 11 – >15 mins (weekdays)

Full route


Opp Kranji Station – JB Sentral Terminal

Frequency: 1-5 mins (weekends); 1-15 mins (weekdays)

Full route


Private Bus Operators

Causeway Link

Another popular option is the yellow Causeway Link bus, a Malaysian bus company, for its convenient pick up and drop off points in the city. The buses also don’t make any stops along the way so once you get on, your next stop is the checkpoint. 

Buses going to Woodlands Checkpoint CW1 

Kranji MRT – Larkin Terminal


Queen Street Terminal – Larkin Terminal


Newton Circus – JB CIQ

Buses going to Second Link Tuas Checkpoint CW6 

Boon Lay Way bus stop (outside Boon Lay MRT) – CIQ 2nd Link

CW3 / CW4 / CW4S 

Jurong East Interchange – CIQ 2nd Link


Opp Tuas Link station – CIQ 2nd Link

Check the full bus routes.

Transtar Travel

Private coach company Transtar plies several routes to JB from various locations in Singapore. These are typically more expensive than the others as you have to book in advance to get your own seat in a comfy coach bus.


Changi Airport – JB CIQ

Full route


Resorts World Sentosa – JB CIQ

Full route


Buona Vista The Star Vista (along Rochester Drive) – CIQ 2nd Link (via Tuas)

Full route


WTS Travel

For those heading to Legoland, this is the bus to take as it gets you there directly. Choose from 2 pick up points — Suntec City Tower 2 coach bay or Jurong East (Venture Ave bus bay 5).

It operates daily except Mondays and Wednesdays.


Superior Coach

Another bus service to Legoland, this service has pick up points at Jurong East (Venture Ave bus bay 5) and Lavender MRT station exit B. Same thing, it operates daily except Mondays and Wednesdays.



How to Book a Bus Ride From Singapore to JB

Bus service Price (S$) Booking
SMRT  From $1.40 No booking needed. Pay with EZ-Link card
SBS Transit buses From $1.09  No booking needed. Pay with EZ-Link card
Causeway Link $4.60 (SG to JB)

RM4.60 (JB to SG)

No booking needed. Pay with cash, EZ-Link card, Manjalink card, Visa credit card
Transtar Travel $3 – $15 Book online
WTS Travel $13 (one way)

$26 (return)

Book online
Superior Coach $12 – $15 Book online

While the public buses are way cheaper, the coach buses have the advantage of taking you directly to Legoland. They also guarantee you a seat, and have comfortable reclining high-backed chairs, some with power sockets and wifi onboard. You also can store your luggage below the bus. 


What Is the Customs and Immigration Process Like?

The customs and immigration process for your JB bus trip has two main parts: departing Singapore and entering Malaysia. 

Singapore side

Once the bus reaches Woodlands Checkpoint, you (and everyone else) will have to alight and follow the signs or crowd to the immigration counters. It’s usually quick and smooth going for those who can go through the automated gates. For those who are not eligible to use the e-gates, simply queue up at the manual counter and get your passport checked.

Once you get through, you can board any bus—as long as it’s the same type that you were on—otherwise you may get charged for a new trip. If you were on an SBS bus, take the SBS bus again. If you were on a CW bus, take a CW bus. 

Malaysia side

The bus will take you over the Causeway to Malaysia where you’ll have to alight again to go through customs.  

As of 1 Jan 2024, there’s no need for Singaporeans entering Malaysia to fill in the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC). Foreigners, however, still need to. 

Singaporeans can head towards the e-gate counters on the left side of the hall to get through immigration quickly. However, the e-gate may not always work. Some articles online have shared how some were able to get through the e-gates without any problems even though they’ve changed a new passport but others seem to still have problems, so there’s still a risk you may have to end up queuing for the manual counters. Let’s hope the customs folks can work out the kinks in the system soon.

Once you’re through customs, you can explore JB to your heart’s content! 

Coming back from JB

It’s the same process again but in reverse. However, when entering Singapore, you may sometimes be subjected to a baggage scan. 

Your shopping purchases may also be taxed. According to ICA, “travellers will have to pay GST on the value of the goods which is in excess of the GST import relief granted to them.”

Time Spent Away from Singapore Value of Goods Granted GST Import Relief
48 hours or more Up to S$500
Less than 48 hours Up to S$100

*Source: ICA

So if you’re going to be shopping a lot, just be mindful of the rules!


Best Time to Travel by Bus

When taking public transport, there’s technically no ‘best’ time. Of course, we know that rush hour, Friday evenings, weekends, public holidays and school holidays tend to be more crowded but if you gotta work Mondays to Fridays and have school kids, those are your only available times to go. 

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Fortunately, many buses are pretty frequent on weekends, so anytime is a good time, depending on your tolerance for waiting and crowds.

Some tips to make your journey less painful:

  • Avoid rush hours when daily commuters between Singapore and JB head home after work
  • Avoid Friday evenings, Saturdays (around 8 am – 1 pm), Sundays (around 3 pm to 8 pm) eve of and public holidays, long weekends
  • Check the traffic conditions online
  • Download apps such as or Beat the Jam to check traffic flow 

Is It Safe?

We all know the horror stories of petty crime in JB where people’s bags, jewellery, or phones have been snatched. Those who drive have had their cars broken into. 

However, taking the bus to and from JB is pretty safe. Reputable bus companies have been operating for many years to ferry passengers to and fro.

Of course, as with anywhere you go, always watch your belongings and don’t jaywalk at the bus bays. If you see the bus leaving, there’s no need to run for it. Bus timings are frequent enough especially on weekends. 


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