Fortune Centre Vegetarian Restaurants — Complete Price Guide to All 14 Eateries

Fortune Centre Vegetarian Restaurants — Complete Price Guide to All 14 Eateries

Whether you’re full vegan, vegetarian, or just like to go meat-free every now and then, then you definitely have to visit Fortune Centre. The unassuming, run-down mall in the Bugis area houses the most vegetarian restaurants under one roof in Singapore.

On my last visit, I counted at least 14 vegetarian restaurants, ranging from tiny mom-and-pop stalls to a fancy-ish restaurant. 

The food here is predominantly Chinese Buddhist vegetarian, but they’re nothing like the bland vegetarian bee hoon you get at some hawker centres. But most eateries serve multi-ethnic local dishes: It’s not uncommon to see stalls serving biryani and rendang alongside char kway teow.

There’s also a Japanese option, a very legit North and South Indian eatery, even a vegan cake shop in there. Check them out:


Fortune Centre vegetarian restaurants directory

Like a much more wholesome version of Orchard Towers, Fortune Centre has 4 floors of delights to explore. Here’s what’s on each floor:

Level Vegetarian restaurant Price
1 Su Shi Piao Xiang $
Tracy Juice Culture $$
Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant $$
Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food $$
Herbivore $$$$
2 Create Healthy Lifestyle $$
Pine Tree Cafe $
Green Bliss Habitat $
Xiu Yuan Vegetarian Eating House $
Hotcakes Vegetarian Cafe $$
VegePot $$
3 Bodhi Deli $
Tasty Cuts $$
4 New Green Pasture Cafe $$$

$ = mains from $4 to $6
$$ = mains from $6 to $10
$$$ = mains $10 and up


Level 1: Su Shi Piao Xiang ($)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - su shi piao xiang

Along the outside of the building (the side closest to Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple) is Su Shi Piao Xiang, a humble vegetarian eatery with the cheapest prices on level 1. Think carb-based mains like nasi biryani, hor fun, laksa and fried rice around $5.


Level 1: Tracy Juice Culture ($$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - tracy

Once you venture into Fortune Centre, you will probably smell this amazing umami aroma that has no business coming from a fruit juice shop like Tracy Juice Culture.

That’s because the juice stall also serves mains, most notably udon smothered in a super-thick homemade mushroom soup (responsible for the aroma; $7.80) and thunder tea rice ($7.80). If you’re looking for a snack, there’s a multigrain mushroom congee ($4) too.


Level 1: Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant ($$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - gokul

One of my favourite Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore is Gokul in Little India, and I love that there’s an outlet at Fortune Centre amidst all the Chinese vegetarian shops here. Mains here are rather expensive but I think they’re very worth it… But I’m biased of course.

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - gokul

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - gokul


Level 1: Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food ($$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - tian yuan

I stumbled upon this tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it veggie eatery in the “back lane” of Fortune Centre’s ground floor. It’s a little expensive for what it is, but I’ve definitely put the $6 portobello mushroom noodles and Penang laksa on my to-eat list.

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - tian yuan


Level 1: Herbivore ($$$$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - herbivore

The most expensive vegetarian restaurant (indeed, the only real restaurant with table service and all) in Fortune Centre is Herbivore. A bento costs about $20. You can see photos of their dishes here and it’s altogether fascinating — what on earth do they make fish-free “sashimi” of!?


Level 2: Create Healthy Lifestyle ($$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - create

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - create

I usually go up to level 2 of Fortune Centre as the vegetarian restaurants here are quieter and more affordable. One of my favourites is Create Healthy Lifestyle — I looooove the veggie “sushi” ($6) which tastes ridiculously good for something made of raw veggies and nothing else.


Level 2: Pine Tree Cafe ($)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - pine tree cafe

Next to Create Healthy Lifestyle is Pine Tree Cafe, which is a vegetarian yong tau foo ($5 for 5 pieces + rice). They have a lot of other familiar dishes too, like veggie bak chor mee ($4), sambal fish set ($5) and ma la xiang guo ($8 for 1 pax).


Level 2: Green Bliss Habitat ($)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - green bliss habitat

I totally neglected to mention that most of the vegetarian restaurants in Fortune Centre operate at lunch. Only a few are open past 7.30pm. On level 2, Green Bliss Habitat is one of the few that open for dinner; it’s quite crowded at dinnertime on most days. Mains are affordable as $5 to $6 generally.


Level 2: Xiu Yuan Vegetarian Eating House ($)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - xiu yuan fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - xiu yuan

If I feel too broke to eat at Create, I usually come to Xiu Yuan for lunch. (It’s only open at lunch.) You can get a very hearty and satisfying meal here for $5, and they also have a dish of free hardboiled eggs for anyone who wants one.


Level 2: Hotcakes Vegetarian Cafe ($$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - hotcakes

Hotcakes is more a cafe for cake ($5 per slice) and a cup of tea ($1 teh tarik), but they also serve a few Western dishes like pasta, pizza and burgers. You can also order whole vegan or vegetarian cakes here (from $35 for 500g).

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - hotcakes

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - hotcakes


Level 2: VegePot ($$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - vegepot

VegePot was once my favourite Fortune Centre haunt because everything was amazingly good. My favourites were the rendang curry rice set ($6.80), sambal tempeh set ($6), sesame ginger monkey head set ($6), assam laksa ($6) and handmade dumpling ramen ($6). They’re still good now, but I think VegePot isn’t as generous with the ingredients as it used to be.


Level 3: Bodhi Deli ($)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - bodhi deli

Located on the seldom-visited level 3 of Fortune Centre, Bodhi Deli is a hole-in-the-wall eatery with the cheapest vegetarian food I’ve seen in the whole complex. Perhaps the selection isn’t as diverse as the other eateries, but prices here are on par with that of hawker centres.


Level 3: Tasty Cuts ($$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - tasty cuts

This vegetarian restaurant sells nothing but lao huo tang (“old fire soup”), i.e. slow-cooked Chinese soup. This dish is usually meat-based, but Tasty Cuts makes it all vegetarian. At $7.80 for a soup + rice set, it’s a tad steep, but I suppose you can’t scrimp on ingredients for this kind of thing.


Level 4: New Green Pasture Cafe ($$$)

fortune centre vegetarian restaurants - new green pasture

On the topmost floor of Fortune Centre is New Green Pasture Cafe, an organic food retailer and restaurant. Naturally, the dishes are a a bit pricier than most of the competition, but it’s still very affordable by restaurant standards. On my to-try list are the Sri Lankan roll ($8.50), Penang laksa ($8.50), sesame soba ($10.50) and thunder tea rice ($11).

Which of these Fortune Centre vegetarians have you tried? Share your reviews below.