The 21 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore – How Much Do They Cost?

The 21 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore – How Much Do They Cost?

Whether you’re a vegetarian on a tight budget or an animal lover who’s thinking of giving up meat, here are some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, and how much a typical meal there will cost you.

Best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore and their prices (2018)

Although quite easily the most affordable, I’ve omitted the vegetarian cai png stalls at hawker centres. Instead, this is a list of the more mainstream vegetarian cafes and restaurants with full menus of vegetarian fare.

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant Estimated cost per pax
Annalakshmi Pay as you wish
Sunny Choice Cafe $10 to $15
VeganBurg $10 to $15
Loving Hut $10 to $15
Genesis Vegan Food $10 to $15
Fill A Pita (halal) $10 to $20
nomVnom $10 to $20
Komala Vilas $10 to $20
Ananda Bhavan Restaurant $15 to $20
Cafe Salivation $15 to $25
Elemen $15 to $25
Real Food $15 to $25
Gokul Vegetarian $15 to $30
Sufood $20 to $30
Miao Yi Vegetarian $20 to $30
HVST Restaurant at Kilter Avenue $20 to $30+
Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining $20 to $30
The Living Cafe $25 and up 
Lotus Kitchen $25 and up 
Whole Earth $25 and up 
Ling Zhi Vegetarian $25 and up 

Annalakshmi (Indian vegetarian)

Annalakshmi is not a soup kitchen that simply gives out free food. Instead, it has a unique “pay as you feel” concept – diners are encouraged to go there for meals, and pay whatever they’d like to contribute to the restaurant. This gives those in need a chance to afford healthy food, and gives those with a bit more to spare a chance to give back to the community.

I’ve never been there but I hope to go soon: There is nothing but great reviews on the vegetarian food there, so I highly encourage you head down and do a bit of charity as well.

Central Square – 20 Havelock Road, #01-04 Central Square, Singapore 059765
Amoy St – 104 Amoy Street, Singapore 069924

Price: On donation basis (pay whatever sum you’d like to donate to the kitchen)

Sunny Choice Cafe (local cuisine)

Sunny Choice is actually an organic store that carries dried food stuff and other eco-friendly household products. There is a cafe within the store as well, serving fusion cuisine which includes curry, bibimbap, thunder tea brown rice and even vegetarian bak kut teh.

It’s relatively affordable: A meal will cost about $10, and slightly more if you add sides and drinks.

Bukit Timah – 434 Upper Bukit Timah Road, The Rail Mall, Singapore 676060
Bukit Batok – 660 Bukit Batok Central #01-154, Singapore 650630
Bukit Merah – 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-158, Singapore 150125

Price: $10 – $15

VeganBurg (vegan burgers)

VeganBurg is exactly as its name suggests – vegan burgers! In fact, it is the world’s first plant-based burger that hails from San Francisco. If you just look at the pictures, you’d never guess that the fast food joint is not only vegetarian, but vegan.

Burgers are $8.90 to $10.90, which is reasonable for healthy, cholesterol-free burgers. Try the Smoky BBQ Burger, which features a mushroom patty with not just crisp greens and barbecue sauce, but a slice of vegan cheese too. You can add $3.90 to make it a meal (drinks and fries), making it $12.80 to $14.80.

Address: 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502

Price: $10 – $15

Loving Hut (vegetarian Western, Asian, local cuisine)

Loving Hut has a mix of vegan local, Asian fusion and Western food, and mains average around $10.90 to $14.90. On weekdays, they have specials (sort of like a meal of the day) that are priced under $10. You can also get sandwiches from $8.90 ($10.90 with fries and salad). The menu also includes vegan burgers and desserts like pies and even the popular Teochew orh nee.

Address: 229 Joo Chiat Rd #01-01 Singapore 427489

Price: $10 – $15

Genesis Vegan Food (Chinese & Western vegan)

Genesis Vegan Food is a home-style cafe that offers tasty vegan fare. Mains are incredibly affordable at $7.90 to $10.90, and noodles are $6.90 to $7.90. The Western dishes are slightly more expensive, but still below $10. Most people add on a side dish and the super popular dumplings ($6). Got a sweet tooth? Try the Tofu Cheesecake ($4.50).

Address: 115 Owen Road, Singapore 218922

Price: $10 – $15

Fill A Pita (halal vegetarian Middle Eastern)

Fill A Pita’s main concept is… you guessed it – to fill up your pita breads. They serve pita, salads and dips, which fall under Middle Eastern vegetarian cuisine. Pita sandwiches are $10 to $13, salads are $4 to $12 and sides are $4 to $12. During happy hour (Mon to Fri 2.30pm – 5.30pm / Sat 11.30am – 5.30pm), platters go for $13 ($2 off its usual price of $15).

Fill A Pita is halal too, which is great news for Muslim vegetarians.

Address: 3 Pickering Street, #01-29, Nankin Row, China Square Central, Singapore, 048660

Price: $10 – $20

nomVnom (vegan burgers)

Like VeganBurg, nomVnom‘s menu is mostly vegan burgers. They don’t use dairy, and all recipes are strictly without MSG, onions and garlic. Even the burger bread is fancy: It’s made with unbleached flour, wholemeal flour, organic brown sugar, multigrains, sunflower oil, natural yeast, high quality sea salt and unfiltered water.

Most burgers are below $10 (the most expensive one is $16.90), and if you dine in, you can get a free fruit vinegar drink. Some of their menu items (like the Nom Nom Burger, Tempeh Burger and QQ Cheezy Burger) are even fortified with vitamin B12, a nutrient lacking in many vegan diets.

Clarke Quay – 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Central Clarke Quay #B1-44, S059817
Tai Seng – 18 Tai Seng Street, #B1-02 S539775

Price: $10 – $20

Komala Vilas (Indian vegetarian)

You must’ve heard of the popular Komala Vilas – the Indian vegetarian restaurant is one of Singapore’s oldest, and has been around since 1947. The menu is pretty extensive, with a variety of mains (rice meals, briyani) for $8.50 to $9.

During breakfast and tea time, they have light bites (sides and light meals like idly and poori) that are very affordable at $2.40 to $5.20. More filling mains, like the curries, are pricier at $7 to $8 per dish.

76 – 78 Serangoon Road, Singapore 21798
12 – 14 Buffalo Road, Singapore 219785
24 – 26 Race Course, Singapore 218548

Price: $10 – $20

Ananda Bhavan (Indian vegetarian)

If you thought Komala Vilas was the first Indian vegetarian eatery, you’re wrong – Ananda Bhavan Restaurant is even older, established in 1924.

The first outlet was at Selegie, and it has since expanded to 4 restaurants around Singapore. You can get traditional Indian snacks and breads, thosai, burgers, tandoori chicken and more. You can probably get a meal for under $10 if you resist ordering drinks and/or side dishes.

In addition to be completely vegetarian, Ananda Bhavan Restaurant doesn’t use MSG, preservatives and additives, and doesn’t re-use their cooking oil!

Selegie – 219 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188339
Serangoon Rd – 58 Serangoon Rd, 217964
Syed Alwi – 95 Syed Alwi Road, 207671
Changi – 8 Changi Business Park Ave 1, Singapore 48601

Price: $15 – $20

Cafe Salivation (vegetarian Western & Mediterranean)

Its name may be quite a mouthful, but I’m guessing “Cafe Salivation” comes from its goal to whip up drool-worthy grub. The cafe serves Western Mediterranean vegetarian fare in Little India, and does so without MSG. They also use healthy sunflower and olive oils.

Most of the mains are $15 and under, but some can go up to $17. It’s not super cheap, but the menu is quite extensive with sandwiches, burgers, pastas, baked dishes, pizzas and more. There is the option to order without onions and garlic.

Address: 176 Race Course Road, Singapore 218607

Price: $15 – $20

Elemen (vegetarian Japanese, Italian, fusion cuisine)

Elemen is a vegetarian chain of 3 outlets, all of which are conveniently located at shopping malls. It serves fusion cuisine – there’s Japanese tempura dishes, Italian pizzas, Indian naan and more.

Mains are about $12.80 – $15.80, and starters, salads and soups are in the $2.80 – $9.80 price range. Elemen has set meals too, but they’re a lot more expensive (price start at $26.80++).


Millenia Walk – 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-75A/76 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Paya Lebar Quarter – 10 Paya Lebar Road, #03-13, Singapore 409057

Harbourfront Centre – 1 Maritime Square #02-85, Singapore 099253

Price: $15 – $25

Real Food (vegetarian organic multi-cuisine)

I used to struggle with my greens, and Real Food was one of the restaurants that made me think, “Eh, maybe vegetables can taste pretty good!” I had my first organic cola there too, and it was surprisingly delightful. The reason why I don’t go there more often is that it’s slightly expensive – depending on what you order, a meal can cost you over $20.

Real Food is mostly known for being not just vegetarian, but organic as well. It serves a “cha pa lang” mix of cuisines that Singaporeans love, including Chinese dumplings, burgers and Japanese noodles. I recommend trying the desserts – there’s a variety of cakes and tarts, and even vegan tiramisu.

Orchard Central – 181 Orchard Road #02-16 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
South Beach – 26 Beach Road #B1-19 South Beach Tower, Singapore 189768
Novena – 10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-105/106/129 Square 2, Singapore 307506

Price: $15 – $25

Gokul Vegetarian (Indian vegetarian)

Another super popular Indian vegetarian restaurant is Gokul Vegetarian. Starters and sides range from $2 curry puffs to $12 mock meat dishes (like “chicken” tikka). A portion of noodles are $8 to $9.50, while the rice sets and fried rice are about $6.50 to $11. The North Indian and Gokul specials are slightly more expensive at $8 to $10 per dish. All recipes are sans MSG, garlic, onion and egg.

Address: 19 Upper Dickson Road, Singapore 207478

Price: $15 – $30

Sufood (vegetarian Western & Asian)

Sufood is conveniently located in Raffles City Shopping Centre, so it’s great for those working in the CBD. As expected of a mall restaurant, prices are not super cheap, but thankfully not too expensive either.

The rice, pastas, pizzas and other mains are $13.80 – $15.80, so you won’t do that much damage on your wallet with just a main course. But if you add on a drink and dessert ($4.80 – $8.80), it can easily add up to $30.

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre #02-19, Singapore 179103

Price: $20 – $30

Miao Yi (Chinese vegetarian)

Miao Yi is one of the most well known Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. The menu has everything from veggie dishes to almost every mock meat you can imagine. There’s mock curry fish head ($12), mock mutton curry ($10) and even mock duck crisps ($10)! The noodles and rice are $5 – $8 for the smallest portion (1 pax).

CBD – 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre #03-32, Singapore 058357
Bukit Timah – 21 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599745

Price: $20 – $30

HRVST Restaurant (vegetarian Western)

We’re slowly getting to the more atas vegan and vegetarian eateries – HRVST Restaurant is at Kilter Avenue which serves Western food reminiscent of trendy brunch fare.

Mains are $15 to $18, while snacks and desserts are around $5 to $8. The most value-for-money option is the set lunch of 1 main + 1 cold-pressed juice at $18. If you’ve got a hearty appetite, the 3-course lunch (appetiser, main, dessert) is $28.

Address: Kilter Avenue, #05-01, OUE Downtown Gallery

Price: $20 – $30+

Teng Bespoke (Japanese vegetarian)

Teng Bespoke is very unique in that it’s the first Japanese vegetarian restaurant (that I’ve heard of anyway) to serve vegetarian sashimi! That’s right, meat-less raw “fish”. The platter comes with mock prawn, salmon, squid, scallop and tuna. They also have salads, sushi and Japanese noodles.

Address: #01-50 Sunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652

Price: $20 – $30

The Living Cafe (raw vegan Western food)

The Living Cafe specialises in raw food, which is not just vegan, but also almost raw. Don’t worry, you won’t restricted to raw salads – it just means the food is “not heated above approximately 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and ingredients are not chemically processed, pasteurized, homogenized, genetically modified, hybridized, or otherwise compromised.”

Sounds fancy? It is. The mains are mostly burgers, wholemeal wrap and brown rice bowls, which are $15 to $18. Pizzas are $15 to $26.

Address: 779 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269758

Price: $25 – $30+

Lotus Kitchen (Chinese vegetarian)

Lotus Kitchen is like any other Chinese restaurant, except vegetarian. It’s got a few dim sum dishes ($4.80 – $8.80), and noodle and rice dishes ($9.80 – $12.80). If you order the specialty dishes, it’s quite expensive at $18.80 – $35.80.

Here’s the real steal – Lotus Kitchen also offers an affordable vegetarian buffet!  Weekday lunch is $20.80, weekday dinner is $22.80 and weekend lunch & dinner are $24.80.

Balestier – 201 Balestier Road, Quality Hotel Marlow (Level 2), Singapore 329926
Chinatown – 133 New Bridge Road #01-01/02 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413

Price: $25 – $30+

Whole Earth (Peranakan & Thai vegetarian)

Whole Earth is nestled in the busy Tanjong Pagar district, serving quality Peranakan-Thai vegetarian fare. Everyone I know (and the online reviews agree) finds the food great, albeit a tad expensive. In fact, Whole Earth is the first veggie restaurant in Singapore to receive a Michelin Bib Gourmand (2016).

The fried rice and noodles are around $10 to $13 per serving, but you’re likely to order dishes to go along with it, and those are an additional $15 to $20+ per dish.  All in, expect to spend about $25 to $30 per pax.

Address: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331

Price:  $25 – $30

Ling Zhi Vegetarian (Chinese vegetarian)

Ending this list is Ling Zhi Vegetarian. It isn’t super cheap, but it is one of the top Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Singapore – many of their customers aren’t even vegetarians, yet love the food anyway. The dishes are $10 to $24 and noodles and rice $14 to $16,  so each meal will cost you about $25 to $30+ depending on what you order.

If you have a massive appetite and think that’s too much, head over to the Novena outlet, which offers value for money buffets. Weekday buffets are $22.80 (lunch) / $24.80 (dinner), while weekend buffets are $14.80 (high tea) / $24.80 (lunch) / $26.80 (dinner).

Address and opening hours:
Liat Towers – 541 Orchard Road, #05-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881. Open 11am – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm daily.
Novena – 238 Thomson Road, #03-09/10 [email protected] Square, Singapore 307683. Open 11am – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm daily.

Price: $25 – $30+

Do you have any other favourite vegetarian or vegan restaurants to suggest? Share them in the comments.