Durian Delivery Singapore Price Guide 2019 – Same-Day Delivery? No Problem!

durian delivery singapore

As someone who’s equal parts lazy and greedy, I completely approve of durian delivery services.

I mean, most of us don’t have the time and energy to rush down to Ah Seng Durian or Combat Durian at odd hours to camp for the Mao Shan Wang durians to arrive. Yes, many of these popular durian stores do online reservations, but even then, collection is a real hassle.

I’d rather shop for durians during lunch, and have them miraculously arrive at my doorstep at night.


Durian prices in Singapore (June 2019 season)

Before we get to the durian delivery services, here’s a rough durian price guide for the current durian season. It’s taken from Durian Delivery (duriandelivery.com.sg).

Type of Durian Price (per kg)
Butter King Durian $10
Red Prawn / D13 $10 to $13
D101 $13
Tekka $14
Mao Shan Wang $18 to $20
Old tree Mao Shan Wang $20 to $22
Jin Feng (Golden Phoenix) $20 to $23
D24 Not available yet

Durian prices are all quite competitive, and they fluctuate from day to day, so I see no point in comparing the prices. Instead, you can use this as a gauge. If you’re giving in to that crazy durian craving and considering delivery, you should already be prepared to pay a premium anyway.


5 durian delivery services in Singapore to try

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive right into the durian delivery services in Singapore.

Durian delivery service Min order for free delivery Delivery prices Delivery hours
Durian Delivery  Orders above $80 $6.90 to $12.70 10am to 2am
128 Durian All orders Free 7pm to 10pm
The Durian Story Orders above $150 or within 1km of the store $6 to $16 6pm to 10pm
Hao Chi Durian Orders above 10kg $5 (min 6kg) 3pm to midnight
227 Katong Durian Orders above $120 or $200 (same-day) $8 to $15 2pm to 9pm (orders after 5pm will be delivered the next day.


Durian Delivery (DurianDelivery.com.sg)

  • Next-day delivery: $6.90
  • Same-day delivery: $9.70
  • Express delivery: $12.70
  • Free Delivery Above $80 (except after 10pm)
  • Delivery time: 10am to 2am

The prices quoted above are for single locations only, and exclude Sentosa & army camps (additional $10).

I’ve only just found out about Durian Delivery, but I stamp-plus-chop will try to order this durian season. According to their website, their durians are extra fresh, and delivered to your doorstep within 6 to 12 hours of being plucked (as compared to supposedly day-old durians at physical stores).

I also like that their durians come unhusked, so there’s no need for me to fumble with a cleaver. The trouble with that, though, is that a level of trust is required. They are sold in 400g and 800g packs, and according to them, one 800g pack comes from about 3.2kg worth of husked durians.

They have a money-back guarantee too, which is nice, but also expected. Because their durians come without the husk, so there’s literally no excuse to send over bad fruits.


128 Durians

  • Sells durians in bundles
  • Prices vary, daily “flash sales” announced on Facebook
  • Last order 5pm
  • Prices include same-day delivery (7pm to 10pm)

128 Durians has a physical store where you can shop for the fruit by the kg, but for online orders, they come in bundles.

The price and promotion depends on the day, but it’s generally quite worth it. Today (3 June 2019), $89 will get you either 1) 6kg of Mao Shan Wang or 2) 3kg of Mao Shan Wang + 3kg of Wang Zhong Wang.

That’s only $14.80 per kg, which would be cheap even if it didn’t include delivery (it does). To order, you’ll have to WhatsApp them at 87521280.


The Durian Story

  • Orders under $100: $16
  • Orders $100 and up: $10
  • Orders $150 and up: $6
  • Free for orders >$150 or within 1km of the store
  • Delivery is from 6pm to 10pm

The Durian Story has pretty affordable durians, and are well known in Singapore. They have a physical store at Serangoon North Ave 2, but you can also order their durians online.

The website states that there is no minimum order (just higher delivery fees), but when I messaged them, they said I need at least $100 worth of orders. In any case, the minimum order for delivery is quite hard to hit for this one ($150).


Hao Chi Durian

  • Min. 6kg for delivery
  • Orders 6kg to 10kg: $5
  • Free delivery for orders above 10kg
  • Delivery is from 3pm to midnight

Hao Chi Durian has quite a few outlets, but if you’re not near any of them, you can easily call or text them at 9699 6106 for a delivery order. The minimum order is 6kg (around 4 durians, assuming each is 1.5kg) and delivery is relatively cheap, starting from $5.

If you hit 10kg – which shouldn’t be that hard if your whole family is feasting with you – then delivery is free. They deliver all the way until midnight, so the cut-off timing for orders is quite late at 9pm.


227 Katong Durian

  • Next day delivery: $10
  • Same day delivery: $12
  • Express delivery: $15
  • Free for orders > $120 (next-day) or > $200 (same-day)
  • No minimum order, but +$5 for orders under $75

When you buy anything online, there’s always a risk you might receive a defective item. Same thing for durian delivery. Like DurianDelivery.com.sg, 227 Katong Durian has a money-back guarantee for all unripe, sour and/or watery durians, which is at least a little reassuring I guess.

It’s kind of worse for food because service recovery (like a refund or replacement) takes time and it’ll really suck if you can’t eat the durians then and there, but it’s better than nothing.

227 Katong is great if you have small groups, because there’s no minimum order. Small orders are more expensive (+$5), but some other sellers won’t even entertain you.


Have more durian delivery services to recommend or have feedback on those listed above? Tell us what you think!