Marina Bay Sands Restaurants
Top 15 Marina Bay Sands Celebrity & Rooftop Restaurants: Price Guide
Marina Bay Sands has eclipsed the Merlion as the symbol of Singapore even though it opened less than 10 ...
23 April 2019
best burger singapore
Best Burgers Singapore Price Guide (2019) – 9 Trending Restaurants To Check Out
I don’t know how I missed the memo, but with the opening of Shake Shack and Burger & Lobster in Singapore, ...
17 April 2019
tanjong pagar korean food
Tanjong Pagar Korean Food Price Guide: Kimchi Jigae, Korean BBQ and Fried Chicken (2019)
The Tanjong Pagar district has so many Korean restaurants, it might as well be called the “Little Korea” ...
15 April 2019
Clarke Quay Restaurants Dining Guide with Prices
What to Eat at Clarke Quay: Restaurants & Bars Price Guide for Your Next Night Out
Clarke Quay is one of Singapore’s major dining and entertainment areas. Whether you’re a tourist or a true ...
15 April 2019
food waste singapore dumpster diving
How Much Food Waste is There in Singapore? I Went Dumpster Diving to Find Out
These days, it’s not just bag ladies and homeless old folks who are rooting through the dumpsters and eating ...
13 April 2019
wagyu beef meat steaks pork ribs
7 Best Places in Singapore To Get Your Wagyu Beef and Meats at 1-for-1
It’s very noble to refuse to eat meat in support of the environment and disenfranchised animals, but some ...
5 April 2019
hsbc entertainer singapore
7 Restaurants/cafes Where You Can Get 1-for-1 Deals with HSBC Credit Cards
This post was written in collaboration with HSBC. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
burger vegan impossible beyond
Vegan Burger Singapore Price Guide – Impossible Foods VS Beyond Meat VS Quorn
With all the buzz around the newly launched Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, it looks The Economist was ...
20 March 2019
best japanese buffet singapore
Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore – From $14.99++ & up!
Japanese buffets are wildly popular in Singapore because we love Japanese cuisine AND buffet spreads. There’s ...
15 March 2019
Starbucks 1-for-1 Promotions & 7 Other Money-Saving Hacks (2019)
Starbucks 1-for-1 Promotions & 7 Other Money-Saving Hacks (2019)
Just writing this article might make me the black sheep of the team: After all, spending $7 on a Starbucks ...
25 February 2019
johor bahru cafes entertainer 1-for-1
1-for-1 Deals to Eat, Drink & Make Merry in Johor Bahru with The Entertainer
You’ve already enjoyed delicious meals at some of Singapore’s best restaurants while paying just a fraction ...
15 February 2019
acai bowl SINGAPORE
Acai Bowl Singapore Price Guide (2019) – Project Acai, Haakon & More
I had my first acai bowl two weeks ago – shut up, I know I am a complete loser and late to the party – ...
4 February 2019
chateraise singapore menu 2018
Chateraise Singapore Menu – 25 Cheapest Chateraise Cakes & Ice Cream
Ask any Singaporean to name their favourite cheap dessert and you’re likely to hear cheng tng or bubur ...
29 January 2019
mcdonald's menu prices singapore
Did You Know That McDonald’s Charges You Different Prices At Different Outlets?
Last week, Clara made a seemingly harmless, random comment about how expensive the Lido McDonald’s is. ...
24 January 2019
holland village food
Holland Village Food Guide (2019) – 12 Affordable Restaurants in This Atas Neighbourhood
One of Singapore’s most atas neighbourhoods, Holland Village was Dempsey Hill before Dempsey Hill was anything. ...
23 January 2019
affordable romantic restaurants singapore
7 Affordable Romantic Restaurants in Singapore with Mains Under $30
Planning romantic dates in Singapore can be tough. Not only do you have to worry about whether the food, ...
21 January 2019
meal subscription lunch delivery meal delivery
Healthy Meal Subscription & Tingkat Services in Singapore (2019)
As it turns out, having the healthy, balanced meals as recommended by the Health Promotion Board is not ...
15 January 2019
holland village cafe
Holland Village Cafe Price Guide 2019 – 10 Places for Coffee, Cakes & Ice-cream
Cafe-hopping in Singapore is wallet-draining business. Paying $20 for a tiny cup of “artisanal” coffee ...
14 January 2019
abalone promotions singapore cny
Cheapest Abalone Promotions in Singapore for CNY (2019)
Writing these Chinese New Year articles has been extremely illuminating. For one thing, I discovered that ...
8 January 2019
4 French Restaurants in Singapore and JB Where You Can Enjoy 1-for-1 Mains with The Entertainer
4 French Restaurants in Singapore and JB Where You Can Enjoy 1-for-1 Mains with The Entertainer
French food has a reputation for being atas and expensive which, most of the time, it is, at least in Singapore. ...
27 December 2018
chinese food the entertainer 2018 singapore
Craving Chinese Food? Get 1-for-1 at These 4 Eateries Thanks to The Entertainer
You can find virtually any kind of cuisine in the world right here in Singapore. We’ve got everything from ...
27 December 2018
ramen restaurants in singapore
8 Ramen Restaurants for Cheap & Good Japanese Ramen in Singapore
Authentic Japanese ramen is like instant noodles on crack. Those flaccid strands in MSG-filled broth that ...
24 October 2018
sentosa restaurants singapore
9 Sentosa Restaurants Where You Can Eat Cheap For Less Than $10
Sentosa’s original name was Pulau Belakang Mati, which translates to “the Island of Death from Behind”. ...
24 October 2018
affordable omakase restaurants singapore
Affordable Omakase in Singapore for Under $100? It’s Possible at These 6 Japanese Restaurants
If you need further proof that Singaporeans are dead serious about dining, consider the fact that bento ...
16 October 2018
tanjong pagar cafes 2018
Top 10 Cult Tanjong Pagar Cafes – How Much Do Their Signature Drinks Cost?
Running a cafe in Singapore is tough business these days – all the more so in places like the CBD, where ...
5 October 2018