Acai Bowl Singapore Price Guide (2019) – Project Acai, Haakon & More

acai bowl SINGAPORE

I had my first acai bowl two weeks ago – shut up, I know I am a complete loser and late to the party – but boy, was it life-changing. I went from asking “What is acai?!” to craving for it after almost every meal. The best part is that I am allowed to feel zero guilt about those acai bowl calories because they’re actually healthy and chockfull of nutrients. (mic drop)

And because all my dining articles for MoneySmart are done with a secret personal agenda to suss out the prices of my favourite foods, today’s price guide will be on acai bowls in Singapore.

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Top 7 Acai Bowls in Singapore and where to get them (2019)

Cafe Acai bowl price
An Acai Affair $5.90 to $15
Absolute Acai $5.90 to $15.50
Project Acai $6.80 to $14.50
Haakon $7.90 to $12.90
Tiki Bar by Aloha Poke $9
Seed and Soil $10 to $15
Strangers’ Reunion $11.90


An Acai Affair (from $5.90)

An Acai Affair is one of my favourites because they are one of the cheapest yet have a super extensive menu of acai goodies. There are 8 signature bowls on the menu, and they all come with your choice of sauce: honey, cookie butter, peanut butter or almond butter.

Most bowls come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. The Triple A is the basic fruit bowl, while the Nutty Party is great for those who prefer nuts and cereal ($5.90 / $8.90 / $13.90). If you want to add premium toppings like dried figs, mulberries and/or vegan granola, it’s an additional $1.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find anything you want, you can DIY your own bowl ($6.40 / $9.40 / $14.40) .

There are a total of 4 An Acai Affair outlets located in Thomson, Bugis, Katong and Jurong.

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Absolute Acai (from $5.90)

Absolute Acai also has prices beginning at $5.90 (Brazilian Bowl, small). As with most cafes, Absolute Acai’s frozen base is blend of acai (duh), fruits and coconut water.

There are 3 bowls on the menu – Brazilian Bowl ($5.90/$7.90/$11.90), Signature Bowl ($7.50/$9.50/$15.50) and Crunch Bowl ($8.90/$13.90). The first two are more fruity, while the last one is mostly topped with crunchy stuff like granola, sunflower seeds and macadamia nuts. 

Absolute Acai also serves a mean acai smoothie with natural yogurt ($7.50 / $8.90). There are 2 Absolute Acai outlets, both of which are in town-ish areas (Pickering Street and Novena).

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Project Acai (from $6.80)

Project Acai is where I had my first acai bowl. Long story short, I was doing research for a Holland Village article on cheap booze and had spent 2 torturous hours melting under the midday sun, so I went to Project Acai to cool off.

There are 3 sizes for Project Acai bowls – handy ($6.80), medium ($9.30) and large ($14.50). Handy is the cheapest and smallest size, but only the Original Flower Bowl is available in that size. The Nuts for Acai & Supergreens Acai bowls only come in medium and large. For the Acai Sundae Bowl, there is only one size and it is $12.

Useful to note: Project Acai is vegan-friendly! You can swap your regular granola for vegan ones, and they have a vegan cookie crumble topping. There are 6 smoothie blends, each at $8.50 per cup.

The 4 Project Acai outlets are at Holland Village, Takashimaya S.C., Katong and Vivocity.

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Haakon (from $7.90)

Haakon is more a restaurant than cafe, because they serve poke bowls and salads as well. They have a ton of superfood juices, smoothies and bowls, but only 4 are acai items (2 bowls and 2 smoothies). The bowls and smoothies come in small and large sizes ($7.90 / $12.90 and $5.90 / $6.90).

The 2 bowls are the Haakon’s Classic Acai Bowl and Acai Viking Bowl. They differ not just in the toppings, but the base as well: The classic bowl features a 100% acai base, while the Viking Bowl uses a blend of raw cacao and whey protein. So I suppose if you want a “gao” acai base, go for the former.

For both the acai bowls and smoothies, additional toppings are $1 each. Check the official Haakon website for the 4 outlets (Somerset, Holland Village, Raffles Place and Tanjong Katong).

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Tiki Bar by Aloha Poke ($9)

Aloha Poke is most known as the pioneer poke bowl cafe, so not many know this but at the Tiki Bar at Amoy Street, they also serve acai bowls. There’s only one on the menu, but that’s good enough for a non-specialty store, right?

The acai bowl costs $9 – only one size, and comes topped with the usual berries and granola.

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Seed and Soil (from $10)

Seed and Soil is primarily a cold-pressed juice place, but they do have 6 smoothie bowls as well. The bowls come 3 sizes, and while the rest are $8 / $10 / $12, the acai bowl is slightly pricier at $10 / $12 / $15.

All recipes are by Seed and Soil’s resident nutritionist, Sheeba, so you can “wallop” everything at without worry! Seed and Soil is very apt located at Tanjong Pagar, the new indie cafe district.

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Strangers’ Reunion ($11.90)

Strangers’ Reunion – aka everyone’s favourite hipster cafe – has also decided to hop on the bandwagon and serve their own smoothie bowls, so now you can have kick-ass coffee AND dessert.

There are 3 smoothie bowls in the menu, one of which is the Acai Smoothie Bowl ($11.90). At almost $12, it’s one of the pricier acai bowls out there. However, the “one-size” is quite generous and may even be enough for 2 to share. Strangers Reunion is located at Kampung Bahru near Outram Park MRT.

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Which is your favourite acai bowl in Singapore? Share it with us (well, me) in the comments below!