Deliveroo, Foodpanda & GrabFood Promo Codes in Singapore (2019)

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Remember the 2008 Pixar film Wall-E? The premise of the animation is a future world where human beings have become lazy and gross due to overdependence on robots and automation. With services like Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and GrabFood becoming practically unavoidable, Singaporeans are fast closing in on such a state.


If you’re going to use these food delivery apps, at least take the opportunity to save a few bucks with a well-placed promo code. Be sure to share this article with your fellow lazy friends and coworkers!


Deliveroo promo codes Singapore – $4 off with min. spend $12

Credit card User type Promo code Discount
UOB New UOBNEWTOROO $4 off first 3 orders (min. spend $12)
OCBC New OCBCNEW19 $4 off first 3 orders (min. spend $12)
HSBC New SG19HSBC $4 off first 3 orders (min. spend $12)
CIMB New CIMBNEW19 $4 off first 3 orders (min. spend $12)
UOB Existing 4OFF[MTH] [first 6 digits of card number] (i.e 4OFFNOV123456) $4 off (min. spend $12)
HSBC Existing HSBCNEW19 Enjoy 50% off your first 3 orders (capped at S$6) with minimum spend of S$12
HSBC Existing HSBC[MTH]19 (e.g. HSBCOCT19, HSBCNOV19, HSBCDEC19) Enjoy S$5 off with minimum spend of S$25

Here are the current promo codes for Deliveroo Singapore, as of 5 Nov 2019. There used to be way more, but Deliveroo has apparently gotten enough traction to cut down on the promo codes and yet still get orders.

Your best bet is to be new to Deliveroo, but if you’re not (and have exhausted your supply of colleagues to help you set up accounts) you can still use a UOB or HSBC credit card.

Deliveroo has a bit of a reputation as an atas food delivery service, but I think they’re not that bad.

Check out the “Cheap Eats” and “Special Offers” tabs for hawker fare, fast food, bubble tea and more affordable restaurants. But the trouble with ordering cheaper items is that you need to consolidate a few orders to hit the Deliveroo minimum order of $12, or else you’ll be charged the difference as a “small order fee”.

That said, you still have to pay $3 to $5 delivery fee regardless of whether you hit the minimum or not. Ouch. The only way to get (unlimited) free delivery is to subscribe to Deliveroo Plus for $14.90/month.


Foodpanda promo codes Singapore – up to 20% off with min. spend $30

Credit card User type Promo code Discount
UOB New UOBNC[first 6 digits of UOB Card number] (e.g. UOBNC123456) $15 off (min. spend $30)
DBS New DBSNC[first 6 digits of credit card] e.g. DBSNC123456 $15 off (min. spend $30)
Citibank New CITINC19 $15 off (min. spend $30)
DBS Existing DBSNC[first 6 digits] e.g. DBSNC123456 20% off (min. spend $30)
UOB Existing UOB [month] [first 6 digits of UOB Card number] (e.g. UOBNOV123456)

UOB [month] 10 [first 6 digits of UOB Card number] (e.g. NOV10123456).

$15 off (min. spend $30)

$10 off (min. spend $50) on weekends

DBS (debit cards) Existing [month]DBS[first 6 digits] e.g. NOVDBS123456 10% off (min. spend $30)
UOB Existing [month]10[first 6 digits] e.g. MAR10123456 $10 (min. spend $40) on weekends

Right now, the most competitive food delivery player in Singapore, at least when it comes to promo codes, is none other than Foodpanda.

The only thing about the Foodpanda promo codes is that they all have a pretty high minimum spending requirement of $30 or above, so it’s more worthwhile to order in a group.

If you’re not a particularly loyal customer, it’s definitely worth it to do a bit of price comparison for the more popular restaurants that are on two or more delivery platforms.

If you want to save on your meal, Foodpanda also has a free delivery filter. Note that free delivery is usually only available if you hit a minimum order e.g. $12 or $15.


GrabFood promo codes Singapore – free delivery with min. spend $18

Unlike Foodpanda and Deliveroo, GrabFood doesn’t really do credit card promo codes where you get $X off if you spend $Y.

Instead, there are usually a couple of promo codes you can find in-app to get free delivery with a minimum spend.

The current one for new users is 8TASTY for $8 off your 2 orders, no minimum order.

Apart from offering free delivery, GrabFood also has exclusive deals with its eateries, especially bundle deals. I suppose it makes sense to encourage large orders rather than individual takeaways, but there’s a distinct lack of solo lunch options.

Promo code Discount
SHENGKEE Mala Wanton Noodle Combo for just $11.15 (U.P. $18.52)
UMISUSHI Twin Sake & Tori Bento Set for just $16.56 (U.P. $27.60)
DOMINOS Extra large combo for $28.10 (U.P. $46.90)

That said, GrabFood’s $2 to $3 delivery fees are some of the lowest in town, so I won’t grumble too much about not being able to hit the $18 minimum on my own.

Just for fun, I decided to check out Bismillah Biryani on GrabFood too. The chicken biryani is the same standard price ($10.70) but delivery is $3, so that’s $13.70 in total – which is almost on par with Foodpanda and $2.39 cheaper than Deliveroo.

11.11 GrabFood promo codes

11 set meals from popular restaurants such as Popeyes, Mr Bean, Yoogane, Maki-San, Poke Theory, JolliBean and more from now until 11 Nov 2019.


Conclusion: Which food delivery service is the cheapest?

Lots of restaurants are on all 3 food delivery platforms, so at this point, it’s no longer a matter of choice.

I’ve demonstrated in my little experiment that the same item from the same restaurant can cost quite different prices depending on which you order from. I’d say that GrabFood and Foodpanda are both cheaper than Deliveroo.

Foodpanda has a lot more general (not restaurant-specific) promo codes so it’s more versatile for larger orders, but GrabFood has better free delivery promotions. The ability to earn GrabRewards on your food orders is a plus.

Since it’s so easy to get free delivery or discounts on GrabFood and Foodpanda, it’s really quite annoying that Deliveroo still charges so much for delivery and assorted fees.


Bonus: Which credit card should you charge your order to?

If you frequently order in food, it’s worthwhile to check out some of these credit cards which may give you some rebates or miles for your lunch.

Credit card Food delivery benefits
Citi Cash Back Card 8% cashback (Foodpanda, Deliveroo)
Maybank Family & Friends Card 5% / 8% cashback
OCBC 365 Card 6% cashback
DBS Live Fresh Card 5% cashback
Citibank SMRT Card 2.7% / 3% cashback
Citibank Rewards Card $1 = 4 miles
UOB Preferred Platinum Card $1 = 4 miles
UOB KrisFlyer Card $1 = 3 miles
Amex KrisFlyer Card $1 = 3.1 miles (Foodpanda, Deliveroo)

The wonderful thing about ordering food online is that it can fall under the “dining” category or “online spending”, which means it’s twice as easy to pair your food delivery app with a rewarding credit card. Note that T&Cs are always subject to change, so do read up and/or call the bank before you sign up.

What promo codes do you use on food delivery? Spill the tea in the comments section!


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