Best HSBC Credit Cards in Singapore – Credit Card Reviews 2020

Best HSBC Credit Cards Review

Trying to pick an HSBC credit card? You won’t need much brain power for that. There are only 3 HSBC credit cards in Singapore – excluding the ones that are for the ultra-affluent crowd – and each has a very different angle.

Take a look below and find out what the difference is between the HSBC credit cards.


Best HSBC credit cards in Singapore 2020

HSBC credit card Key benefits
HSBC Advance Card 1.5% / 2.5% / 3.5% cashback on everything
HSBC Revolution Card 5X rewards ($1 = 2 miles) on online spending, dining, entertainment
HSBC Visa Platinum Card 5% cashback on dining, groceries, petrol


HSBC Advance Card – 1.5% to 3.5% cashback on everything

HSBC logo
Cashback on Big Expenses
Cash Back
Bonus Cash Back
Min. Spend

There’s no lack of cashback credit cards in Singapore. But as a general rule, the more attractive the rebate, the more troublesome the criteria and T&Cs.

If you’re sick of jumping through such hoops, consider signing up as an HSBC Advance customer for the HSBC Advance Credit Card as it promises either a straight 2.5% or 3.5% cashback on everything – no need to worry about categories or minimum spend.

Which cashback tier you get depends on your month’s expenses. Spend $2,000 or more and you get 3.5% cashback, otherwise it’s 2.5%.

If you’re not an HSBC Advance customer, the rebates go down by 1 percentage point, and the cap is also lower.

Key features:

  • To become an HSBC Advance customer, credit a monthly salary of at least $3,500 to an HSBC account
  • Spend $2,000 in a month and get 3.5% cashback on everything
  • If you spend below $2,000, you still get 2.5% cashback with no minimum spend
  • Cashback is capped at $125 for HSBC Advance customers
  • If you’re not an HSBC Advance customer, you get only 2.5% (>$2,000) or 1.5% (<$2,000) cashback, and it’s capped at $70 instead

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $40,000 (foreigner)
  • Or fixed deposit of $10,000
  • Annual fee: $180 (waived perpetually for HSBC Advance customers; waived for first year for all others)


HSBC Revolution Card – all-purpose rewards / miles card

HSBC logo
Earn Points for Everyday Spending
S$1= 10 Points
S$1= 4 Miles
Min. Spend

The HSBC Revolution Credit Card isn’t the fastest way to earn air miles or rewards points, but it’s still an awesome card. For modest spenders, you can get 2 miles per dollar on almost all your discretionary spending and then some.

Not only is there no minimum spending requirement, there’s also no cap on your rewards points! (Most rewards cards cap your points after you spend $1,000 or $2,000 a month.) If you tend to spend at random and don’t want a bank to dictate your spending habits, this is a real plus.

Key features:

  • Get 5X rewards ($1 = 2 miles) on almost everything online
  • Not limited to online shopping. Also includes travel bookings, food delivery, movie tickets, even insurance premiums
  • Can be used offline too as 5X rewards also apply to dining and entertainment
  • No expenditure cap
  • Use points to redeem air miles, vouchers, gadgets and gifts from HSBC rewards catalogue

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $40,000 (foreigner)
  • Or fixed deposit of $10,000
  • Annual fee: $150 (waived for two years)


HSBC Visa Platinum Card – cashback card for family necessities

HSBC logo
Cashback for Family Spending
Cash Back on Dining, Groceries, Petrol
Cash Back Cap per quarter
Min. Spend per month, per quarter

The HSBC Visa Platinum credit card gives you modest rebates on dining, groceries and petrol, so you can also use it as an all-purpose cashback card.

Card holders are also offered a wide selection of offers for the entire family to enjoy, such as 1-for-1 deals at restaurants as well as discounts on recreational activities for the whole family to get together and just have fun. They even include free lessons at tuition centres like The Learning Lab to cater to all those kiasu parents out there looking to pile up enrichment classes for their kids.

Key features:

  • Spend $600 a month to get 5% cashback on dining, groceries and petrol
  • Cashback cap of $250 per quarter, i.e. $83 a month

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $40,000 (foreigner)
  • Or fixed deposit of $10,000
  • Annual fee: $180 (waived for two years)


Other HSBC credit cards in Singapore

HSBC Visa Infinite Card: Privileges & miles card for high-income earners ($120,000 a year)

HSBC Premier Mastercard: By invite only cashback and perks credit card, for HSBC Premier customers only

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