Deliveroo vs Foodpanda vs GrabFood – Which Food Delivery Service in Singapore is Best?

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Remember those days when you would actually step out of your house to buy food when you were hungry? Me neither. Ever since food delivery services appeared on the scene, they’ve been a huge hit in convenience-obsessed Singapore. Why bother to brave the heat and humidity when there’s Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and GrabFood

To be completely honest, I love that the food delivery scene in Singapore is booming right now. Even with Honestbee’s recent exit, we still have 3 major players in competition, which means more promo codes for my lazy lunches!

But with that many players in the game, it’s always a dilemma which one you should support. Here’s a comparison of their minimum order, delivery fees and current credit card promotions, so you can decide for yourself.


Food delivery services in Singapore 2019

Food delivery service Min. order / delivery fee Unique selling points
Deliveroo Small order fee of up to $5 for orders under $12, $3 to $5 delivery fee and $0.20 service fee $14.90 subscription service where you get unlimited orders with no delivery fees
Foodpanda Depends on restaurant Only service with cash payment
GrabFood No min. order. $2 delivery fee Only service with McDonald’s. Can pay by GrabPay and earn GrabRewards


Deliveroo – most user-friendly all-round

  • No min. order, but small order fee of up to $5 applies for orders under $12
  • Delivery fee varies from $3 to $5 depending on distance and time to deliver 
  • Many ongoing promotions & card tie-ups
  • Monthly subscription service at $14.90 a month where you get unlimited food orders with no delivery fees

Deliveroo once ruled the food delivery scene, but they’ve since lost a bit of their lead as Foodpanda caught up in terms of partner restaurants and GrabFood launched with a $0 minimum spend.

Thankfully, Deliveroo is fighting hard to keep their crown. They’re still reasonably generous with promo codes and credit card tie-ups with banks, and since February 2019, they’ve scrapped the minimum spend criterion of $12, but if you fall below $12, you’d have to pay a small order fee of up to $5 for orders under $12.

With that change, they also introduced a $0.20 service charge as well as a dynamic delivery fee instead of the static $3 that users used to pay. The delivery fee could be lower or higher than $3 depending on the distance and the time required to deliver the order. You can only see the delivery fee after you add your order into your basket and view, which can be a little annoying as you would need to check it repeatedly to make sure you’re not paying exorbitant delivery fees.

All that considered, it’s no surprise that local foodies are still on Deliveroo. There is also a lot of online feedback that praise the app for being easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. But the food delivery app has also received backlash for quietly adding on fees earlier this year.

If you’re a frequent Deliveroo user, it pays to sign up for Deliveroo Plus, its monthly subscription service at $14.90 a month that offers unlimited orders with no delivery fees, increased from $10.90. There’s a 7-day free trial you can use to see if you really need it.

Deliveroo credit card promotions & promo codes

As with most promotions, discounts are the best for new users. If you’re an existing user, don’t despair, you can still get good deals. 

Credit card / membership Credit card promotions & other promo codes Validity
Maybank MBMAY19, MBJUN19, MBJUL19 for May, June and July 2019 respectively. Valid for existing Deliveroo customers who pay with a Maybank credit card 31 July 2019
UOB New customers get $4 off first 3 orders with code UOB19NEW.
Existing customers get $4 off orders with MAYUOB19, JUNUOB19
31 July 2019
HSBC Enjoy $5 off with minimum spend of $20 with promo code HSBC19MAY and HSBC19JUN 30 June 2019
Deliveroo Enjoy $4 off the first 3 orders with minimum spend of $21 with promo code SG19HSBC 30 June 2019


Foodpanda – Only food service with cash payment

  • Min. order and delivery fees vary depending on restaurant
  • Only delivery service to accept cash on delivery

Foodpanda is also the only food delivery service to allow cash on delivery, which is great for those uncomfortable with online payment.

The minimum order and delivery fee vary from restaurant to restaurant like in Deliveroo but the good thing about Foodpanda is that you can see all the delivery fees upfront whereas for Deliveroo, you can only see the delivery fee for your order after you add it to your basket, which means you have to keep checking by clicking “view basket”.

I also like that you can checkout with a guest account (no sign-up needed).

I’ve personally not had any bad experiences with Foodpanda, but for some reason Foodpanda draws a bit of flak online for poor service. I’d take it with a pinch of salt though.

Foodpanda credit card promotions & promo codes

The most notable Foodpanda promos are from DBS since the minimum spend is the lowest. But the promotion is only limited to the first 2,000 redemptions per month. 

Credit card / membership Credit card promotions & other promo codes Validity
DBS 20% off with minimum spend of $25
Promo code: First 3 letters of the month + DBS + first 6 digits of your DBS/POSB Debit or Credit Card number (e.g. APRDBS123456)
1st 2,000 redemptions per month
UOB 15% off with minimum spend of $40
Promo code: UOB15 + first 3 letters of the month + first 6 digits of UOB Card number (e.g. UOB15APR123456)
Monday to Friday until 30 June 2019
UOB 10% off with minimum spend of $60
Promo code: Use code UOB10 + first 3 letters of the month + first 6 digits of UOB Card number (e.g. UOB10APR123456)
Every Sat and Sun until 30 June 2019
Citibank 20% off with minimum spend of $45
Use code CITI19 + first 3 letters of the month + first 6 digits of your Citi Card number (e.g: CITI19APR123456)
Until 31 May 2019


GrabFood – No minimum order, able to use GrabPay and earn rewards

  • No minimum order
  • $2 delivery fee
  • No desktop version, app only
  • Earn Grab Rewards to redeem transport vouchers

The latest to join the fray is GrabFood, which was on its own separate app but has now integrated within the main Grab app.

Compared to Foodpanda and Deliveroo, GrabFood is a relatively new platform so it seems like the number of the restaurants is smaller, but it is steadily increasing. One thing we’ve noticed is that compared to the other two food delivery platforms, there are many in-app promotions within GrabFood, such as Try Me Free (meaning free delivery), item discounts and complimentary sides.

For avid GrabCar riders, Grab may be a good food delivery option since you can earn 5X Grab Rewards points for every dollar spent. You can also use GrabPay if you already have credits. GrabFood is the only platform with McDonald’s on board, but I wouldn’t consider it that much of an edge – especially since McDelivery’s been doing this a lot longer than Grab.

GrabFood credit card promotions & promo codes

GrabFood seems to be the only player without any bank tie-ups and promo codes, but there are still some attractive non-partner promo codes.


Credit card / membership Credit card promotions & other promo codes Validity
NEEDTO8 to get $8 off 2 orders with a minimum spend of $10 (up to $20) 1 June 2019 


[Update 21 May 2019: As of 20 May 2019, Honestbee no longer offers food delivery services.]

Honestbee – Mos Burger and free delivery 

  • Limited restaurants, but curated and taste-tested by the team
  • Min. spend $10
  • Free delivery until further notice (usual $2.50)
  • Referral promo: $10 off $10.01 (referrer) / $10 off $20 (new user)
  • New user promo: $12 off min $20 with promo code 12FIRST

Honestbee is slightly different from the rest in the sense that the limited number of restaurants is almost intentional. Honestbee prides itself on taste-testing every restaurant on the app to ensure only “delicious” makes it to your doorstep.

The usual delivery fee is $2.50 – which is quite low to begin with – but delivery is free until further notice (yay!). Honestbee is also the only platform with Mos Burger.

At the moment, Honestbee has the best referral and new user promotions. It’s the best when you successfully refer a friend – you get $10 off any order above $10 (which is the minimum spend anyway).

Honestbee credit card promotions & promo codes

Honestbee has limited promotions, but it’s better than nothing. 

Credit card / membership Credit card promotions & other promo codes Validity
DBS/POSB via Shopback    Up to 6% cashback via shopback.sg/dbs-promo (new users only)  31 Dec 2018
DBS/POSB via Shopback    4% cashback via shopback.sg/dbs-promo  31 Dec 2018

Which is your favourite food delivery service in Singapore? Tell us in the comments below!


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