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Best OCBC Credit Cards in Singapore – Credit Card Reviews 2019

Best OCBC Credit Cards Review

Back when people actually shopped at Orchard Road — you know, instead of just checking out clothes, shoes and books before buying them online — chances are you saw purchases charged to OCBC credit cards.

Fast forward to today, they’ve rather lost their market share. Most of OCBC’s credit cards are not going to bowl you over with INSANE benefits, but if you look closely you might find one that’s suitable for you.

Here’s a comparison of the best OCBC credit cards in Singapore.


Best OCBC credit cards in Singapore 2019

OCBC credit card Key benefits
OCBC 90°N Card Miles card with generous earn rate for travel spending & no expiry
OCBC 365 Card All-rounded cashback card for dining, groceries, utilities, Grab, petrol
OCBC FRANK Card Stylish cashback card for online shopping, movies, cafes, nightlife
OCBC Titanium Card 10X rewards card for wide range of online & offline shopping
OCBC / NTUC Plus! Card Cashback at NTUC FairPrice, Cheers, Esso, Caltex, Popular


OCBC 90°N Card — no-expiry air miles credit card 

OCBC has just launched the 90°N Card, and it’s quite solid as far as miles cards go. There’s a very generous promotional earn rate for overseas and travel bookings all the way until 29 Feb 2020.

Even after the promo ends, it’s still a good miles card, since there’s no expiry on the miles earned, and conversion to miles is totally free. That’s pretty much a dream come true for frugal types who don’t mind earning miles slowly.

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Key features:

  • $1 = 1.2 miles locally
  • $1 = 4 miles overseas (until 29 Feb 2020) / 2.1 miles thereafter
  • $1 = 8 miles on travel bookings (until 29 Feb 2020)
  • $1 = 4 miles on flights, duty free shopping, Spotify, Netflix (until 29 Feb 2020)
  • Miles have no expiry, no conversion fee, can be converted in blocks of 1,000
  • No minimum spend, no cap

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $45,000 (foreigner)
  • Annual fee: $192.60 (waived for two years)


OCBC 365 Card — all-rounded cashback for daily expenses

The OCBC 365 credit card is OCBC’s entrant in the highly competitive cashback credit card market. It doesn’t offer the absolute highest rebates around, but the spending categories are wide enough to cover most of what typical young Singaporeans spend on.

The recently-revised OCBC 365 card now includes bonus rebates for food delivery services like Deliveroo and FoodPanda (6% under dining), as well as online supermarkets like RedMart (3% under groceries), presumably to target the younger, more internet savvy generation.

The minimum spend is on the high side, but on the other hand, there’s a reasonably high cashback cap of $80.

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Key features:

  • Get 6% on dining and 3% on online travel bookings, groceries, telco and electricity bills and public transport
  • Use the OCBC 365 at Caltex for up to 23% savings
  • Minimum spend $800 a month
  • Cashback cap of $80 a month

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $45,000 (foreigner)
  • Annual fee: $192.60 (waived for two years)


OCBC Frank Card — online & entertainment cashback for millennials

One of the most stylish credit cards in Singapore, the OCBC FRANK Card is obviously aimed at the millennial crowd.

If you spend at least $100 each weekend hanging out (watching movies, chilling out at Starbucks, having a drink or two) this card would be perfect for you.

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Key features:

  • Use this card for your weekend chillout sessions to get 5% cashback and hit the minimum offline spend of $400
  • Get 6% cashback on all online spend including shopping, travel, Grab, and etc.
  • Cashback capped at $60

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $45,000 (foreigner)
  • Annual fee: $80 (waived for two years)


OCBC Titanium Card — best OCBC credit card for shopping

OCBC’s Titanium card is a great rewards card for families to use. You get points on categories like kids wear, personal care and electronics — all the stuff that really adds up when you run a household.

Plus, major online shopping sites like Amazon, Lazada and Taobao qualify for the bonus points too (10X rewards, or $1 = 4 miles) which makes it an excellent card for online shopping junkies.

I like that the expenditure cap is not monthly, but annual, so you can use it during an expensive transitional stage of life, like having a baby or moving house, and not worry about bursting a monthly cap.

Do note that the OCBC rewards catalogue isn’t much to shout about, but you can always use your points to redeem miles.

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Key features:

  • $1 = 4 miles on major e-commerce sites, fashion, department stores, electronics, kidswear, personal care (online and offline)
  • Annual expenditure cap of $12,000 — no need to worry about bursting monthly cap

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $45,000 (foreigner)
  • Annual fee: $192.60 (waived for two years)


OCBC Plus! Visa Card — cashback at NTUC FairPrice 

Strictly for die-hard supporters of NTUC FairPrice, the OCBC Plus! Visa credit card gives you decent rebates at NTUC FairPrice, although it’s not much good for anything else.

Unfortunately, you have to use it outside of NTUC in order to get the rebates, which makes no sense at all. And with competitor credit cards offering cashback on groceries with a lot less hoops to jump through, it would be downright silly to use this card unless you’re a hardcore NTUC fan.

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Key features:

  • Get 7% cashback at NTUC FairPrice and 3% on FairPrice Online
  • Use this card for up to save money at Caltex and Esso too
  • Minimum spend of $500 outside of FairPrice
  • NTUC members get upgraded to the NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card which has higher rebates

Essential info:

  • Minimum income: $30,000 (Singaporean & PR) / $45,000 (foreigner)
  • Annual fee: $80 (waived for two years)


Other OCBC credit cards

OCBC Robinsons Card: Instant rebates at Robinsons group of retailers

OCBC Voyage Card: Miles card for high earners ($120,000 a year)

OCBC Arts Credit Card: Up to 20% off on selected performances on Sistic

OCBC Best Denki Credit Card: 8% rewards at Best Denki

OCBC Platinum Credit Card: Basic rewards credit card

OCBC Cashflo Credit Card: Auto-instalment credit card

Do you use OCBC credit cards? Tell us why or why not in the comments!


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