Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore – From $14.99++ & up!

best japanese buffet singapore

Japanese buffets are wildly popular in Singapore because we love Japanese cuisine AND buffet spreads. There’s just something about free-flow sashimi, sushi and grilled meat that’s impossible to resist.

As it is, Japanese food is one of the most expensive cuisines in Singapore, so it’s not surprising that the buffets also typically cost a bomb – most charge at least $35++ per head for dinner.

Whether you want to save or splurge, here are some of the top Japanese buffet restaurants in Singapore – sorted by price so you can pick the best one for your budget.


Best Japanese buffet restaurants in Singapore (2019)

Japanese buffet Weekday price Weekend price Things to note
Hifumi $14.99++ to $19.99++ $14.99++ to $19.99++ Appetiser buffet with every main course (chawanmushi, gyoza and more)
Hamburg Keisuke $18.80++ to $20.80++ $18.80++ to $20.80++ Salad bar buffet with every main course (soba, omelettes and more)
Yakiniku Ohji $19.80+ to $42.90+ $19.80+ to $42.90+ Choose from Japanese BBQ or sushi buffet
Kiseki $22.80++ lunch, $33.80++ dinner $29.80++ lunch, $39.80++ dinner
Kushin Bo $36.90++ lunch, $54.90++ dinner $38.90++ lunch, $58.90++ dinner 60-min weekday lunch special available at $25.90++
Irodori Japanese Restaurant $38.80++ $38.80++
Mitsuba $41.90++ $41.90++
Ikoi $38++ $38++
Shin Yuu $39.90++ lunch, $52.90++ dinner $39.90++ lunch, $52.90++ dinner
Shin Minori $43.90++ $43.90++ Can upgrade buffet to include free flow beverages ($49.90++) or alcohol ($59.90++)
Tenkaichi $29.90++ to $59.90++ lunch, $34.90++ to $64.90++ dinner Add $5++ to the weekday prices Price match guarantee for wagyu beef buffets



Alright, so Hifumi doesn’t offer a full Japanese buffet spread, so it’s a bit “cheater” to place it on this list. But come on, let’s be real – no Japanese restaurant’s going to offer you an all-you-can-eat for this price, okay?


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Hifumi is a casual Japanese diner that offers free-flow appetisers with every main course ordered ($14.99++ to $19.99++). And lest you assume they only give your free veggies, we’ll have you know that the appetisers are actually quite impressive.

March’s menu includes chawanmushi, gyoza, pork belly nabe and more, but do note that the dishes change every month. You may refer to their Facebook page for the latest updates.


Hamburg Steak Keisuke

Hamburg Steak Keisuke is another salad bar-buffet (not full buffet), but I’m including it anyway because the free-flow stuff seems to be even more popular than the main course.

There are only 2 main course options of hamburger steaks ($18.80++ or $20.80++), and both will give you access to the glorious salad buffet.


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Must-try items from the buffet spread include the seasoned bean sprouts, tamago-taki (omelette), okonomiyaki, tan tan men salad and more. There are over 20 dishes in total.

The restaurant’s full name is Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, and it is part of the Keisuke chain of restaurants. The others also have free-flow appetisers, but for most, it is limited to just beansprouts and hard-boiled eggs.


Yakiniku Ohji

Yakiniku Ohji is a small chain of Japanese buffet restaurants, but the outlets at Ang Mo Kio and Clementi are the cheapest.

Yakiniku Ohji is a Japanese BBQ grill buffet, and there are several tiers of the buffet options – $19.80+, $29.80+ and $42.90+.


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The difference lies in the dishes offered: basically, the cheapest one has no beef, the mid-tier one has Angus and US tenderloin beef, and the fanciest one has all that, plus beef tongue, harami skirt steak and inner kalbi.


Kiseki Japanese buffet restaurant

Kiseki is probably the first restaurant that comes to mind when you think of affordable Japanese restaurants, but even then, it’s not cheap enough to be a daily dinner kind of thing either.

In fact, only the lunch buffet prices qualify as “cheap” (under $30).


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The pricing is as follows: $22.80++ for weekday lunch, $29.80++ for weekend lunch, $33.80++ for weekday dinner and $39.80++ for weekend dinner.

The buffet spread has fresh seafood, grilled meat, yakitori, hot pot, and more. Don’t expect it to be super delicious though – many reviews say that the food is just “meh”, which is expected for the price.


Kushin Bo

Kushin Bo is well loved for their buffet spread of sushi, sashimi and of course, snow crabs. Those are all expensive stuff, so you can’t expect a meal here to be all that cheap.

It’s $36.90++ (weekday) / $38.90++ (weekend) for lunch and a whopping $54.90++ (weekday) / $58.90++ (weekend) for dinner.


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If you look at these prices, it does belong in the next tier of atas restaurants… BUT Kushin Bo has a weekday lunch special that’s only $25.90++, which is super worth it.

The only catch is that you can only eat for 60 minutes.


Irodori Japanese buffet restaurant

Irodori is located within Four Points by Sherton, and is an a la carte buffet featuring ingredients imported from all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, Norway & Europe).


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The buffet price is set at $38.80++ all day, every day. That makes it relatively expensive for lunch but actually cheap for dinner.

Most restaurants charge $45++ and up for a comparable spread of fresh sashimi, seafood and more.



Like Irodori, Mitsuba only has one price, $43.90++. So same thing – going there for dinner is the most worth it.


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Also an a la carte buffet, Mitsuba has over 150 dishes for you to choose from, including sushi, sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki and more.

You may browse the full menu on their website here.


Ikoi Japanese restaurant

Ikoi is super popular Japanese buffet restaurant, and many bloggers recommend booking several days in advance.


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For $38++, there’s raw and cooked food, and while the grill is quite “meh”, the sashimi is fresh and tasty (it’s what most people go there for!).

Other must-try items include the selection of sushi, tempura and salmon skin temaki.


Shin Yuu Japanese restaurant

Located in a quaint neighbourhood at Bukit Timah, Shinyuu serves premium Japanese cuisine, which explains its above-average price tag.


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It’s $39.90++ for lunch – that’s like other restaurants’ dinner price! – and $52.90++ for dinner.

That said, you can probably eat your money’s worth if you go and whack all the expensive stuff, like tuna belly, for instance. Their servings are also generous, so don’t worry about skinny slices of sashimi.


Shin Minori

Shin Minori‘s flagship store is at UE Square, but they now have another outlet at Katong Square for the working crowd nearby.


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The buffet offers over 160 a la carte dishes of sashimi, sushi, temaki, teppanyaki and even side dishes like gyoza, pizza and etc. It’s also really easy to order via the tablet devices at every table, so there’s no need for you to flail around like an idiot trying to get the attention of the waiters.

The standard a la carte buffet is $43.90++. If you want, you can upgrade your buffet to include free flow beverages ($49.90++) or alcohol ($59.90++).



Tenkaichi has 2 tiers of BBQ buffet – deluxe and premium. The main difference is that the latter has wagyu beef, black pork, as well as several specialty dishes.

For the deluxe buffet, weekday prices are at $29.90++ for lunch and $34.90++ for dinner. For the premium, it’s $59.90++ (lunch) and $64.80++ (dinner). For Fri to Sun, add $5++.


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That’s pretty pricey, but the funny thing is that it’s actually competitive for the premium dishes they offer. They even have a price guarantee – find any other Japanese wagyu beef BBQ with a marbling score of at least 7+, and they’ll beat their price by 10%.

Did we miss out your favourite Japanese buffet restaurant in Singapore? Share your recommendations with us in the comments below!