Holland Village Cafe Price Guide 2019 – 10 Places for Coffee, Cakes & Ice-cream

holland village cafe

Cafe-hopping in Singapore is wallet-draining business. Paying $20 for a tiny cup of “artisanal” coffee and a plate of nutritionally unsound confectionery is part of the classic Singapore cafe experience.

So if your friends have suggested catching up at a Holland Village cafe, consider yourself warned – it’s not going to be cheap. But here’s a price guide to the 10 most popular Holland Village cafes, so you can decide on where you want to have your ice cream and coffee.

10 best Holland Village cafes & how much they cost

Holland Village cafe What’s on the menu Budget for coffee + cake/dessert
Island Creamery Ice cream, coffee Under $10
The Daily Scoop Ice-cream Under $10
Project Acai Acai bowls, smoothies Under $15
Baker and Cook Coffee, cakes, pastries $10 to $15
Tiong Bahru Bakery Coffee, cakes, pastries $10 to $15
Little Farms Coffee, acai bowl, brunch food $10 to $25
Gastronomia Coffee, cakes, ice cream $15 to $20
Sunday Folks Ice cream $15 to $20
Breko Coffee, ice cream, brunch food $15 to $25
2:AM Dessert Bar Ice cream, artisan desserts $20 to $30

Island Creamery

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I’ve spent many post-break up meltdowns binge eating ice cream at Island Creamery‘s now-closed King Albert Park outlet, so forgive me if I sound slightly biased. This particular brand has a special place in my heart.

To everyone else, Island Creamery is simply known for being the first ice cream parlour to serve local flavours – think teh tarik, pulut hitam, Horlicks and my favourite Ping Pong Milo (Milo ice cream with marshmallows). A single scoop costs $3.80, while a double is $5.80.

Many foodies come here for the frozen cakes too – I personally love the mini baked Alaska ($6.50).

Address: 19 Lorong Liput
Tel: 6468 8859


The Daily Scoop

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It’s an unspoken rule that after having dinner at Holland Village, you must have ice cream. There are quite a few options to satiate your sweet tooth, and The Daily Scoop is one of them.

The ice cream comes in 3 sizes: junior ($2.50), single scoop ($3.80) and double scoop ($6.80). If you want a waffle or brownie topped with ice cream, it’s $7.80.

Chocolate, strawberry and cookies & cream are safe choices, but if you want something a little more unique, make sure you try the Cha Earl Grey, Maple Crisp and Mao Shan Wang.

Address: 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-78
Tel: 6475 3128


Project Acai

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For the uninitiated, an acai bowl typically features a smoothie (of acai and other fruits), granola, nuts and other superfood toppings. The reason why it’s so popular is because it’s basically guilt-free “ice cream” – the fruits are blended to have a texture like everyone’s favourite frozen dessert.

At Project Acai, there are 3 sizes of acai bowls – handy ($6.80), medium ($9.30) and large ($14.50). Additional toppings are chargeable at $0.50 to $1+, but most of the bowls already come with tons of toppings like banana, granola and chia seeds, so it’s quite unnecessary. There’s also an option for vegan granola.

The signature bowl is the Original Flower Bowl, which has a blended acai base and 14 toppings. It’s also the only one that comes in the $6.80 handy size, the rest only come in medium and up.

If you just want a thirst-quencher, grab a smoothie ($8.50). There’s even one with cold brew coffee (Coffee American-No)!

Address: 27 Lorong Liput


Baker and Cook

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At MoneySmart, Baker & Cook is better known as Mark‘s breakfast hideout. (He goes there for the Banana Man Smoothie ($9.50).)

Most patrons (who are not Mark) get their morning coffee here. Hot coffees are around $4 to $5, but the iced ones are $6.30 to $6.90. That’s about the same price as Starbucks, except Baker and Cook serves Allpress coffee from New Zealand… Think about that the next time you order a Java Chip frap.

There’s also a wide selection of tarts and cakes from $4 to $6 each. Baker & Cook has a full menu of brunch and all-day dining mains ($11.50 to $19) too.

Address: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-56
Tel: 6472 0998


Tiong Bahru Bakery

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Despite its name – I legit thought they sold char siew baosTiong Bahru Bakery is the place for atas French pastries, breads and cakes.

The hero product is the kouign amann ($3.80) which is a glazed butter and sugar bread-cake thing. They’ve also got the regular stuff like the butter croissant ($3.20), baguette ($4.20) and vanilla cream ($7.20). Another popular one is the lemon curd tart ($6.50).

Drinks-wise, you can get your caffeine fix here for around $5.50 to $8, depending on what you get. In total, a beverage + light bite should set you back about $10 to $15.

Address: 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-74
Tel: 6877 4868


Little Farms

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If you didn’t know, Little Farms is actually primarily a marketplace selling imported meats and fresh produce from ethical sources. Not sure what that means? Don’t sweat it – just know that if you drop bombs like “organic”, “sustainable” and “non-GMO” in everyday conversation, you’ll love Little Farms.

As you’d expect, the food in their in-house cafe isn’t cheap. Sandwiches are $6 to $8, while the more popular yogurt and fruit bowls are $12 to $15. Other signature items include the Acai Bowl ($15), Steak & Eggs ($24) and Buttermilk Pancakes ($17).

Breakfast items are served from 7:30am to 5pm. There’s also an all-day menu of Western cafe food, including heartier pastas and meats ($20 to $26).

Address: No. 3 Lorong Liput, #01-04/05/06 Singapore 277725
Tel: 6365 2557


Da Paolo Gastronomia

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Da Paolo Gastronomia is an Italian deli popular among expats. It’s actually a full restaurant with pizza, pasta, lasagna and risotto, but it’s probably better known for its awesome pastries, cakes and gelato.

The homemade gelato comes in 2 sizes, mini (1 flavour, $6.90) and regular (2 flavours, $8.90), and it +$1.80 for a cone. Non-frozen desserts to try include the lemon pound cake ($3.90), mini cup cakes ($4.50 or $8.50 for 2), and the meringues ($5.20).

The Italian coffees here cost $4.50 to $6.90 for hot ones, and up to $8.90 if you want them iced.

Address: 118 Holland Ave, Raffles Holland V #01-06
Tel: 6475 1323


Sunday Folks

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To be frank, I’m losing count of all the ice cream shops in Holland Village. What makes Sunday Folks different is that they sell soft-serve ice cream rather than scoops, and you can get it in a cone, cup or on waffles.

Most people go for the Earl Grey Lavender ice cream and the Sea Salt Gula Melaka flavour, which is my favourite to pair with the handmade gula melaka mochi. Waffles with ice cream is $12, and cakes by the slice are $8.

Address: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-52
Tel: 6479 9166



holland village cafe

Alright, so like Gastronomia, Breko is more like a restaurant than cafe. But if it’s coffee, cakes and dessert that you’re looking for, Breko is nonetheless a good choice.

A simple cuppa will cost between $3 to $5, while fancier blends like mocha, caramel latte and hazelnut latte are $5.50. Most of these come iced too, but are slightly more expensive at $5 to $6.90 each. Keeping off caffeine because it’s past 5pm? Try the Nutella hot chocolate ($5.50) or flavoured milkshakes ($6.50).

The desserts are under $15, with the cheapest one being affogato ($6.90 for 2 scoops of ice cream and a shot of espresso). Also try the homemade dark chocolate brownie with ice cream ($9.90).

The non-dessert menu has brunch food (pancakes, eggs, sandwiches and more) ranging from $13.50 to $17.90 and mains (pasta, ribs, steak and other meat dishes) from $14.50 to $18.50.

Address: 38 Lor Mambong
Tel: 6468 4424


2:am Dessert Bar

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Get ready to eat atas desserts with your pinky in the air – 2:am Dessert Bar by Janice Wong is perhaps one of the most expensive cafes in Holland Village, with artisan desserts costing as much as a main course elsewhere ($15 to $24).

If you’re planning to head to 2:am, I don’t recommend simply picking out the cheapest dessert (which, by the way, is the ice cream that’s $15 for 3 flavours). You’re already there, so you might as well just splurge on the ones you want. There are great reviews for the chocolate H20 ($22), tiramisu ($18) and blueberry fig ($24).

Address: 21A Lorong Liput
Tel: 6291 9727


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