Chateraise Singapore Menu – 25 Cheapest Chateraise Cakes & Ice Cream

chateraise singapore menu 2018

Ask any Singaporean to name their favourite cheap dessert and you’re likely to hear cheng tng or bubur cha cha, not fluffy strawberry cakes, Hokkaido milk ice cream and matcha chocolates. But that’s exactly what you’ll find at Japanese cake shop Chateraise. (“Chaterai-SAY”)

Inspired by this r/Singapore thread, in which Redditors collectively lose their shit over unbelievably cheap Chateraise cakes and ice cream, we decided to check out several Chateraise outlets to see what kind of bargains they have. You know, for science.


Chateraise Singapore menu – 25 cheapest Chateraise cakes & ice cream

Type Chateraise menu item Price
Ice cream Chocolat Banana Ice Bar / Orange Pulp Ice Bar $0.80
Ice cream Chocolat / Rum Raisin / Coffee Milk / Vanilla Milk / Chocolate Mint / Matcha / Strawberry Milk Ice Bar $1.20
Dango Mitarashi Dango $1.20
Ice cream Jersey Milk Ice Bar / Chocolate Bucky Chocolate Ice Cream $1.50
Ice cream Yatsugatake Contracted Farmer Freshly Milked Monaka $1.50
Frozen jelly Frozen Jelly Grape / Mango $1.50
Pastry Bun of Fried Dough Cookies $1.60
Pastry Mochi Cream Matcha / Chocolate / Mont Blanc $1.70
Cake Fluffy Clouds Chiffon / Fluffy Bouchee Kyoto Uji Matcha / Uji Matcha Bouchee $1.90
Cream puff Double Fantasy Original / Coffee / Matcha / Chocolate $1.90
Dorayaki Fresh Cream Dorayaki $1.90
Cake Fluffy Cream Roll Original $1.90
Pastry Bun Filled with Chestnut $2.10
Ice cream Taiyaki Ice Cream Vanilla $2.20
Cake Fluffy Cream Roll Japanese Peach $2.20
Ice cream Deep Kyoto Uji Matcha Monaka $2.20
Ice cream Steamed Bun of Milk Ice Cream $2.20
Ice cream Ice Macaron Berry / Caramel Macchiato / Pistachio $2.20
Ice cream Hokkaido Butter / Belgium Chocolat Serve Ice Cream $2.20
Ice cream Purete Uji Matcha Ice Bar $2.50
Dorayaki Dorayaki Brown Sugar Syrup / Chestnuts / Butter $2.50
Frozen cake Hokkaido Fresh Cream Strawberry Shortcake $2.80
Ice cream From the Farm Ice Cream Madagascan Vanilla / Belgian Chocolate $3.50
Frozen cake Hokkaido Fermented Butter Cookie Sand Rum Raisin $4.20
Chocolate La Pur Cube Matcha / Nama Chocolate $8.50


Chocolat Banana Ice Bar ($0.80) & Coffee Milk / Vanilla Milk / Chocolate Mint Ice Bar ($1.20)


When we visited the nearest Chateraise outlet on a weekday, we saw a suburban mom and her toddlers scooping what looked like 30 of these ice cream bars into a freezer bag. Naturally, we poked our noses into the ice cream chiller and…


When was the last time YOU saw $0.80 ice cream? Not since policemen wore shorts right? And those were the “potong” red bean ice cream kind, not legit Japanese dairy products.


Orange Pulp Ice Bar ($0.80) & Hokkaido Butter / Belgium Chocolat Serve Ice Cream ($2.20)


According to said Reddit thread, Chateraise’s Orange Pulp Ice Bar ($0.80) is such a cult fave that it’s always sold out. Guess we were lucky to have spotted a freshly-refilled tub of them.

It’s also worth highlighting the Hokkaido Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream ($2.20). Yes, it really does taste like butter. A definite upgrade from McDonalds’ ice cream cones for sure.


Mitarashi Dango ($1.20)


All right, so Chateraise isn’t the only place to sell mitarashi dango – little balls of grilled mochi covered in a sweet soy sauce glaze. Don Don Donki also sells these at 3 skewers for $3.90. Still, if we’re talking about per skewer price, Chateraise’s dango is still the cheapest (and some say the best too).


Chocolat / Rum Raisin Bar ($1.20) & Jersey Milk Ice Bar / Chocolate Bucky Chocolate Ice Cream ($1.50)


More ice cream bars. If you were wondering how the prices here compare to elsewhere, here’s a quick comparison vs Meiji…

B.C. (Before Chateraise), Japanese ice cream lovers had to buy Meiji ice bars from the supermarket. These are still retailing at $7.50 per box of 4, and Redmart has a promo at $9.95 for 2 boxes (i.e. 8 ice bars). At promotional price, that works out to $1.25 per bar, which is still a bit more expensive than the Chateraise ones – not to mention inconvenient for eating on the go.

The key difference is in flavours. There’s some overlap of common flavours like matcha and red bean, but Meiji has melon and cookies & cream while Chateraise doesn’t.

On the other hand, Chateraise has TONS of flavours that Meiji doesn’t, like banana, orange pulp, coffee, Jersey milk, vanilla milk, chocolate mint, rum & raisin and strawberry milk.


Premium Matcha / Strawberry Milk Ice Bar ($1.20) & Purete Uji Matcha ($2.50)


Apart from creamy as hell Japanese dairy products, Chateraise also specialises in matcha flavours. You can trust a Japanese company to do proper matcha ice cream, not that weak-ass Haagen Dazs crap.

If you’re seriously obsessed with matcha ice cream, know that Chateraise’s matcha ice bars aren’t the cheapest you can get if you’re willing to stock them in your freezer. Consider trying Toyo Uji Matcha Ice Bar (6 for $4.90 = $0.82 per stick) and the Meiji Tsujiri Matcha Ice Bar (7 for $7.12 = $1.02 per stick) too.


Frozen Jelly Grape / Mango ($1.50)


Sorry, frozen jelly isn’t quite as exciting as ice cream, but I thought I’d throw this in here for the lactose-intolerant.


Yatsugatake Contracted Farmer Freshly Milked Monaka ($1.50)


Who doesn’t love a Contracted Farmer Freshly Milked dessert? Here’s what Redditor _meL- had to say about this item:

“ABSOLUTELY the milk ice cream wafer with the CONDENSED MILK CENTER.

Seriously, NOTHING BEATS THAT for me. Oh my goodness, the milk ice cream is literally perfect ?? And the condensed milk center JUST MAKES IT EVEN BETTER

You have no idea how much I love it”

For what it’s worth, this appears to be one of the cheapest monaka (ice cream wafer sandwich) available in Singapore. Japanese supermarkets like Kuriya typically sell them at $3 a piece.

I did find a cheaper one from a brand called Toyo, which is 5 for $5.50 on Redmart, but the wafer is in a different style.


Bun of Fried Dough Cookies ($1.60) & Bun Filled with Chestnut ($2.10)


I haven’t tried these babies, but I have a feeling they’re similar to the famous chick-shaped Hiyoko pastries that everyone buys back from Japan. Now Chateraise just needs to come up with a Tokyo Banana Cake and no one will ever need to go to Japan.


Mochi Cream Matcha / Chocolate / Mont Blanc ($1.70)


Um, normally I don’t like mochi, but mochi with MONT BLANC filling for $1.70? Sign me the hell up.


Fluffy Clouds Chiffon / Fluffy Bouchee Kyoto Uji Matcha / Uji Matcha Bouchee ($1.90)


I’m not sure about these Chateraise cake names. Fluffy Clouds Chiffon, I can understand. Fluffy Bouchee Kyoto Uji Matcha is, erm, a little oblique, but the diagram is helpful.

I have no idea what Uji Matcha Bouchee ~ In Azuki Amanattou ~ is, but it sure sounds like a delicious $1.90 experiment.


Double Fantasy Original / Coffee / Matcha / Chocolate ($1.90)

chateraise-double-fantasy chateraise-double-fantasy-2

Here’s the famous Double Fantasy cream puff that Chateraise is best known for. I know… this is not a name you ever want to utter in front of your parents. Luckily, the ultra-light and not-too-sweet cream filling is totally PG-13.


Fresh Cream Dorayaki ($1.90)


If you don’t love dorayaki a.k.a. Doraemon’s favourite snack, you’re a heartless bitch who’s dead on the inside. This $1.90 version with fresh cream and Hokkaido red bean is a definite upgrade over the overly sweet ones that Four Leaves sells.


Fluffy Cream Roll Original ($1.90) / Japanese Peach ($2.20)


Okay, so basically these fluffy cream rolls are the same Swiss rolls you can buy from any neighbourhood bakery, but with a much higher “cream-to-cake ratio” (quoth Eugenia). The amount of fresh cream also means it’s more expensive than, say, Bengawan Solo Swiss rolls ($1.40 to $1.70 a slice), but that’s sort of like comparing apples and oranges.

FYI: these come in full-size rolls too. They cost $14 for original or mango and $17 for Japanese peach or chestnut.


Taiyaki Ice Cream Vanilla ($2.20)


Um, it’s ice cream and red bean paste in a fish-shaped wafer for mess-free eating. What more can you ask for?

$2.20 may seem steep for Chateraise standards, but considering that other prepackaged frozen taiyakis are going for as much as $3.45 a pack, it’s actually quite a steal.


Deep Kyoto Uji Matcha Monaka ($2.20)


I have no idea what “Deep Kyoto” refers to exactly, but $2.20 for a very gao matcha ice cream seems reasonable to me.


Steamed Bun of Milk Ice Cream ($2.20)


Part of the fun at Chateraise is figuring out what the hell these weird dessert names mean. It took a while, but we finally realised that this dessert mimics a red bean bao with milk ice cream for the bao part and red bean paste on the inside.


Ice Macaron Caramel Macchiato / Berry / Pistachio ($2.20) & From the Farm Premium Ingredients Ice Cream ($3.50)


Normal baked macarons are so “Mandarin Gallery taitai circa 2005”. These $2.20 ice macarons are the future.


Dorayaki Brown Sugar Syrup / Chestnuts / Butter ($2.50)


Ordinarily I’d pick the fluffier and cheaper fresh cream dorayaki over these, but Reddit commentor Shadowstrike has endorsed the butter dorayaki with this glowing review:

“It was so amazing at some point 3 different people in my family bought it independently on the same day and we had like 7 of them in the house.” 


Hokkaido Fresh Cream Strawberry Shortcake ($2.80) & Fermented Butter Cookie Sand Rum Raisin ($4.20)


*looks around shiftily*

*shovels entire shelf of $2.80 strawberry ice cream cake into basket*


La Pur Cube Matcha / Nama Chocolate ($8.50)


Cannot afford a $15 box of Royce Nama Chocolate? Chateraise does a Royce knockoff that’s almost half the price. Okay, it’s not as pretty or polished as Royce, but really, who cares? It’ll last all of 2 seconds in the office pantry anyway.


That’s only the tip of the Chateraise cake iceberg though…

Lest you come away with the wrong impression of Chateraise as the Daiso of Japanese dessert shops, I must emphasise that Chateraise Singapore also has a wide variety of sliced (from $3.90), individual (from $4.70) and whole cakes (from $20).

This is what the typical Chateraise cake selection looks like:






Chateraise outlets in Singapore (Jan 2019)

Are you foaming at the mouth already? Then you’ll be glad to know that there’s probably a Chateraise outlet near you – yes, even if you live in Punggol! Here’s a list of Chateraise outlets taken from their Facebook page:

  • Chateraise AMK Hub
  • Chateraise Compass One
  • Chateraise Causeway Point
  • Chateraise Changi City Point
  • Chateraise Chinatown Point
  • Chateraise City Square Mall 
  • Chateraise Clementi Mall
  • Chateraise Hillion Mall 
  • Chateraise ION Orchard
  • Chateraise Junction 8
  • Chateraise Jurong East
  • Chateraise Kampung Admiralty
  • Chateraise Liang Court
  • Chateraise Lot One
  • Chateraise North Point
  • Chateraise Novena Square 2
  • Chateraise Oasis Terrace
  • Chateraise Scotts
  • Chateraise Serangoon Nex
  • Chateraise Seletar Mall
  • Chateraise Singpost
  • Chateraise Sun Plaza 
  • Chateraise Tampines 1
  • Chateraise Toa Payoh HDB Hub

By the way, the only Chateraise outlet in Singapore with seating that I know of is the one at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. It’s tiny though:

_chateraise cafe 2

This Chateraise outlet also has a full-blown Chateraise Cafe, with drinks supposedly made from Hokkaido milk. Menu below:

_chateraise cafe

All other Chateraise Singapore outlets are takeaway-only. Happy shopping!


Did we miss out your favourite Chateraise cake or dessert? Heaven forbid. Tell us about it in the comments!