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I’m a 90s millennial who’s starting to realise that #adulting is more expensive than it seems on Instagram. When I’m not writing for MoneySmart, I’m usually playing with drain-dwelling stray cats or shopping at Sephora.

chinese new year 2019
Chinese New Year Budgeting (2022) – How Much Does It Cost To Follow Tradition?
As one half of a young, married couple who’s just moved into our own place, I am only just starting to realise that Chinese New Year costs a truckload of...
5 days ago
CNY flowers kumquat
CNY Plant & Flower Prices (2022) – Money Plant, Kumquat, Bamboo & More
As we slowly inch towards Chinese New Year, it’s not just the loud, cringe-y songs that are taking over Singapore. Festive plants and flowers like the money plant, lucky bamboo...
5 days ago
sembcorp electricity retailers
Singapore Electricity Price — Compare The 9 Best Electricity Price Plans (Jan 2022)
You can’t procrastinate forever — the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative has been in full swing for some time so if you haven’t already, it’s right about time to choose your...
7 January 2022
sp group electricity retailer
Open Electricity Market (OEM) Singapore – 10 Important Things to Know (Jan 22)
Until the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative in Singapore — launched in Nov 2018 — electricity supply was never something Singaporeans had to give much thought to. Singapore Power (SP Group)...
7 January 2022
new year resolutions
5 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Finances This 2022
If you had zero financial discipline in 2021, don’t worry – it’s already time to hit reset on those New Year resolutions. New year new you, right? Just try not...
31 December 2021
travel insurance claims
Travel Insurance Claims Guide — What to do, What Receipts to Keep and More
Nobody ever wants to make travel insurance claims unless they really, really have to. Why? Because it’s troublesome, lah. It’ll always be a hassle to fill up forms and rustle...
19 October 2021
citi lazada card review
Credit Cards
Citi Lazada Credit Card Review — Is It Only Good For Lazada Shoppers?
From the unexpectedly popular UOB KrisFlyer card to the newly introduced GrabPay credit card, there have been quite a few branded credit cards launched in the market. Here’s one more...
13 October 2021
cimb visa signature
Credit Cards
CIMB Visa Signature Credit Card – MoneySmart Review 2022
Once upon a time the CIMB Visa Signature was my favourite cashback credit card, but since the revision of the terms and conditions in June 2019, I cancelled my card....
27 September 2021
Citi PremierMiles Review
Credit Cards
Citi PremierMiles Card – MoneySmart Review 2022
The Citi PremierMiles Card has been in the spotlight for the longest time: It’s considered one of the most popular Citibank credit cards, and once upon a time, some even...
15 September 2021
vet clinics singapore
11 Popular Vet Clinics in Singapore and Their Prices (2022)
People always poke fun at pet parents, saying that furkids are like children, except they will never “grow up”, earn money and take care of you when you’re old. They’re...
10 September 2021
mattress singapore price guide 2018
Mattress Shopping in Singapore: The Complete Guide for First-Time Buyers
Most people don’t give much thought to the costs involved in buying a mattress in Singapore. After all, how often do we actually need to buy new ones? Not very...
22 August 2021
Cheap Furniture in Singapore – 9 Affordable Furniture Shops & Online Stores
Cheap Furniture in Singapore – 9 Affordable Furniture Shops & Online Stores
If you’re a new home owner, your “I can’t wait to decorate my house” excitement probably fizzled out the moment you started looking at the price tags of sofas and dining...
19 August 2021
apple music vs spotify
Apple Music vs Spotify vs YouTube Music: Which Music Streaming Subscription is Best?
Sometimes I chance upon 90s memes about how we used “share” songs over MSN messenger and load it into our mp3 players. All I can say is: Thank God for...
16 June 2021
Online Grocery Delivery - Masthead
Online Groceries in Singapore — Which Has The Cheapest Delivery Fees?
Online grocery shopping was already popular with lazy millennials, but now that Singapore is, once again, in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), with no dine-in allowed — older folks are starting...
18 May 2021
grabpay mastercard singapore
Credit Cards
GrabPay Card Review — 7 Things to Know About the GrabPay Mastercard
Tech unicorn Grab has taken e-wallets to the next level — last year, the homegrown company announced their newest launch, the GrabPay Mastercard. This includes a digital card, as well...
11 May 2021
nsf ns singapore pay salary allowance
National Service in Singapore — NSF Ranks, Pay and Other Benefits
I’ve obviously never served National Service (NS), but from what I gather, it’s pretty serious business. I’ve seen my male peers transform from innocent Ah Boys to grown-up Men who can...
24 March 2021
netflix subscription fee singapore
9 TV Streaming Services in Singapore: Netflix, Disney Plus & More
I’m at that stage in life when everyone around me is getting married and moving into new homes, and I can safely say that TV streaming services have officially taken...
12 March 2021
GOMO giga singtel starhub singapore telco
Singtel GOMO vs StarHub giga vs M1 & Other SIM-Only Data Plans in Singapore
Telcos in Singapore are still at war — and it’s not just among the 3 giants.  In March 2019, Singtel launched a 20GB for $20 SIM-only plan under GOMO, a...
27 January 2021
counselling singapore depression
Counselling in Singapore — Free & Affordable Help for Mental Healthcare
We’re always joking about slaving our lives away, but that’s only because it’s true — very often, living, studying and working in Singapore can feel like being in a pressure...
15 January 2021
black friday 2018
10 Best Black Friday Sales in Singapore (2020)
I want to say that Black Friday is the one annual shopping event that everyone saves up for, but let’s be real -— our bank accounts are kinda still bleeding...
24 November 2020
Compilation of Updated Savings Account Interest Rates Amid Covid-19 Recession (July 2020)
Savings Accounts
Compilation of Updated Savings Account Interest Rates Amid Covid-19 Recession (July 2020)
In case you haven’t got the memo, the world is in recession. Last month, the U.S. Federal Reserve slashed their rates to almost zero in a desperate bid to shore up...
2 July 2020
shopee promo code singapore
Shopee Promo Codes & Credit Card Discounts in Singapore (2020)
Be it Shopee or anywhere else, as long as it’s an online shopping platform, you had better first Google for promo codes. If you can’t find any, then boycott them...
2 July 2020
Dengue Fever in Singapore — Symptoms, Insurance & Treatment Costs
Dengue Fever in Singapore — Symptoms, Insurance & Treatment Costs
Everyone is worrying about the novel coronavirus outbreak, but there’s another virus that’s spreading on the down low — dengue fever. As of June 2020, there are already more than 12,000...
23 June 2020
mortgage singapore floating rates
Home Loans
U.S. Fed Rates Slashed, SIBOR Plunges: What Does That Mean For 2020 Mortgage Rates in Singapore?
2019 was the year of SIBOR’s recovery, but the recent emergency fed rate cut has officially tipped the scales. The Federal Reserve interest rate were cut by half a percentage...
2 June 2020
Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: An Updated List of CCB Measures and Fines
Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: An Updated List of CCB Measures and Fines
Maybe one day I’ll be mature enough to not giggle at it, but as of now, I’m really tickled by how everyone is embracing the term “CCB”, which now stands...
21 April 2020