Affordable Omakase in Singapore for Under $100? It’s Possible at These 6 Japanese Restaurants

affordable omakase restaurants singapore

If you need further proof that Singaporeans are dead serious about dining, consider the fact that bento lunches or, worse, Australian-style sushi rolls, are not considered real Japanese food. And Sakae sushi? Pfft.

No, if you want to enjoy the best Japanese food in Singapore, you’ve got to sit down to no less than an omakase meal. “Omakase” basically means the chef decides what you eat (and no, that fastfood chain Omakase Burger has nothing to do with actual omakase).

Omakase in Singapore is typically practised only at higher end restaurants, resulting in a meal that could span over 10 courses… and make you cry when the bill arrives.

But at these 6 Japanese restaurants, you can enjoy affordable omakase experiences in Singapore.


6 affordable omakase restaurants in Singapore

Omakase restaurants Courses Price
Ryo Sushi 10 course $18 (only 18 sets)
Takujo Japanese Fine Dining 7 course $58
Teppei Omakase 17 course $80
Osaka Kitchen 9 course $80
Fukusen 5 course $80
Mikawa Japanese Sake Bar & Restaurant 9 to 10 courses $80

*Prices are exclusive of GST and service charge


Ryo Sushi Omakase ($18)

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This tiny restaurant does not look like a typical faux-traditional sushi joint, and you definitely won’t see any kitschy bonsai trees at the entrance.

They’ve got some of the best affordable omakase deals in Singapore, the cheapest omakase lunch set being only $18. Only 18 diners per day get to enjoy this, so you’ll have to fight off the other CBD workers and leave for an early lunch if you’re serious about getting it.

Their cheapest dinner set is just $38 and features 15 courses that include truffled onsen egg and 9 pieces of assorted sushi. They’ve also got a more expensive 18-course menu at $68 and an 18-course sea urchin menu at $98.

Address: 1 Tras Link #01-06 Orchid Hotel Singapore 078867

Phone: 6443 3463


Takujo Japanese Fine Dining ($58)

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While fine dining usually sends shivers down the spine of budget-conscious diners, Takujo’s 7-course omakase set is actually pretty affordable, with the cheapest one costing just $58.

The restaurant itself is tastefully decorated and modern, which makes it appropriate for anything from hot dates to business lunches.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-18 Marina Square Singapore 039594

Phone: 6812 2176


Teppei Omakase ($80)

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Ah, the famous Teppei. Singaporeans are so obsessed with Teppei that you might need to pre-register online to snag a spot, and people have gone through hours of queueing or months on their waitlist in order to get a seat.

Their 17-course omakase set is $80. Yes, 17 courses sound huge, however don’t expect huge portions, as many are just bite-size appetisers.

Address: 1 Tras Link #01-18 Orchid Hotel Singapore 078867

Phone: 6222 7363


Osaka Kitchen ($80)

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You don’t go to Osaka Kitchen expecting sushi. This is a teppanyaki restaurant, so expect to go home smelling a little like meat (so worth it though).

They’ve also got a 9-course omakase set priced at $80 that features a succulent ohmi wagyu beef steak as well as a seafood course. That’s a very reasonable price considering what you get for it.

Address: 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria #04-46 Singapore, Singapore 238877

Phone: 6262 3271

Fukusen ($80)

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This restaurant is a hidden gem. Located at Hotel Clover, far away from the usual big shopping malls or F&B hotspots, Fukusen has quietly made a name for itself thanks not only to their fresh produce but also their affordable omakase sets.

Their cheapest omakase set is called Hana and costs $80 for five courses. They’ve also got 7- and 8-course omakase sets, but be prepared to pay more.

Address: 33 Jalan Sultan #01-02 Singapore 198965

Phone: 6291 4818


Mikawa Japanese Sake Bar & Restaurant ($80)

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Those working at Changi Business Park might be familiar with Mikawa. While its name makes it sound like it’s more appropriate for a post-work piss-up than a nice meal, it’s actually a restaurant which has become popular with employees in the area for its affordable set meals.

And yes, they’ve got omakase sets starting from $80 which you can choose according to your budget, each with sushi and/or sashimi. You’ll probably want to spend a bit more to wash it all down with sake.

Address: 6 Changi Business Park Ave 1 #01-21 Singapore 486017

Phone: 6444 1181

What is your favourite Japanese restaurant for affordable omakase in Singapore? Share your recommendations in the comments!