#StopSucking – Here Are 3 Super Chio But Affordable Reusable Straws in Singapore

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The world is waging war on straws, a.k.a. our second favourite piece of plastic (credit cards are first, duh) – and millennials are shookt.

Not sure what’s going on? Let me explain. It seems that the people of Starbucks have finally decided to officially boycott plastic straws. By 2020, all plastic straws will be made obsolete by their newly designed sippy cup, which will apparently be easier to recycle too.

*cricket sounds*

Look, I’m all for saving Mother Earth, but I have lipstick on, okay? How am I going to drink a Frappucino without the genius invention that is the humble straw?

If you, too, are suffering from the same quandary, fear not – here’s where to buy affordable reusable straws that you’ll be proud to feature in your #StopSucking Instagram stories.

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Seastainable ($7.50 metal straw set)

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While researching this piece, I found many reusable metal straws from marketplaces like AliExpressShopee and Lazada.

They are ridiculously cheap. Regular stainless steel straws are as cheap as $0.50, while the fancier bubble tea ones are just slightly more expensive at $1.50. But as Clara pointed out, “you shouldn’t put anything from AliExpress in your mouth”. Nothing will convince her to buy a dodgy $0.50 straw from China.

In this case, she’s got a point. If the metal straws are not made of Grade 304 (food grade) stainless steel, it will corrode over time and seep into your drink as you suck them up. With super cheapo straws, there’s no real way to know if the materials used are safe or not.

With Seastainable, you can suck with peace of mind – it’s explicitly stated that their straws are made of Grade 304 stainless steel, and that no plastic was used in the manufacturing and packaging of the straws.

Each Metal Straw Set ($7.50) comes with 1 regular straw (6mm), 1 bubble tea straw (12mm), 2 brush cleaners and a super pretty linen pouch. Regular shipping is $1.20 (+$0.20 per piece).


Trove of Gaia ($7 coloured glass straws)

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Stainless steel straws are great for making your Nitro cold brew feel EVEN colder, but some people aren’t into that. If that’s you, another reusable straw option to consider is glass.

Glass straws are my personal favourite because, as a hygiene freak, I like the fact that it’s see-through so I can be super duper sure that it’s clean when I wash it. It’s probably not great if you’re a klutz and prone to breaking things though.

The glass straws ($7) from Trove of Gaia are made from Borosilicate glass, which is more durable and can withstand more extreme temperatures than regular glass. They come in three fun colours, black, pink and white, and you can add $0.90 for a straw brush for cleaning.

Trove of Gaia also sells bamboo straws ($3.50), stainless steel straws ($7.90) and handmade drawstring bags for carrying your straws around ($2.50). Normal postage is $2.50.


Bamboo Straws Worldwide ($12 for 5 bamboo straws)

You’ve probably heard of the 26-year-old Melissa Lam who goes by the name of @bamboostrawgirl on Instagram. In 2014 (when the brand was born), Bamboo Straws Worldwide only sold straws. Today, they have toothbrushes, cutlery and even – yikes – menstrual cups. I’ve mixed feelings about the last one, but I won’t open that can of worms.

The 15cm bamboo straws are $12 for a pack of 5, which works out to $2.40 per straw. If you can get enough people to bulk order with you, you can go for the 40-pack bundle. It’s $72, which comes up to $1.80 per straw.

Note that bamboo straws are not as durable as stainless steel or glass ones (they will eventually fray and splinter), so you will probably have to replace them more often than the other types.

If you’re doing this for the ‘gram, get the Bamboo Straws Fabric Wrap Set ($11). It comes with fewer straws, but it’ll be wrapped in a pretty fabric “bag” of sort.

The Bamboo Straws Worldwide is based here so shipping is free within Singapore.


Have you made the eco-friendly switch to reusable straws? Tell us your thoughts in comments below! 


In-article images by Bamboo Straws Worldwide, Seastainable and Trove of Gaia.