AMORE Store x Lazada Launches With New-to-Singapore K-Beauty Brands in One-Stop Shop — So You Can Pay Less for Shipping and Transport

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A decade ago, Etude House opened its first Singapore store and today has 15 islandwide. In November 2013, Jeju skincare brand Innisfree launched its first standalone store at Takashimaya shopping centre and even flew in its ambassador, K-star Lee Min Ho. There are 10 Innisfree stores in Singapore now.

I have many friends who swear by South Korean products — some buy the whole range of Laneige products, while others are big fans of Sulwhasoo — and even I stockpile RYO’s ginseng-scented shampoo whenever there’s a sale.

From just a handful of K-beauty brands in the early 2000s, today there are countless names to choose from, with more to hit our shores.

However, what we have here is not enough for the true-blue K-beauty junkies. They will fly to Seoul to buy obscure brands that most of us can’t even pronounce or even chalk up hefty shipping fees to get a lesser-known skincare item because “the reviews are so good”.

Well good news! With the official launch of the much-anticipated AMORE Store x Lazada on 6 Dec 2019, we can shop our favourite Amorepacific brands (last-minute Christmas shopping, anyone?) including some that are NEW to Singapore. It’s even got its own permanent brick-and-mortar store at Funan Mall, so we can just head to one central location, which saves time and MRT fare.

Here are the deets:


New K-beauty brands in Singapore

Not one but SIX new K-beauty brands under the Amorepacific umbrella made their official debut in Singapore — ESPOIR, IOPE, Hanyul, Easy Peasy, Bro&T!ps, and Rarekind.

If you’re a K-beauty superfan, you’ll probably know how challenging it was previously to get these shipped here, especially so for Easy Peasy, Bro&T!ps, and Rarekind. Here’s the lowdown on these under-the-radar (not for long!) Amorepacific brands:

Brand Why we love it Bestsellers
ESPOIR Silky-smooth foundation and natural lipstick shades, tailored for Asian skin to give you that “no makeup” look. Products have high coverage and are long-lasting. Korea’s professional makeup brand. Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow ($54)

Pro Tailor Foundation Be Silk ($54)

Taping Cover Cushion ($47)

Lipstick No Wear Power Matte ($28)

IOPE Well-researched skin products, with a focus on alleviating skin issues. Over 4,300 women had their skin conditions checked and diagnosed in IOPE’s high-tech lab. Products are made with a blend of botanical ingredients like selaginella, agave Americana and chamaecyparis obtusa; as well as technologies like the anti-ageing R.2500™ Collagen Spring. Also the first brand with retinol stabilisation in the Korean beauty industry. Super Vital Cream Rich (now $120.50, was $144.60-)

Air Cushion ($22.90)

Derma Repair Cica Gel Cream (now $38.60, was $46.30)

Hanyul Based on Korean folk remedies for the family, infused with a mother’s love. Ingredients include the herb artemisia from Ganghwa Island — said to be the best in Korea, and red yeast rice for hydration. These are extracted through natural processes like steaming and careful fermentation. Rice Essential Skin Softener ($42.20)

Brown Pine Leaves Anti-aging Concentrate ($118.10)

Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Water ($18.10)

Yuja Sleeping Mask ($36.10)

Easy Peasy This portable makeup brand packs fun and convenience in one easy-peasy package. Products are in stick, roll-on or stick-on format for on-the-go application and minimum fuss. Be Pure Toner Pad ($18.10)

Oil Fantastick ($21.70)

Pore Gym Primer Stick ($21.70)

Coloring Stick ($21.70)

Easy-Care Spot Patch ($14.50)

Bro&T!ps Finally, another K-beauty brand for men! Launched in 2017, Bro&T!ps already has a strong following in Korea as its products are practical solutions for common skin issues experienced by Asian men. Never Dry All-In-One ($38.60)

Never Oily All-In-One ($38.60)

Super Natural Tone-Up Suncream ($28.90)

Rarekind Get plump, luscious lips with Rarekind’s range of lippies (tints, lacquers, you name it) in trendy colours like Red Crush, Coral Squash, Plum Blast, Dusky Lavender and Crimson Berry. Multipurpose as these can even be used as an eyeshadow and blusher. Oversmudge Lip Tint ($21.70)

Overprism Lip Lacquer ($21.70)

Prices/info correct as of 11 Dec 2019.


Store with products galore

To kick off the AMORE Store x Lazada with a bang, Lazada and the K-beauty giant also launched a proper brick-and-mortar store in where else but tech mall Funan. There, shoppers can check out over 400 products from 11 brands — Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree, and RYO, as well as the new-to-market ESPOIR, IOPE, Hanyul, Easy Peasy, Bro&T!ps, and Rarekind.

No more relying on online reviews or word-of-mouth alone as there’ll be ACTUAL testers so if ready stock is available, you can try it out and buy it on the spot. No need to wait or get charged for slowww shipping; and no more buying something just to realise the colour or texture doesn’t suit your skin. And that saves you money so you can buy other nice things. YAY.

If there’s no stock, get it shipped right to your doorstep (standard Lazada shipping fees and usual wait time apply). The new-to-Singapore brands will definitely have to be flown in to your doorstep from Korea.


Don’t bring your wallet, just your phone

Another cool thing about the AMORE Store x Lazada at Funan is that you don’t even need to bring your wallet. As the store is a physical manifestation of Amorepacific’s LazMall store, all you need is your phone to make payment via Lazada — but you can immediately take your purchases home. That’s the beauty of this online-to-offline concept.

Just scan the QR code next to the product and you’ll be led to the product page on the Lazada app. Out of stock already? Ok no problem. The item will be shipped directly to your delivery address.

Oh and there’s a whole wall dedicated to free samples. Just scan the QR code to redeem (to be fair, there’s a limit to how many free samples you can redeem each time — either 3 sachets or 1 miniature).


Items available via LazMall

Here’s a taste of what’s available via the AMORE Store x Lazada:

Brand Product Product Info
RYO Hair Loss Care Shampoo 400ml — $19.90 Hair Loss Care shampoo to treat signs of hair loss with Hair Loss Signal Solution™.  

This mild formula with exclusive technology on the extraction of patented ingredient — GinsenEX™ ensures high saponin content to effectively provide healthy scalp & hair treatment for hair loss symptoms.  

Free from 5 ingredients: Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Animal Derived Ingredients, Triethanolamine and Polyacrylamide.

RYO Hair Loss Care Essence 75ml — $26.90 Hair root nourishment essence with powerful GinsenEX™ to help strengthen hair from root to tip.  

Exclusive technology on the extraction of patented ingredient ensures high saponin content to effectively provide scalp treatment for hair loss symptoms.  

Free of 6 ingredients: Silicone Oil, Mineral Oil, Animal Derived Ingredients, Synthetic Colors, Triethanolamine and Imidazolidinyl Urea.   

IOPE AGE CORRECTOR 2500 — $96.40 Anti-ageing wrinkle serum with R.2500™ ingredients that improve wrinkles below the eyes and nasolabial area by strengthening the skin’s collagen springs.

New anti-ageing ingredient R.2500™ promotes the generation of collagen springs and blocks decomposition for focused improvement on wrinkles formed as a result of ageing and reduced elasticity.

Hanyul HANYUL PURE ARTEMISIA WATERY CALMING CREAM — $38.60 Hanyul is a brand inspired by the traditional folk remedies and medicinal practices carried on for centuries by women in their homes.

The products are made with the same traditional and local ingredients including Korean plants and grains such as rice, brown pine needles, artemesia, baekhwago (Korean mushroom), Korean chrysanthemum, and the native seoritae (Korean bean).

Hanyul’s Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream is a hydrating cream that has a mild formulation suitable for sensitive skin. Its ingredients work to hydrate and calm the skin, without the oiliness.

Espoir PRO TAILOR FOUNDATION BE GLOW — $21 Experience healthy, glowing skin. The thin texture provides natural cover for blemishes and long-lasting beautiful radiance that makes skin look good.

Pro Tailor Be Glow, which fades beautifully, consists of 10 colours that brighten skin tone.

RAREKIND OVERSMUDGE LIP TINT — $21.70 Rarekind’s Oversmudge Lip Tint has a velvety smudging texture that naturally blends colours for easy smudging in both single-tone and two-tone lip makeup. 

A velvety smudging texture containing soft elastic elastomer fills the lips to make them look smooth and blurred (soft).

Tint adds a matte coat on the surface of the lips while comforting the lips with almond oil, argan kernel oil and shea butter.

EASY PEASY EASY PEASY Aqua Calming Stick — $21.70 The EASY PEASY Aqua Calming Stick is a carry-on travel essential that fits into your everyday bag. It contains a combination of 5 different types of hyaluronic acids to lock in moisture, as well as Tea Tree water and centerlla asiatica extract for a soothing effect. The moisturising stick offers up to 8 hours of moisturisation — store the stick in your fridge to enjoy a long-lasting cooling sensation. Puffy face in the morning? This stick can help to reduce the swelling and lower your skin’s temperature.
Bro&T!ps Never Worry All-in-One (120ml) — $38.60 This one-step product moisturises and calms delicate skin. It has the triple moisturising and calming care of a toner, lotion and essence.
It contains 7 types of hyaluronic acids for hydration and Asiatic pennywort extract that helps to strengthen the skin barrier and calms the skin.

Prices/info correct as of 11 Dec 2019.


AMORE Store x Lazada

Address: #02-13 Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179105

Opening with over 400 products across 11 brands
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily

Brands available: Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Etude House, Innisfree, RYO, ESPOIR, IOPE, Hanyul, Easy Peasy, Bro&T!ps, Rarekind

Delivery options:

  • In-store pickup for ~30 products: Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree + samples
  • Local delivery: 2-4 days
  • Delivery from Korea: 7-9 days


Before you start shopping, make sure you download the Lazada app so you can make your purchases with ease.

In addition to K-beauty, Lazada carries a multitude of products from other international brands via their official LazMall online stores. Just to name a few, some of the big brand names on LazMall include Puma, Microsoft, Kenwood, Apple, Xiaomi and Weber.


Do you think it’s better to shop for beauty and skincare products offline or online? Let us know in the comments below!