7 IPL Hair Removal Salons in Singapore 2020: Price List of Treatments

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Women go to great lengths to achieve beauty, and hair removal is something that only the bravest dare to go without these days. Thanks, society.

Tired of shaving and waxing, more and more women in Singapore are opting for IPL or laser hair removal treatments that promise permanent hair removal.

What should you look out for when going for such treatments?


Is IPL hair removal the same as laser hair removal?

Technically, IPL is not the same as laser hair removal. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light which involves a broad spectrum of light, while lasers involve the use of only one wavelength of light.

In practical terms, laser hair removal is very effective as it can alter the hair follicle itself. It is thus more permanent and fewer treatments are required. However, as the laser needs to target the hairs one by one, it is usually more expensive.

IPL generally requires more treatments in order to remove hair permanently. On the other hand, it can be cheaper overall than laser treatments.


Top 7 IPL hair removal salons in Singapore

IPL Hair Removal Salons Type Sample package price Price per session
Musee Platinum Tokyo Underarms $38 for underarm and bikini line (unlimited sessions) Depending on how many sessions
Lush Aesthetics Bikini line $176.76 for 6 sessions (U.P $2,328) $29.46 (U.P. $388) 
Honeypot Underarms $48 (first trial $28)
Japan IPL Express Underarms $1.98 per shot / $0.99 per shot if you purchase above 200 shots $59.4 / $29.7 (30 shots)  
Brazilian $1.98 per shot $198 (100 shots)
Datsumo Labo 7 different areas $1,188 for 12 treatments (monthly payment for monthly treatments) $99
Only Aesthetics Brazilian $680 (unlimited sessions for 1 year) Depending on number of sessions
Strip Singapore Bikini line $1,000 for 6 sessions $167


Musee Platinum Tokyo

This popular Japanese hair removal salon has 6 branches in Singapore. Their IPL procedure is called Smooth Skin Control, and they claim it is pain-free.

Musee Platinum Tokyo have packages that enable you to pick the combination of body parts you want to make hairless. All packages include upper and lower legs, upper and lower arms, hands and fingers, feet and toes, and also unlimited underarm and bikini line sessions.

They’re known for their low promotional prices, but some people have complained about long waiting times for appointments.

Tel: 6804 6500


Lush Aesthetics

Lush is an aesthetic salon that performs treatments as diverse as lipo laser, chemical peels and of course, hair removal. They’re at a high price point compared to the other salons on this list.

Their hair removal is technically classified as laser rather than IPL, therefore you can expect a single session to be pricier upfront but more permanent. Their hair removal treatment won Harper’s Bazaar’s Most Revolutionary Hair Removal Award in 2015.

Tel: 6737 4964 (Orchard), 6386 5964 (Bedok), 6256 4698 (Harbourfront)



Honeypot is a waxing boutique that also provides IPL services for people looking for a more permanent hair removal solution.

They’ve got two outlets, one at Ngee Ann City and the other at Clifford Centre. And for what it’s worth, they’re known for their good service and have even won Tatler Awards.

Tel: 6235 6686 (Ngee Ann City) / 6533 2173 (Clifford Centre)


Japan IPL Express

Japan IPL Express is a chain with a pay-as-you-go approach. There are no packages, so you pay for each session individually. You also do not need to make appointments, so you can show up on a whim after work.

They’ve got 12 outlets all over Singapore including some heartland locations at Pasir Ris MRT, AMK Hub, NEX and Jurong Point J2.

Their sessions sound ridiculously cheap at $1.98 per shot. If you purchase 200 shots and above, it’s only $0.99 per shot.

Considering you need at least 20 to 30 shots per side for underarms and 60 to 150 shots for a Brazilian, if you need a few sessions it’s much better to go for the $200-shot package. That will cost around $30 for underarms and approximately $99 for a Brazilian (assuming you’ll require 100 shots).

Tel: 6636 0550


Datsumo Labo


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Endorsed by Xiaxue, whose photo is plastered all over their website, this salon has two branches, one at Somerset and the other at Tanjong Pagar.

Datsumo Labo‘s IPL packages are targeted at people who are looking at hair removal over their entire body, with the Basic Plan covering 7 areas and the Perfect Complete package offering treatment on 22 areas.

You can book an appointment with Datsumo Labo via this form.


Only Aesthetics

Only Aesthetics is a salon is offering unlimited underarm and Brazilian sessions. They’ve got 8 branches, mostly in the city area.

Unlike some of the other “budget” options on this list, they’ve generally received positive reviews, both for their services and the effectiveness of the IPL procedure.

See all Only Aesthetics’ locations.


Strip Singapore


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Strip is one of the most well-known hair removal companies in Singapore thanks to their provocative ads. They’ve got 16 outlets in total, mostly located in the CBD and city as well as some suburban locations at Westgate, Holland Village, Tampines One and Northpoint City.

They are best-known for Brazilian waxing, and their IPL services similarly target the bikini area courtesy of their Powerpac Advanced Fluorescence Technology. They also offer hair removal for upper body, lower body, hands/feet and face.

Tel: 6337 8747


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