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semi-permanent makeup
Semi-Permanent Makeup Prices in Singapore — Is It Worth The Money?
You’ve probably heard of eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery, but did you know — aesthetics salons ...
8 July 2019
free yoga classes singapore
5 Places to Attend Free Yoga Classes in Singapore (Yes Really Free!)
Yoga is supposed to help you find peace and serenity, but the prices of some of the yoga classes in Singapore ...
3 July 2019
personal fitness trainer singapore
Personal Fitness Trainer Singapore: 5 Tips On How to Save When Engaging One
Half of 2019 has just zoomed by, hasn’t it? If at this point you have abandoned all of your fitness-related ...
21 June 2019
strawberrynet sephora
StrawberryNet vs Sephora Singapore – Which Is Cheaper? Is StrawberryNet Legit?
As a self-professed beauty junkie, I’m always looking for good lobang to shop for branded makeup. I recently ...
13 June 2019
Dyson hair dryer singapore price
Would You Pay $599 For The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?
Dyson has a knack for coming up with overpriced gadgets that actually sell like hotcakes despite the hefty ...
5 June 2019
barre classes singapore
5 Studios for Barre Classes in Singapore: Is Barre Worth the Hype?
When people think of exercise, it’s no longer limited to running, swimming or even line dancing. These ...
24 May 2019
daiso singapore makeup
$2 Daiso Makeup & Skincare Products To Try: Colour-Correcting Primers, “Designer” Eyelashes & More
As an avid fan of Daiso in Singapore, I’ve explored almost every outlet and every aisle of the $2 paradise. ...
13 May 2019
yoga teacher training course
Yoga Teacher Training Singapore: How Much Does it Cost to Become a Yoga Teacher?
More Singaporeans are leaving their soul sucking corporate jobs in search of inner peace and a more meaningful ...
26 April 2019
free zumba classes singapore
Free Zumba Classes in Singapore 2019 – It’s Not Only For Aunties!
Zumba is a workout trend that has gained popularity in recent years, especially among older ladies. Even ...
17 April 2019
prenatal massages singapore
7 Shiok Prenatal Massages To Relieve Aches and Water Retention: Price Guide for Mums-to-Be
Don’t let instagram mumfluencers or Meghan Markle fool you. The pregnancy glow is not all there is to growing ...
8 April 2019
free gyms in singapore
Free Gyms in Singapore with No Membership Fees: How to Work Out for Free
For many people, going to the gym isn’t just about using the equipment. It’s about enjoying the steam room, ...
4 April 2019
home gym in singapore
How Much Would It Cost to Set Up a Home Gym in Singapore?
Contrary to what the pushy salespeople at Virgin Active or Fitness First would have you believe, that $300 ...
13 March 2019
activesg credits swimming pool gyms
5 Things Singaporeans Can Use Their $100 ActiveSG Credits On
Singaporeans complain the government doesn’t give them enough welfare, but when they do get free money ...
6 March 2019
eyebrow embroidery singapore
Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore Price Guide (2019)
With semi-permanent makeup, “I woke up like this” isn’t so hard to believe anymore. The most popular procedure ...
26 February 2019
waxing salons prices singapore
7 Top Waxing Salons in Singapore – Prices of Brazilian Wax and Other Services in Singapore 2019
Some women swear by Brazilian waxes, while others swear they’d never want to put themselves through such ...
20 February 2019
sephora singapore malaysia
Sephora Singapore vs Sephora Malaysia – Is Makeup Cheaper in JB?
As far as a beauty junkie like me is concerned, heaven actually exists (hint: the pearly gates have black-and-white ...
29 January 2019
GuavaPass vs KFit vs Classpass – Which Fitness Pass is the Most Worth It?
I absolutely hate working out and that exorbitantly priced barre class that I want to go for is not making ...
8 January 2019
8 Sports and Adventure Activities to Enjoy at a Discount Thanks to The Entertainer
8 Sports and Adventure Activities to Enjoy at a Discount Thanks to The Entertainer
Mobile app The Entertainer has been blamed for expanding waistlines in Singapore, thanks to their 1-on-1 ...
28 December 2018
spa beauty treatments entertainer
7 Ways to Go for a Beauty or Spa Treatment at a Huge Discount Thanks to The Entertainer
Pigging out isn’t the only way to treat yourself to the finer things in life. While Singaporeans have been ...
27 December 2018
crossfit ritual f45 singapore price
Crossfit, Ritual & F45 Singapore – The Ultimate HIIT Gym Price Guide 2019
2019 is the year you finally get your ass in shape, and according to everyone (= your hot neighbour, some ...
20 December 2018
Pole dancing in Singapore – 5 Studios To Try & How Much They Cost
Pole dancing in Singapore – 5 Studios To Try & How Much They Cost
In case you didn’t get the memo, pole dancing is now a mainstream fitness sport in Singapore. Gone are ...
20 December 2018
affordable pilates classes singapore
Pilates Singapore 2019 – Top 10 Studios with Affordable Pilates Classes
Let me just get the obvious out of the way: With the exception of Blogilates a.k.a. Cassey Ho, pilates ...
17 December 2018
singapore marathons & fun runs 2019
Singapore Marathons & Fun Runs 2019 – 10 Races with Early Bird Tickets
Maybe you’re still catching your breath from the Standard Chartered marathon last weekend, but, believe ...
12 December 2018
Keto Diet in Singapore – How to Go LCHF on a Budget
Keto Diet in Singapore – How to Go LCHF on a Budget
The very idea of a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet, often called the keto diet, is the stuff of most Singaporeans’ ...
11 June 2018
gym membership prices singapore
Spending $200 Per Month on Gym Membership – What Options Do You Have in Singapore?
So you’re tired of having to buy new clothes every Chinese New Year not to usher in good luck but because ...
7 March 2018