Pilates Singapore 2019 – Top 10 Studios with Affordable Pilates Classes

affordable pilates classes singapore

Let me just get the obvious out of the way: With the exception of Blogilates a.k.a. Cassey Ho, pilates isn’t quite as glamorous as yoga. I mean, no one goes to the beach to take dramatic silhouettes of themselves doing the pilates leg kick.

Nevertheless, the fact that PM Lee Hsien Loong is/was learning pilates may have inspired some Singaporeans to check out the 100-year-old exercise system.

Before you jump on the bandwagon, you should know that pilates classes in Singapore aren’t cheap. Especially classes involving the pilates reformer, the signature full-body machine used in pilates.

With that in mind, I’ve hunted down the 10 most affordable pilates classes in Singapore, including reformer pilates classes.

Affordable pilates classes in Singapore (2019)

Most pilates studios charge different prices depending on whether you want to attend a pilates reformer class or just a basic matwork class.

  • Reformer pilates: Involves a reformer machine, typically smaller classes because of the size of the machine
  • Matwork pilates: Similar to yoga, where you practise pilates moves on a mat (perhaps assisted by props), allows for a larger group
Pilates studio Price per class (mat pilates) Price per class (reformer pilates)
HPB Sunrise in the City (various studios) Free
AlphaBalance (A-Space) $19.05
Options Pilates $25 $40
Como Shambhala $26 $42.50
Pilates Plus $28 $39
The Pilates Flow $30
Focus Pilates $33 $43
Upside Motion $34.60 $37
Pilates Bodytree $36.10
Pilates Fitness $40
Breathe Pilates $45


  • FREE pilates classes: HPB Sunrise in the City
  • Affordable pilates mat classes: Options Pilates, AlphaBalance, Como Shambhala, Pilates Plus
  • Affordable pilates reformer classes: Upside Motion, Pilates Plus, Pilates Fitness, Options Pilates

HPB Sunrise in the City

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There’s a running joke in the office that I’m basically the Health Promotion Board ambassador, but seriously, the good ol’ HPB is a fantastic source of free fitness stuff.

If you’re a complete newbie to pilates, you might want to check out the super low-stakes free classes under Sunrise in the City, HPB’s free classes held at actual fitness studios. All you need to do is create an account with your SingPass and sign up online. SITC HPB classes are released on the 1st of each month and get snapped up fast.

Here are the pilates classes (probably mat pilates, not reformer) available in Jan 2019. Some are still available for booking.

Day / Time Studio Class
Tue 7:15am Trium Fitness (Aperia Mall) Pilates
Tue 10:45am Trium Fitness (Aperia Mall) Pilates
Wed 7:30am True Fitness (Harbourfront Centre) Pilates
Sun 12:15pm Platinum Yoga (Parkway Centre) Pilates

AlphaBalance (A-Space)

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Locations: Outram Park (A-Space). Also has classes at East Coast Park, Bukit Timah, Mount Pleasant

If you’re already practising yoga but are curious about pilates and wondering how it’s different from yoga, AlphaBalance is a good place to try it out since the rates are so affordable.

AlphaBalance’s permanent studio is called A-Space and it’s located very close to Outram Park MRT. Although they offer mostly yoga classes, there are some mat pilates classes sprinkled in the mix. Probably not for pilates purists though.

AlphaBalance packages Mat pilates
5 classes $23/class
10 classes $21/class
20 + 1 classes $19.05/class

Options Pilates Studio

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Locations: Orchard, Dhoby Ghaut, Bukit Timah

Options Pilates Studio is a pilates chain with outlets in both Singapore and Hong Kong; in Singapore, it runs 3 studios. Surprisingly, the prices here are quite affordable if you get a package.

First-time visitors can opt for a one-off package that costs either $530 (3 private + 5 group classes) or $550 (5 private classes).

Subsequently, you can opt for one of the following.

Options Pilates packages Mat pilates Reformer pilates
10 classes $30/class $45/class
20 classes $25/class $40/class
1 month unlimited (off-peak) $350/month
1 month unlimited (peak) $480/month

If you don’t mind plunging in a large amount of money – $2,500, to be exact – you can buy credits which will give you the most flexibility. You can take as many mat or reformer classes as you like, and they’re simply deducted at the rate of $25/class or $40/class respectively from the $2,500 credit.

Como Shambhala

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Location: Orchard

Located in Delfi Hotel in Orchard, the rather swanky, resort spa-like Como Shambhala is hardly where you’d expect to find affordable pilates classes in Singapore.

The best price of $26/class for mat pilates is only if you commit to a 50-class package, but if you opt for the lower-commitment 25-class package, it’s still one of the cheapest around at $29/class.

Como Shambhala packages Mat pilates Reformer pilates
10 classes $33/class $48/class
20 (reformer) or 25 (mat) classes $29/class $42.50/class
50 classes $26/class
1 month unlimited $330/month

Pilates Plus

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Location: Telok Ayer

Pilates Plus doesn’t just have a great CBD location, its also offers really affordable pilates classes, especially for reformer pilates.

Newcomers enjoy a very attractive 3-class package deal at $60, which is only $20/class. This doesn’t include reformer classes, though – it’s matwork only.

After you’ve spent the 3 classes, you can opt for one of their packages below. On top of the affordable rates for reformer pilates classes (anything sub-$40 is considered cheap for reformer) they’re also a rare studio that has unlimited monthly passes for reformer classes.

Pilates Plus packages Mat pilates Reformer pilates
12 classes $30/class $39/class
30 classes $28/class
1 month unlimited $345/month (mat & reformer pilates)

The Pilates Flow

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Location: Bukit Timah

The Pilates Flow is a cosy boutique studio near Sixth Avenue MRT station, and they focus on “pure” pilates, sticking closely to the original techniques and equipment pioneered by Joseph Pilates. So, you won’t be getting yoga masquerading as pilates here.

There’s a very good first-timer trial that costs only $30 for a 1-on-1 pilates session. If you’re just starting out in pilates, the personalised attention might be well worth the money as it can help you identify any imbalances and weaknesses to target when you progress to group classes.

Group classes are quite affordable at $30/class for the 10 class matwork package. There’s usually a registration fee of $20 but it’s waived for now.

Focus Pilates

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Locations: Orchard, Raffles Place

Focus Pilates is a pilates studio that’s been around for years and is well-known for reformer pilates classes.

If you’ve never attended any reformer pilates classes before, it’s best to call and book a 45-minute reformer pilates trial for $25. This will give you an introduction to the reformer machine so you can decide if it’s for you.

Thereafter, you can book a 10-class package at either $480 for 10 classes or $860 for 20 classes. These include access to reformer pilates classes.

If you decide use your pass to go for mat pilates classes, Focus Pilates will deduct the class from your package but credit $10 back. So a mat class is implicitly $10 cheaper than a reformer class, although you can’t buy a package for mat classes only.

Focus Pilates packages Mat pilates Reformer pilates
10 classes $38/class $48/class
20 classes $33/class $43/class

Upside Motion

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Locations: City Hall, Somerset, Tanjong Pagar

Upside Motion’s most value-for-money package is the $99 5 Class Experience Pass, which gives you access to their non-reformer classes (pilates, yoga, aerial, barre and stretch) for only $19.80/class. But this is only for first-timers.

Thereafter, there are 2 package types: Standard (only classes without pilates reformer machines) and All-Access (classes with and without reformer).

While the standard package prices aren’t really that great, the all-access class passes are excellent value, with the 25-class pack working out to be cheapest reformer pilates classes in Singapore ($37/class).

If you go for 10 or more reformer classes a month, go for all-access monthly pass. There’s no lock-in period so it’s super worth it.

Upside Motion packages Standard All-access
10 classes $36.50/class $42.50/class
25 classes $34.60/class $37/class
1 month unlimited $295/month $355/month

Pilates Bodytree

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Locations: Telok Ayer, Buona Vista

Pilates Bodytree stands out as one of the few pilates studios in Singapore where you can practise pilates without a reformer. Instead of using the clunky, expensive equipment, Pilates Bodytree uses creative props to work on the same techniques.

For first-timers, they suggest coming down for a  Mobility Fitness Assessment ($127) which is 1-on-1 session where you perform 10 exercises. This identifies any bodily imbalances and problem areas that you can then work on.

Alternatively, you can skip straight to an introductory class ($50) if you don’t want to be assessed.

If you don’t mind committing 10 classes, the intro pack (10 classes + free intro class for $397) will make it a lot less steep. It works out to $36.10/class.

Pilates Fitness

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Locations: Telok Blangah, Serangoon Gardens

While some pilates studios emphasise body mobility and functional training, Pilates Fitness is very much results-focused, with signature classes like weight loss, HIIT, cardio jumpboard and abs burn.

First-time visitors can go for a variety of paid trial classes, the cheapest one being the 90-minute pilates reformer/chair trial for $35.

Otherwise you can sign up for a Pilates Fitness membership. The 24-class package works out to $40/class, and since it can be used for reformer pilates classes, it’s one of the cheapest around.

Pilates Fitness packages Reformer pilates
12 classes $45/class
24 classes $40/class

Breathe Pilates

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Locations: Raffles Place, Novena, Marine Parade, One North, Tanglin

With locations in places like Novena Medical Centre and Camden Medical Centre, it’s obvious that Breathe Pilates positions their pilates classes as part of the healthcare and rehabilitative process. Heck, their website copy even says they’ll give you a “customised exercise prescription.”

Drop-in costs $55

Breathe Pilates packages Reformer pilates
10 classes $48/class
20 classes $45/class

Have you been to any of these pilates studios? Tell us what you think of them in the comments.

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