7 Ways to Get Fit Thanks to The Entertainer

7 Ways to Get Fit Thanks to The Entertainer

The New Year might already be over, but we hope you’re one of the three people left in Singapore who’re still hanging on to their resolution to get fit this year.

You might already be a subscriber to The Entertainer (and if you aren’t, get your subscription here and enjoy 10% off with the MONEYSMART2019 promo code). Heck, you might even be crediting the app with getting you fat, since it gets you one-for-one deals on mains at a huge number of restaurants.

But guess what, The Entertainer also gets you one-for-one on classes at a range of sport, health and fitness establishments, so you can shed the pounds after pigging out at their partner restaurants.

So grab a friend and check out the following sports and fitness activities.


Dance salsa, tango or bachata at En Motion

8 Craig Road Level 1 Singapore 089668

Social dancing is a great way to meet people. SDN should totally ditch their speed dating sessions and start organising salsa classes instead.

But even if you are happily not-single, both you and your partner can enjoy dance classes at half price at En Motion, thanks to The Entertainer’s one-for-one deal.

With your subscription, you and a friend get to attend four salsa beginner classes for $100. which means each person pays only about $50. That’s only $12.50 per class! They have the same offer for bachata classes and tango classes, which means you can go for a grand total of 12 dance classes for just $150 per person.


Aerial yoga class and yogalates at Liv Studio

11 Rhu Cross #02-01 Singapore 437440

So maybe you don’t give a hoot about the spiritual, new age aspects of yoga. That means you’re just fine with the various modern permutations of yoga, including aerial yoga, in which you dangle from the ceiling using a hammock, and yogalates, which fuses yoga and pilates.

Try out a class in each of these modern forms of yoga at Liv Studio, a fitness studio offering classes in a wide range of disciplines from meditation to strength training.

The Entertainer’s one-for-one offer lets you and a friend attend a class for $28, which means each person pays just $14.


Work out and attend classes at One Wellness Fitness Club

164A/166A Rochor Road, Bugis Village Singapore 188439

Looking to join a boutique gym rather than one of the big chains? Then check out One Wellness Fitness Club, which is located in the Bugis area.

With The Entertainer’s one-for-one offer, you get to enjoy a day pass for about $19 per person, a week of unlimited classes for about $29 per person and a month of unlimited classes for about $105 per person. Classes include yoga, pilates, zumba and therapeutic yoga.


Take a yoga class at Yoga Inc

21 Yong Siak Street Singapore 168651

In a sea of faceless yoga studios, Yoga Inc is one that has made a name for themselves due to their friendly teachers and cosy atmosphere.

They teach a variety of styles including hatha, flow, yin, hot and restorative.

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga or are actively shopping around for a yoga studio, you and a friend can try a drop-in class for $30 with The Entertainer, which works out to $15 per person. You can take up to a maximum of three classes with one subscription.


Attend a parkour training session at A2 Parkour

114 Lavender Street #05-91 Free Runner Lodge, CT Hub 2 Singapore 338729

Those teenagers you spotted doing backflips off ledges in your HDB estate were doing parkour, and you secretly thought it was cool.

Get good enough to join them by training with A2 Parkour, who’ll teach you the basics so you can practise without breaking your neck.

With The Entertainer, you and a friend can attend up to three training sessions for $25 each, which works out to $12.50 per person per session.


Take a rebounding fitness class on a trampoline at BBOUNCE Studio

176 Orchard Road #06-09 Singapore 238843

Jumping around on trampolines isn’t limited to kids anymore. BBOUNCE Studio label themselves as a rebounding fitness studio, which is a fancy way of saying you’ll be jumping around on a mini trampoline as you perform various exercises or even lift weights as club music is blasted in the background.

If that sounds intriguing, you and a friend can attend a single class for $35 ($17.50 per person) up to three times with The Entertainer.


Take an indoor cycling class at Anthem Indoor Cycling

66B South Bridge Road Singapore 058696

The government might be trying to turn Singapore into a cycling nation, but if there’s no way you’re hitting the road under the hot sun, indoor cycling, is something you might want to consider instead.

At Anthem Indoor Cycling, you get to join a group of people who’re all pedalling away for dear life on stationary bikes.

When you use The Entertainer, a class will cost you and a friend $45, or $22.50 per person, and you can take up to two classes per Entertainer account. A week of unlimited trial classes will cost you $25 per person.

What’s your favourite way to get fit? Tell us in the comments!