Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore Price Guide (2019)

eyebrow embroidery singapore

With semi-permanent makeup, “I woke up like this” isn’t so hard to believe anymore. The most popular procedure is eyebrow embroidery, which is kind of like getting it tattooed, except 1) it’s brown (instead of green) and 2) it lasts 2 to 3 years (and not like, forever).

Eyebrow embroidery typically involves staining the upper layers of your skin with pigment. This is done using a thin blade to make superficial “cuts”. Before you cringe at the excruciating pain, numbing cream is applied first, so you don’t feel much of it… At least that’s what they say.

Sounds like a godsend for lazy (but hiao) ladies? Don’t speak too soon – just wait till you see the prices.


  1. Overview of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore
  2. Eyebrow embroidery services on Fave and Vanitee
  3. Eyebrow embroidery in JB, Malaysia 


Eyebrow embroidery in Singapore – how much does it cost?

Although relatively invasive – at least to me – eyebrow embroidery procedures are not regulated in Singapore. You can get it done almost anywhere, from luxe salons in Orchard to neighbourhood ones located in heartland markets. Here’s a price comparison of 7 of the most popular salons in Singapore.

Beauty salon Price
Beauty Recipe $288 to $888
Milly’s $599 to $1,199
Private Room Singapore $680 to $1,288
The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist $888 to $2,888
Highbrow $988 to $1,388
Browhaus $1,200 to $2,000
Erabelle $1,314 to $2,396.80

As you can see, eyebrow embroidery is very pricey – you can expect to shell out a few hundred bucks for the lazy luxury of not drawing your brows in the morning. The price generally depends on several factors like the salon, the technique and sometimes, the seniority of the aesthetician.

There are two commonly used styles of eyebrow embroidery: microblading, which results in natural hair-like strokes, and gradient/misty brows, which has an ombré effect similar to light, Korean-style makeup.


Beauty Recipe – from $288

Beauty Recipe is the cheapest of this list, with prices starting at just $288. However, that affordable price tag is only for their 3D embroidery service, which is the most basic one. The 6D one – which I assume is more realistic – costs significantly more at $488. If you want the gradient look, it’s $588.

Prices go up to $888 for a combination of both techniques because this results in the most natural look. Prices include 1 touch-up, which is to be done within 3 months.

Beauty Recipe also offers the service for men at a flat rate of $488.


Milly’s Singapore – from $599

Milly’s is more known for their eyelash extensions, but they do eyebrow embroidery as well. A la carte prices begin at $599 for gradient brows, $699 for 6D brows and $799 for the combination one (6D soft edge brow).

Prices exclude touch-ups. If you want a package, you can add $100 to $200 more per session. You can add up to 3 touch-ups before you’re charged an a la carte price again.


Private Room Singapore – from $680

Private Room offers and impressive suite of beauty services: you can get waxed, get a manicure, pimp up your lashes AND have eyebrow embroidery done.

The most basic embroidery service is 4D at $680. For some reason, the “3D new eyebrow embroidery” is pricier than the 4D one (which, from the name, sounds more realistic…) at $688.

Korean soft brows is at $888, but that’s not the most expensive one yet. The Brows Defining procedure is $1,288. All prices include one touch-up.


The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist – from $888

While most of the above-mentioned sell 1+1 packages (first appointment + 1 touch-up), The Prestige sells their eyebrow embroidery packages in bundles of 3 to 5 sessions. Why? Well, it seems the community is split in two camps: Some salons will tell you 1 touch-up is enough to last you 2 years, while others recommend quarterly revisit.

The Prestige is somewhat like a celebrity salon. They boast atas clients like socialite Kim Lim, as well as celebrity bloggers like Bong Qiu Qiu and Dawn Yang. They offer 3 different brow styles: colouring, advanced colouring and microblading.

The cheapest package is $888 for 3 sessions of colouring, and the most expensive one is $2,888 for unlimited visits in 1 year. This is the only salon in this list with an unlimited package, so if you (for some reason) know that pigment fades fast on your skin, this could be one to consider.

I know that the general aesthetic of the brand shouldn’t matter, but it is a consideration for me because our tastes must align mah, right? Personally, I find The Prestige a little too cheena for my liking – the stores pair bold red curtains with bright gold signage – but if you’re into this aesthetic, you can even opt for the feng shui eyebrow embroidery package ($1,688).

I’m not too sure what it actually is, but perhaps they know a super huat brow shape that will improve your luck?


Highbrow – from $988

Highbrow is another salon known for its eyelash extension services. I know they’re completely unrelated whatsoever, but Highbrow reminds me of a more affordable Browhaus (see below).

Although cheaper than Browhaus – uhm, honestly not hard to be – their Brow Enliven rates are nonetheless on the expensive side. It’s $988 if you pick a regular therapist, but $1,388 if you want the creative director to spruce up your brows.

The price includes touch-up, but not the aftercare kit ($88). Add that up and you’ll be spending over $1k.


Browhaus Singapore – from $1,200

Browhaus is perhaps the most well-known salon specialising in brows. They made a name for themselves with their brow shaping services, and now offer eyebrow embroidery (Brow Resurrection) too.

There are 4 tiers of prices: $1,200 for classic, $1,500 for soft, $1,800 for full and $2,000 for ombré. That’s really steep, and guess what – they exclude touch-ups.

Touch-ups are an additional $161 for classic and soft, or $214  for full and ombre. Ouch.


Erabelle – from $1,314

The most expensive of them is Erabelle, charging $1,314 for 4 sessions. That’s about $328.50 per session, which isn’t so bad I guess.

They are one of the most established brow salons in Singapore, and are even confident enough to do “redesign” services for botched jobs. Yup, so if you’re one of those who desperately need to cover up badly done brows, this is your best bet.

Erabelle uses organic pigments and they conduct patch tests to make sure you’re not allergic. Although steep, the price includes a care kit so no hidden costs there.

If you want a “master artist”, add $214.


Home salon eyebrow embroidery services on Fave, Vanitee

So those are the prices for the most popular salons in Singapore – they’re quite expensive, often going above $500 and even hitting past $1,000.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider neighbourhood and home salons that can be found on beauty booking apps like Fave and Vanitee.

They’re significantly cheaper, but I can’t speak for the quality of their services. Book at your own risk.


You can find vouchers for eyebrow embroidery services for as cheap as $58, but those are typically at random neighbourhood salons. I personally wouldn’t risk it, especially since it’s semi-permanent… You need to be prepared to live with your new brows for at least a year.

For the same tier, those with touch-ups are typically around $78. At the time of writing, the most expensive voucher was just $188 – which is waaaaay below any other name-brand salon – and it’s for eyebrow embroidery at Paramedic Aesthetics and The BrowGal.

Don’t know, never hear before. (shrugs)


Vanitee is known for having a screening process for its partners, so the prices seem a little steeper, as expected. They feature indie salons, as well as home-based ones.

The cheapest ones are around $120+, but there are expensive home salons that charge $300+ to $800+ too.


Eyebrow embroidery salons in JB, Malaysia

For those really garang ones… you can consider JB.

Thanks to the exchange rate, prices are generally a lot cheaper, even at very fancy salons. From online forums and reviews, salons mostly charge $200 or less.

I don’t recommend you just waltz into any old salon lah, so if you really want to get it done in JB, perhaps you can go for Era Ace. They seem to be the most established brow salon in JB, and their prices are fraction of those in Singapore.

The cheapest package is 980RM ($325), and the full works is 1280RM ($425).


Would you spend a few hundred dollars on semi-permanent makeup like eyebrow embroidery? Tell us in the comments below.