Singapore Marathons & Fun Runs 2019 – 10 Races with Early Bird Tickets

singapore marathons & fun runs 2019

Maybe you’re still catching your breath from the Standard Chartered marathon last weekend, but, believe it or not, some sibei siao on runners are already locking in their slots for upcoming fun runs and marathons in 2019.

Though it sounds crazy to register for races when you haven’t even eaten the first Christmas turkey yet, early commitment is great because (a) you’ll be forced to run off the festive fat and (b) you save on race fees thanks to early bird discounts.

If you intend to lock yourself in before the post-Christmas laziness sets in, here are 9 upcoming fun runs and marathons in 2019 with early bird tickets on sale already.


10 Singapore marathons & fun runs to sign up for now

Singapore marathon / fun run Date Early bird race fees (adult)
Run For Hope 2019 17 Feb 2019 $57
Marina Run 2019 23 Feb 2019 $38 to $68
Safari Zoo Run 2019 24 Feb 2019 $80
Singapore Cancer Society Relay Run 2019 2 Mar 2019 $25
JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2019 28 Mar 2019 $70
2XU Compression Run 2019 7 Apr 2019 $52 to $70
50 Hours Non Stop Run 2019 19 Apr 2019 $24 to $39
NTUC Income Eco Run 2019 28 Apr 2019 $46 to $68
Forest Force 50 Trail Run 2019 4 May 2019 $50 to $80
Sundown Marathon 2019 1 Jun 2019 $40 to $85

Note: Race fees vary quite a bit depending on when you buy tickets, what discounts you’re eligible for and the race type/length.

Prices quoted here are standard early bird rates available now (Dec 2018) and without any discounts applied. Full details will be in the subsequent sections.


Run For Hope 2019 (17 Feb 2019)

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Organised by the National Cancer Centre Singapore, the annual Run for Hope is a fundraising run where $5 from everyone’s registration fee will be donated to their cancer research programme.

This is a fun run held at Singapore Sports Hub with just two race routes to choose from: a 3.5km run around the Sports Hub complex and a 10km run from the Sports Hub to Suntec City and back. The fee is the same for both.

Early bird tickets are sold out for this one, so here are the regular registration fees. Signup closes on 10 Jan 2019.

Category Registration fee
Adult (age 21 & up) $57
Adult (returning participant) $50
Youth (up to age 20) $33
2 adults $52
1 adult + 1 youth $90
1 adult + 2 youths $123
Group (20 pax and up) $47/pax


Marina Run 2019 (23 Feb 2019)

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Marina Run is an evening run held at – surprise, surprise – Marina Bay, starting from Gardens by the Bay East and going through the Tanjong Rhu area and East Coast Park.

Early bird rates appear to still be valid, and rates depend on the length of your run. There are quite a few routes to choose from: 5km fun run, 10km run, 21km half marathon and 30km run.

Type of run Early bird price Normal price
5km fun run $38 $48
10km run $48 $58
21km half marathon $58 $68
30km run $68 $78

The 2019 edition of Marina Run is sponsored by Herbalife, so I guess you can expect some nutrition supplements in the race pack.


Safari Zoo Run 2019 (24 Feb 2019)

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Yes, the Safari Zoo Run really is a run through the Singapore Zoo, as well as Night Safari and River Safari.

The total route is 12km, but there’s also a short 2km dash (where 2 participants complete it together) and a non-competitive 4km walk, since it’s a family-oriented event.

Early bird prices are still valid, and you can save about $20 per ticket if you buy it before the end of the year. Here’s how much it costs:

Type of run Early bird price (until 31 Dec 2018) Promo price (1 to 31 Jan 2019) Normal price (1 to 15 Feb 2019)
12km Safari Zoo Challenge $60 $70 $80
2km Safari Duo Dash $80 $90 $100
4km Safari Zoo Walk (age 13 & above) $50 $60 $70
4km Safari Zoo Walk (up to age 12) $38 $48 $58

This run is supposedly in support of the wildlife conservation cause. When you sign up for the run, you can also choose one of 3 eco causes to pledge your support to: the forest (deforestation), clean water (plastic waste) or clean air (air pollution). Apart from that, there are no further details as to how exactly you will be contributing to conservation.

But for most Singaporeans, the race route sells itself. Oh, there’s also a considerable about of Singapore Zoo merch inside the race pack, including a 50% discount voucher to Night Safari and Jurong Bird park.


Singapore Cancer Society Relay Run 2019 (2 Mar 2019)

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SCS Relay for Life is a run held at the Singapore Sports Hub organised by the Singapore Cancer Society, but it’s completely unlike your typical run.

For a start, it’s held overnight from 6pm to 9am the following morning, symbolising that the fight against cancer never sleeps. Participants are encouraged to stay the entire 15 hours, and during this time you can walk or run around the track at your own pace.

There’s an optional 100km challenge, where you can try to hit the 100km goal either on your own (running laps using a tracker) or as a team (relay-style, passing the baton to your teammates).

Since this is a non-competitive run where the main purpose is to raise awareness and funds, participation fees are some of the lowest around:

Category Early bird price (until 11 Jan 2019) Normal price (12 Jan to 15 Feb 2019)
Individual $25 $30
Student (up to age 23) $25 $25
Team (10 or more pax) $25/pax $25/pax


JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2019 (28 Mar 2019)

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Unlike most runs which are about individuals competing against individuals, the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge only allows participants to run in teams, and you can only run together with co-workers in the same company.

Basically it’s a team-building exercise, except more fun since you can pit yourselves against your rivals.

Don’t worry about looking too bad in front of your teammates; the 5.6km race route through the Marina Bay district (starting at the National Gallery facing the Padang and ending at the F1 Pit Building) is pretty forgiving.

If you and your co-workers really want to take part, there’s no need to wait for your boss to approve this – anyone can email [email protected] to become a “Race Captain”. You need to form a team of at least 4 pax.

Participation costs a flat $70 per pax, plus there’s a transaction fee of $2 if you and your colleagues are paying for yourselves. If your company wants to pay for the team as a corporate event, it’s still $70/pax but the transaction fee is $35 instead.

Registration opens from 8 Jan 2019 and ends on 1 Mar 2019 or when the race is filled up.


2XU Run 2019 (7 Apr 2019)

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Compression garment manufacturer 2XU’s annual run is popular among runners of the hardcore variety. If I may hazard a guess, it’s probably due to the 2XU merch in the race pack, plus discounts on 2XU tights, singlets & other sporting gear for participants.

The race starts at F1 Pit Building and flag-off is insanely early, starting at 4:30am. There’s a 5km and 10km run, but I bet most people will be signing up for the 21km half marathon. Because hardcore mah.

Early bird tickets are available from now till the end of the year, so if you’re very enthusiastic about performance garments, now’s your chance to grab them:

Type of run Returning participants price (until 31 Dec 2018) Early bird price (until 31 Dec 2018) Normal price (1 Jan to 10 Mar 2019)
21km half marathon $62 $70 $82
10km run $52 $60 $72
5km run $47 $52 $57

Oh yes, since this is a race for Very Serious Runners, there are pretty good cash prizes for the winners too. Train hard and you just might turn a profit.

  • 21km half marathon – $700 (1st) / $500 (2nd) / $300 (3rd)
  • 10km run – $500 (1st) / $300 (2nd) / $150 (3rd)
  • 5km run –  $300 (1st) / $200 (2nd) / $100 (3rd)


50 Hours Non Stop Run 2019 (19 Apr 2019)

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Speaking of hardcore runners, here’s a run that sounds really punishing: the 50 Hours Non Stop Run at Bedok Reservoir Park. It starts at 9am on 19 Apr and ends at 11am on 21 Apr – yes, 2 whole days!

Actually, it’s not as pressurising as you might expect. It’s a non-competitive event and times are not recorded, so you can simply run laps around the reservoir at your own pace. You can leave at any point to rest, then continue later, as long as it’s within the 50 hours. The point is not speed but endurance.

Registration fees vary depending on how many laps you think you can make. The early bird window has closed, but if you have a PAssion card – which surely you must! – there are discounted rates:

Category Registration fee (PAssion card) Registration fee (regular)
Up to 43km (10 laps) $20 $24
Up to 64.5km (15 laps) $30 $34
Up to 86km (20 laps) $35 $39


NTUC Income Eco Run 2019 (28 Apr 2019)

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As its name suggests, the NTUC Income Eco Run is meant to raise awareness for an environmental cause. This year’s cause is “zero waste”, a movement to get people to reduce the amount of trash they create from single-use packaging such as paper cups and straws.

The run happens in the morning of 28 Apr at the F1 Pit Building, and there’s a whole range of distances to choose from, from a 800m dash for kids to the 21km half marathon.

Prices vary according to which distance you want to run, and early bird prices are valid from now all the way until 12 Feb 2019:

Category Race fee (NTUC Income policyholders) Race fee (ActiveSG / NTUC / PAssion / returning participant) Race fee (all others)
21km half marathon $46 $61 $68
10km run (individual) $36 $51 $58
10km run (team of 4) $32/pax $47/pax $54/pax
Zero Waste 5km fun run $28 $43 $46
1.2km kids dash (age 9 to 12) $15 $20 $23
800m kids dash (age 4 to 8) $15 $20 $23

After 13 Feb 2019, prices will increase. Registration ends on 1 Apr 2019.

Obviously, you get the best price if you’re an NTUC Income policyholder. On top of that, there are a couple more ways to shave a few bucks off the fees:

  • Zero Waste runner ($4 off per runner): Get a discount if you pledge to reduce waste by not receiving a finisher tee or a medal. Valid for 10km and 21km runs.
  • Buddy promo ($3 off per runner): Sign up with a buddy to get a discount. Applicable to 5km run, 10km run and 21km half marathon.

Both “promo codes” can be used together for a maximum of $7 off per participant.


Compressport Forest Force 50 Trail Run 2019 (4 May 2019)

Though not exactly a mainstream marathon, I had to include this new trail run because trail running (running on unpaved paths) is totally underrated. The Forest Force 50 is also exciting because there are no laps at all, even though the distances are quite long.

Starting from Dairy Farm Road, all 3 running routes (15km, 25km and 50km) are along single continuous tracks through Singapore’s nature reserves in the Bukit Timah, Chestnut and Mandai areas. Given Singapore’s diminutive size, I’m really curious about how they managed to come up with a 50km continuous trail.

If your curiosity is piqued, there’s an early bird promo on from now until January. No word on what the regular fees are, though.

Category Early bird registration fee (until 20 Jan 2019)
15km trail run $50
25km trail run $65
50km trail run $80


Sundown Marathon 2019 (1 Jun 2019)

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If you’re wondering what the ultra popular Sundown Marathon is like, their tagline “sleep can wait” should give you an idea.

Held in the city centre, this late night race is kinda like ZoukOut or the F1 night race, except with running instead of dancing or cars. In other words: It’s a run that’s actually cool.

Also, for the serious runners, Sundown Marathon is one of the rare full (42km) marathons in Singapore – most runs only offer up to 21km, or half marathon.

However, you shouldn’t be intimidated because this is a pretty inclusive run with shorter distance variations. Even kids can take part in the 5km fun run.

If you’ve taken part in previous Sundown Marathons or sign up before the year is out, you get the best deal on the registration fees right now:

Category Returning participants (until 31 Jan 2019) Super early bird rates (until 31 Dec 2018) Early bird rates (1 Jan to 17 Feb 2019) Normal rates (17 Feb to 28 Apr 2019)
42km full marathon $70 $85 $95 $100
21km half marathon $60 $65 $75 $80
10km run (individual) $50 $55 $65 $70
10km run (team of 4) $45/pax $52.50/pax $57.50/pax $63.75/pax
5km fun run (adult) $35 $40 $45 $50
5km fun run (kids age 6 to 17) $30 $32 $35 $40

As a bonus, the organisers of Sundown Marathon will donate $1 of the fee to the Singapore Disability Sports Council and the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

How much would you pay to sign up for a run? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.