Pole dancing in Singapore – 5 Studios To Try & How Much They Cost

Pole dancing in Singapore – 5 Studios To Try & How Much They Cost

In case you didn’t get the memo, pole dancing is now a mainstream fitness sport in Singapore. Gone are the days when it was solely associated with sleazy gentlemen clubs and whatnot.

So if aside from keeping fit, your 2019 New Year’s resolution is to get in touch with your sensuality (and perhaps even spice things up in the bedroom), here’s a price guide on 5 popular pole dancing studios in Singapore.

Heads up – sexy school is not cheap.


Pole dancing classes in Singapore

Trial available? Single class price   Package / course prices (per class)
PXD Pole Studio  $10 for 1.5 hours $25 to $35   From $22.50 per class (8-week course)
The Brass Barre $15 for 1 hour (introduction class, Singaporeans only) $45 From $22.50 per class (8-week course)
SLAP Dance $16 for 1 hour From $22.50 per class (8-week course)
Studio Sands $20 for 1 hour $20 to $30 From $30 per class (4-session course)
Milan Pole Dance Studio $40 for 1 week pass (up to 3 classes) $40 From $25 (50-class package)

Cheapest trial class: PXD Pole Studio, $10 for 1.5 hours

Cheapest single-class price:  Studio Sands, from $20 per class

Most pole dance studios offer trial classes of some sort, with prices ranging from $10 to $20 for an hour. They also usually have a single / drop-in class price, but it’s more expensive that course rates.

If you have no prior experience, it would be better (and safer) to enrol in a course to pick up the sport with progressively challenging classes. Since it’s a full-term commitment (usually 8 weeks), the prices might be cheaper too.


PXD Pole Studio – most value-for-money trial class ($10 for 90 mins)

Lots of people are scared to pole dancing, which is why all the studios have heavily discounted 1-time trial classes for newbies to learn about the sport.

If you can relate to the apprehension, PXD Pole Studio is the best studio to take an introductory class – it’s $10 for 90 minutes, so not only is it cheaper than the rest, but the class is also longer so you get the most bang for your buck.

If you decide to proceed, it’s also one of the more affordable studios in town. Single classes are $25 to $35, depending on what level and techniques you choose.

For courses, a full term is 8 weeks and depending on the syllabus, prices range from $180 to $240.

Each class is 90 minutes, as opposed to other studios’ 60 minutes. PXD Pole Studio is the newest studio to join the fray, and the first term begins January 2019.

Although there’s no official statement on this, it seems like PXD Pole Studio is the “new” PoleLAB, which is having their last term this December 2018. The prices and classes are similar, and rumour has it that many instructors are moving over.


The Brass Barre Pole Studio – $15 trial class, but pricey open class rates

The Brass Barre has a relatively affordable trial class, but if you’re looking for a no-commitment option, their drop-in class rates are pretty pricey ($45).

The Brass Barre doesn’t have any discounts for buying class credits in bulk too: For drop-ins there are no packages, just a standard $45 price and you’ll need to be “assessed and qualified to participate”.

If after the trial, you like the studio and its instructors, then perhaps join a course. Prices start at $180 (splits & backbends), and go up to $260 (Pole Dance, Gold and Twerk) for a 7- to 8-week course.

If you’re a die-hard yogi, you may want to check out their Pole Stretch classes, which incorporate yoga techniques.

Currently, the studio is having a 1-for-1 course promotion for new registrants. Check The Brass Barre’s website for the full details.


SLAP Dance Studio – no open classes, courses only (from $22.50/class)

I don’t know if the name “SLAP” comes from kinky slapping choreography, or from the other genre the studio specialises in – lap dancing.

Whichever the case, SLAP Dance Studio‘s pole dancing courses – they don’t do single, open classes – are slightly different from the rest. You can twirl and twerk to your preferred beats, be it hip-hop, rock and more.

Each course is 8 weeks long, and prices are $180 for stretch, $220 for striptease/floor work and $250 for pole. If you’re up for more than 1 course, you can save up to 30% too (but that’s a huge commitment so think carefully ah).


Studio Sands – half-term courses available

Studio Sands is great for those who don’t really like commitment: Open classes are relatively affordable starting at $20 for an hour (beginner), and if you want to try a course, you can request for a half-term arrangement (4 instead of 8 weeks).

Prices vary depending on your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Beginner courses are $120 for 4 classes and $240 for 8 classes, while the rest are $240 for 8 classes.

Intermediate open classes are $30, which is quite expensive, but if you’re a student (i.e. currently enrolled in a course), then you get $10 off.

Existing students also have the option to buy an unlimited pass for $95.


Milan Pole Dance Studio – 1-week trial pass at $40

Milan Pole Dance Studio is the atas studio of the scene, and to score their cheapest per-class rate of $25, you’ll need to whip out $1,250 for a 50-class bundle.

That’s insane (to me at least).

But Milan Pole Dance Studio has perhaps the most classes, teaching the most number of techniques: You can choose from pole conditions and flexibility to aerial, hammock and hoop classes if you like fancy tricks.

Drop-in rates are $40 per class. If you think a one-class trial is not enough, you’ll be glad to know this studio is the only one that offers a 3-class trial package ($40). You’ll have to use it within a week, but you can try different classes and types of techniques.


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