Dance Class Singapore Guide – 7 Affordable Studios For Open Classes

Dance Class Singapore Guide – 7 Affordable Studios For Open Classes

It doesn’t matter if once upon a time you were a teenage champion athlete – becoming sedentary is part of joining the workforce. And realising you need to get up and exercise? That’s you coming out of your quarter-life crisis. Some go hard at marathons, while others take it slow at yoga. For those who want something in between, there are dance classes.

Not only are dance classes a balanced mix of cardio and stretching, they’re also a lot more affordable than many other fitness classes in Singapore. Not to mention, it’s fun to dance!


7 dance studios for affordable hip hop, ballet & more open classes under $20

Of course, taking a morning run is FOC, but not everyone has the discipline to wake up early and brave the sun. On the other extreme, fancy yoga classes taught by Insta-influencer instructors can cost up to $30 per class. Same goes for the now-trending boxing and barre classes.

So how about it? If you’re ready to work it, here are 7 dance studios with affordable open classes for adults.

Dance studio Genres Price per class 
Recognize! Studios Hip hop, street jazz, kpop, urban, waacking From $8.90 
Legacy Dance Co Hip hop, kpop, urban, lyrical jazz, locking From $11 
O School Hip hop, street jazz, kpop, urban, lyrical jazz From $11.50 
TRDO Lyrical jazz, contemporary From $12 
Danz People Hip hop, street jazz, kpop, urban, contemporary From $13.50 
Step Studio Hip hop, street jazz, kpop, urban, contemporary, jazz funk From $15 
Singapore Dance Theatre Ballet, contemporary From $20  


Recognize! Studios – $8.90 classes, but $55 membership fee

Recognize! Studios offers one of the most affordable classes in town. It focuses on street dance styles like hip hop, street jazz, kpop, urban and even waacking. The only thing is that to enjoy these cheap prices, you’ll need to sign up as a member – which is pretty expensive.

Membership cost $55 a year and comes with 2 free open classes. For renewals, it’s $35 and comes with 5 free open classes.


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For first-timers, there is a trial class available at $10. After that, single classes are $13 (member) / $17 (non-member). The package prices are $120 for 13 classes ($9.20 / class) and $240 for 27 classes ($8.90 / class).

I personally feel that although $8.90 is super cheap for a class, considering the membership fee and the 27-class commitment, it’s not quite as worth it as it seems.


Legacy Dance Co – offers free hip hop dance class trial

Legacy Dance Co (LDC) is the only studio in this list that offers free trial classes. On their website, you can fill up an e-form to request for a free hip hop class trial. LDC has street genres, as well as a more technique-focused lyrical jazz class for those with a bit of experience.


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LDC’s prices are relatively affordable too. It’s $40 for 3 classes ($13.30 / class), $60 for 5 classes ($12 / class) and $110 for 10 classes ($11 / class).

If you go 1 class a week, 10 classes will last you about 2.5 months, which isn’t that long a commitment. Plus, there’s literally a free trial so you can test the waters before committing.


O School – street dance classes from $11.50

O School is perhaps one of the most well known dance schools, possibly because many of their instructors also teach dance CCAs in schools. It’s conveniently located at SCAPE in Somerset, and features hip hop, street jazz, kpop, urban and lyrical jazz classes.


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Single classes go for $14 and like the rest, they have multi-class packages: $50 for 4 classes ($12.50 / class) and $115 for 10 classes ($11.50 / class). 


TRDO – contemporary dance classes from $12

No sneakers and caps here – TRDO stands for “the royal dance off”, which makes sense for a studio that offers classical classes teaching lyrical jazz and contemporary dance techniques.


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Unlike street dances where you can get away with just grooving and moving to the beat, these open dance classes probably require at least a bit of background (or very thick skin). If you’re worried you won’t like it, go for a single class ($15).

Packages are $56 for 4 classes ($14 / class) and $120 for 10 classes ($12 / class).


Danz People – 1.5h contemporary dance classes at $24

Danz People covers most dance genres, from hip hop to urban to contemporary. Like most studios, classes are typically 1 hour, except for contemporary classes – those are 1.5 hours and priced differently.


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Single classes are $16 (regular) / $24 (contemporary). A 10-class package for is $135 ($13.50 / class). If you are super motivated to go multiple times a week, consider the unlimited packages ($200 for 1 month, $360 for 2 months). To make your money’s worth, you’ll have to go for 15 or 27 classes respectively.

For the contemporary classes, it’s $85 for 4 classes. There is a one-time registration fee of $20 for everyone, so don’t forget to factor that in too.


Step Studio – no packages, $15 to $18 / class

Nope, Step Studio is not a “steps” typo – it’s actually short for Stephanie, which is the founding choreographer’s name. The studio holds classes for almost every genre. Aside from the standard hip hop techniques, there’s kpop, urban, jazz funk and contemporary.


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Classes are slightly pricey, and there is no package discount. Single classes are $18, but they work on a top-up system whereby you basically load up your account with credits and slowly deduct them.

If you top up credits and pay from your account, each class is $15. The minimum top-up is $20 though, so if you want to make sure you top up swee-swee no excess, then you’ll have to put in $60 and use it for 4 classes.


Singapore Dance Theatre – adult ballet classes from $20 / class

The Singapore Dance Theatre is Singapore’s most well known classical dance company, but you don’t need to be a professional to take their classes. Of course, it would help (a lot) if you’ve had some ballet or contemporary dance training.


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They only teach ballet and contemporary ballet, and for first-timers, the trial is $25 for a single class.

Otherwise, classes are sold in a package: $170 for 8 classes ($21.25 / class) or $320 for 16 classes ($20 / class).

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Would you consider taking up dance classes for your 2019 New Year’s resolution? Tell us in the comments below.