5 Ways to Cut Costs During Chinese New Year (CNY)
5 Ways to Cut Costs During Chinese New Year (CNY)
If you’re one of those people who actually like Chinese New Year, good for you. But for many others in ...
7 January 2020
chinese new year 2019
Chinese New Year Budgeting (2020) – How Much Does It Cost To Follow Tradition?
As one half of a young, married couple who’s just moved into our own place, I am only just starting to ...
6 January 2020
Save money on your coffee
Serious Coffee Drinkers, Here’s How to Save Money Without Kicking Your Caffeine Habit
This post was written in collaboration with Nestlé Professional. While we are financially compensated by ...
certis cisco safe deposit box
Not Just for Gold Investments and Priceless Family Heirlooms: Why Everyone Should Consider Getting a Safe Deposit Box
This post was written in collaboration with Certis. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
vinyl flooring
Flooring Options in Singapore — Price Guide to Vinyl Flooring & More
Flooring is the single most expensive cost when it comes to home renovations – and the bigger your house, ...
12 December 2019
Free Samples Singapore
Free Samples Singapore – Where to Get Samples for Baby Stuff, Beauty, Toiletries & Food
If you ever feel like Singapore is too boring, just go to any Sheng Siong and scream the words “FREE SAMPLES!” ...
10 December 2019
prepaid sim card expat tourist sim card
The Expat/Tourist’s Guide to Getting a Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore
Whether you’re here in Singapore for business or leisure, prepaid data SIM cards are good to have. It helps ...
10 December 2019
sentosa entry fee car park parking
Sentosa Guide (2020) – Entry Fees, Parking Rates and More Money-Saving Hacks
I always thought Sentosa was an overpriced scam-land that only tourists ever visit. I mean, how many times ...
9 December 2019
singtel fibre broadband switch
Not Yet on Singtel Fibre Broadband? Here’s How Much Value You’ll Get When You Make the Switch Now (December 2019)
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
singtel telco sim only postpaid
Singtel Phone Plans Review: GOMO Singtel VS 2-Year Combo VS XO
Singtel has always been known to be one of the most secure and reliable networks in Singapore. Faced with ...
4 December 2019
retail apocalypse forever 21
Retail Apocalypse in Singapore — 7 Popular Brands That Went Bust or Closed Down
Although the term “retail apocalypse” was originally coined to describe the fast decline of many huge North ...
3 December 2019
redmart imported products international selection
From Seasonal Japanese Kit Kat Flavours to Fine French Wine: 11 Imported Products You Can Get on RedMart Without Spending Money on a Plane Ticket
This post was written in collaboration with RedMart. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
wechat pay alipay singapore
WeChat Pay & AliPay: Workarounds for Singaporeans to Set Up China Payment Apps
We’re all familiar with using contactless payment gateways to pay for goods and services in Singapore, ...
29 November 2019
Singtel Fibre Broadband Home Entertainment System in HDB
Ever Thought of Setting Up Your Dream Home Entertainment System in Your HDB Flat? Helpful Tips From a Couple and the Costs Involved
When renovating your flat, there are so many things to consider: What theme do you want, what colour scheme ...
28 November 2019
m1 phone plans review
M1 Phone Plans Review: SIM Only Plans & Plans With Device
M1 has consolidated their phone plans into two main ones to compete in a market swarming with mobile virtual ...
28 November 2019
starhub phone plan
Starhub giga! Now Has a $10 (5GB) Plan: Starhub SIM Only & 2-Year Postpaid Plans
Starhub offers many options when it comes to phone plans and add-ons. They just launched a very attractive ...
27 November 2019
queensway shopping centre
The Queensway Shopping Centre En Bloc Failed, But Is It Still Worth Visiting?
Queensway Shopping Centre’s fate had been hanging on thin thread for the longest time — many people were ...
26 November 2019
credit counselling and debt management programme
Credit Counselling & Debt Management Programmes in Singapore: How Can They Help?
Singaporeans are used to being self-sufficient and never relying on hand-outs. While that’s definitely ...
26 November 2019
youtrip review
YouTrip Review — Guide to YouTrip Card, Exchange Rates & Promo Codes
Remember when you’d queue up to exchange huge wads of cash at a money changer and then pray you wouldn’t ...
25 November 2019
valuemax pawn shop broker
3 Big Misconceptions About Pawn Shops That Singaporeans Still Have
This post was written in collaboration with ValueMax. While we are financially compensated by them, we ...
recycling in singapore
Time to Skip the Recycle Bin? 3 Ways to Make Money Recycling in Singapore
Recycling in Singapore is gaining popularity, but it’s still pretty much a thankless task. You have sort ...
20 November 2019
tanjong pagar food 2018
Tanjong Pagar Food Guide – Cheap Food Guide for Broke CBD Workers
Just started a new job in Tanjong Pagar and already counting down the days to your first paycheck? Hey, ...
20 November 2019
multi currency account youtrip transferwise debit card hd
Digital Multi-Currency Accounts For Travel & Remittance: YouTrip vs TransferWise vs Revolut vs InstaReM
Travel and tech-savvy Singaporeans are no strangers to the popular multi-currency digital wallet YouTrip ...
18 November 2019
christmas wonderland 2018
Gardens By The Bay Christmas Wonderland 2019 – Ticket Prices, Highlights & More
If the yearly lights along Orchard Road aren’t doing it for you, try tickling your festive bones at Gardens ...
17 November 2019
data travel roaming singapore
Data Roaming Plans Singapore – Starhub DataTravel vs Singtel ReadyRoam vs M1 Data Passport
If you see a bunch of bewildered looking tourists searching for Wi-Fi hotspots while on holiday, there’s ...
15 November 2019