pandapro: The Most Value-for-Money Subscription Ever? Pay $3.99/month, Get $300/Month Savings on Food, Plus Upsized Perks 23-29 May

foodpanda Singapore panda pro subscription

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Singapore is a nation of foodies.

I’m but one of them: A few weeks ago, I finally did the Rail Corridor trek with a friend — but this activity was only mooted because of the foodie spots in the area. Needless to say, the route became a “Food Corridor” instead, with #gains in other *ahem* areas.

But seriously, just ask your friends and many of them are always cafe-hopping or at the latest hot new resto. Plus, they have credit cards that offer dining perks, at least one food delivery app installed on their phones, plan their holidays around must-eat highlights, weave a meal into every meet-up, and of course, have some form of food-related subscription.

We’ll also go to any lengths to get our food, even if we can’t physically go out to eat or buy it ourselves. Remember the Circuit Breaker period, circa 2020? Food delivery was a life-saver! And for those of us who got served quarantine notices, fell ill with Covid-19 or simply couldn’t leave our desk due to a work discussion that overran into lunch, yup, food delivery to the rescue again!

To sweeten the deal, food delivery apps also offer discounted pick-up promos, grocery delivery… and one such app — foodpanda — also offers dine-in at restaurant deals! In addition, foodpanda also has its pandapro subscription plan that offers even more perks at a low, low rate from $3.99/month. 

Aaaand, on top of this, foodpanda will be running their flagship event, pandapro week, where new and existing subscribers will get extra deals on top of the usual subscription perks from 23 to 29 May 2022.

Let’s first take a look at what foodpanda’s pandapro subscription offers.


Become a promo pro with pandapro

Aside from having that cheeky pink panda ambassador, Pau-Pau, who is such a cutie, pandapro offers great deals so you can become a promo pro, aka Lobang King/Queen. Imagine all the money saved on your favourite food and groceries, along with the delighted looks of your friends who also benefit by just hanging out with you!

Here’s a look at the perks that pandapro offers:

foodpanda Singapore panda pro subscription
Image: foodpanda
  • Unlimited free delivery on your foodpanda orders from selected restaurants
  • Extra 5% off all pick-up orders
  • 20-35% off the full menu when you dine-in at selected restaurants
  • 2 x 10% off monthly pandamart vouchers

This means pandapro subscribers get an all-rounded programme with food delivery, pick-up, groceries, and even dine-in. Did we mention it’s from just $3.99 a month? That’s a great rate, given the other foodie subscription plans available right now (we won’t name names, but #IYKYK).

Keep reading to find out about a whole week of upsized perks just for pandapro subscribers during pandapro week from 23 to 29 May 2022~


Save over $300/month with pandapro

Word has it that with a pandapro subscription, you’re able to save over $300 a month thanks to all of the discounts and deals. While it might be different for everyone, here’s what my savings in a typical week might look like:

Date pandapro perk Description Usual spending Amount saved
2 May Extra 5% off pick-up Order coffee and pastries from Flash Coffee $12.00 $0.60
2 May Free delivery Order a few cups of Bubble Tea from Gong Cha Food: $19

Delivery fee: $7.39

Platform fee: $0.29

3 May Extra 5% off pick-up Order coffee and pastries from Flash Coffee $12.00 $0.60
3 May 20-35% off selected restaurants  Order two meals from Saladstop for lunch Food: $40

Delivery fee: $3.89

Platform fee: $0.29

$40 x 35% = $14
4 May Extra 5% off pick-up Order coffee and pastries from Flash Coffee $12 $0.60
4 May 30-50% off dine-in Dine-in at Eighteen Chefs with colleagues Food: $80 Deal: 30% off full menu discount = $24
5 May Extra 5% off pick-up Order coffee and pastries from Flash Coffee $12.00 $0.60
5 May 10% off pandamart Order groceries from pandamart Groceries: $50

Delivery fee: $0.99

Platform fee: $0.29

$50 x 10% = $5
6 May Extra 5% off pick-up Order coffee and pastries from Flash Coffee $12.00 $0.60
6 May  30-50% off dine-in Dine-in at Fun Toast with the family Food: $30 Deal: 30% off full menu = $9 saved
7 May  30-50% off dine-in Chill at Eighteen Chefs with friends  Food: $40 Deal: 40% off full menu discount = $16
8 May Free delivery  Order a set from Pastamania for dinner Food: $19.75

Delivery: $2.99

  • Savings after 1 week (not including groceries) = $76.38
  • Savings after 4 weeks (not including groceries) = $305.52
  • Estimated savings per month including 2 purchases of groceries = $315.52

Of course, for those who rely on food delivery daily to tide them through a crazy week of work meetings and family duties, in addition to dining out during the weekends and going for a round of drinks with friends on Friday nights to destress, the savings could actually be much, much more. It’s actually quite mind-blowing how much can be saved.


Deals to look out for during pandapro week (23-29 May)

foodpanda Singapore panda pro subscription
Image: foodpanda

Aaand, both new and existing pandapro subscribers have even more reason to celebrate! For 23 to 29 May 2022 is pandapro week, which means upsized perks such as:

  • 20-35% off full menu for selected restaurants (for delivery orders); as compared to the usual 20% discount
  • 30-50% off full menu for dine-in; as compared to the usual 20-35% discounts

Psst…we have some insider info from the team at foodpanda — there will be an eye-popping 584 restaurant outlets participating in pandapro week with discounts from 30% to 35% off a minimum order value of $15.

Some of the brands that caught our eye:

  • Buey Tahan See-Food
  • Eggwich
  • Polar Puffs and Cakes
  • BreadTalk
  • Makisan
  • Mr Bean
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Eighteen Chefs
  • Delifrance
  • Wingstop
  • Hei Sushi
  • 4Fingers Crispy Chicken
  • Gong Cha
  • Bakalaki Greek Taverna
  • So Ramen
  • Poke Lulu

Don’t think I’ll be able to finish the whole list in just a week though! But it just goes to show that it really pays to be a pandapro. What with saving over $300 a month on food and even more during the upcoming pandapro week… all for just $3.99/month.

Download the foodpanda app to get started as a pandapro today.


Top image: foodpanda