HDB Season Parking in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost & How to Renew?

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So, you’ve bought a car and driven that bad boy back from the showroom or seller’s home. Now, all that’s left is to enjoy the wind in your hair as you whizz past those suckers at the bus stop every morning, right?

Well, unless you also live in a condo or house, you’ve also got to find a way to park your car. And for most Singaporeans who live in HDB flats, that means purchasing HDB season parking.


How does HDB season parking work?

HDB season parking enables you to park in a certain group of HDB carparks without having to place coupons. Subscription is on a monthly basis.

When you have a valid season parking subscription, you will be able to park in any lot within the carpark group you’re signed up to.

You do not necessarily have to live in a certain HDB estate to subscribe for season parking in the vicinity. For instance, you can try to get season parking at a carpark near your workplace. There is also a Family Season Parking scheme that enables you to get season parking at a carpark near your family members’ homes.

However, there is fierce competition for many carparks in Singapore, so if you are not living or working in HDB property in the area, or are trying to get season parking for a second car, tough luck trying to get a lot in in-demand areas.

Lots are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis every month, so you should apply as soon as booking opens every month. However, based on which priority group you fall under, you might be allocated a different booking date, with the highest priority peeps getting first dibs each month.

Here’s how to know when you can book your lot online:

Priority group Applies to Booking date
1 1st vehicle owned by HDB owners, tenants, occupiers or commercial tenants

Includes 1st company-registered vehicle

1st of the month
2 2nd and subsequent vehicles owned by above groups of people 18th of the month
3 Residents who do not own the vehicle

Sub-tenants of rooms of flat


21st of the month

Booking for each carpark group opens on the first of each month. If demand is so high that all available lots get snapped up by Priority Group #1 within the first week, then Priority Groups #2 and #3 can only wait till next month to try again.


What are the HDB season parking charges for cars?

HDB season parking has a reputation for being relatively inexpensive, which is why so many office workers in the CBD try to snag carpark lots in nearby HDB estates like Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar.

To know how much you have to pay as a car owner, you’ll first need to know which tier you fall under.

Tier 1: Resident’s first car of household. To qualify as a resident, you must be the registered flat owner, occupier or tenant living in the HDB precinct the carpark serves.

Tier 2: Cars of non-residents, or second and subsequent cars of resident.

Location / type of car park Season parking charges (Tier 1 cars) Season parking charges (Tier 2 cars)
Restricted zone (surface / kerbside) $80 $165
Restricted zone (sheltered) $110 $190
Designated area (surface / kerbside) $80 $150
Designated area (sheltered) $110 $179
Rest of island (surface / kerbside) $80 $90
Rest of island (sheltered) $110 $120
Special precinct $95 $105
Industrial park (multi-storey car park) $110 $120
Industrial park (night parking)
Centralised lorry park $80 $90


What are the HDB season parking charges for motorcycles & commercial vehicles?

Here are the HDB season parking rates for motorcycle parking:

Location / type of car park Season parking charges (motorcycle) Season parking charges (motorcycle requiring 2 lots)
Restricted zone (surface / kerbside) $15 $30
Restricted zone (sheltered) $17 $34
Designated area (surface / kerbside) $15 $30
Designated area (sheltered) $17 $34
Rest of island (surface / kerbside) $15 $30
Rest of island (sheltered) $17 $34
Special precinct
Industrial park (multi-storey car park) $17 $34
Industrial park (night parking)
Centralised lorry park $15 $30

And the HDB season parking charges for commercial vehicles e.g. vans, lorries.

Location / type of car park Season parking charges (commercial vehicle)
Restricted zone (surface / kerbside) $185
Restricted zone (sheltered) $185
Designated area (surface / kerbside) $185
Designated area (sheltered) $185
Rest of island (surface / kerbside) $185
Rest of island (sheltered) $185
Special precinct
Industrial park (multi-storey car park) $130
Industrial park (night parking) $65
Centralised lorry park $85


How to apply for HDB season parking

The easiest way to figure out if there are available lots near you is simply to run a search on the HDB Season Parking Information portal.

If you think you’ve got a reasonable chance of securing your pass, you can log in to the HDB website with your SingPass, fill in the online form and submit it.

Or, you can download the [email protected] app for iOS or Android and use it to submit your application.

In both cases, you will need to pay by credit card or direct debit. This is valid for fDBS, UOB, OCBC, Citibank and Standard Chartered account holders.


How to renew HDB season parking

The easiest way to renew HDB season parking is to join the GIRO Payment Season Parking Charges scheme or opt to pay by recurring credit card payment. This enables you to automatically pay your fees by GIRO or credit card every month.

But if you want to do things the hard way, you can manually renew your season parking each month in these 3 ways:


How to transfer HDB season parking

At some point, you might need to transfer HDB season parking. This can be done permanently or temporarily, is subject to HDB’s approval and, if you are changing to another carpark group, availability of lots.

Permanent transfer of HDB season parking is permitted if you are changing:

  • Car park groups (e.g. you are moving to a different block and wish to switch to another car park group that is closer)
  • Vehicle (e.g. you are changing cars and need to change the registration number attached to your season parking subscription)
  • Vehicle type (e.g. you are switching from car to motorbike)

Temporary transfer of HDB season parking can be done for up to 31 days, but only for the following circumstances:

  • You are temporarily driving a replacement vehicle while yours undergoes repairs
  • Your car changes frequently because you are working at a car dealer or car rental company
  • You have to temporarily park elsewhere (e.g. you are living with your parents for a while as your flat is being renovated)

Temporary transfers are a bit more troublesome as you may be asked to upload documentary evidence.

Whether permanent or temporary, you can effect a transfer by logging into HDB’s season parking portal with your SingPass and submitting your application online, or through the [email protected] app.

You will typically have to pay transfer charges, which vary according to the situation.


Saving on parking charges by signing up for Family Season Parking

In general, it’s pretty hard to save on HDB season parking costs as things are pretty much non-negotiable with the government.

However, if you are trying to snag season parking at your parents’ place and you live apart from them, don’t forget to check if you are eligible for the Family Season Parking scheme.

You’ll have to apply in person at HDB branches or service centres. This page summarises what the application procedure is.

Family season parking charges are 50% lower than usual, which gives you another excuse to visit your parents other than the free food.

Do you have HDB season parking? Share your tips and tricks in the comments.


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