Drivers, Have You Switched to the New NETS Motoring Card? It Could Save You Time, Effort & Money

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Through traffic jams, early morning commutes and in the caverns of carparks, our in-vehicle unit (IU) is always by our side. Patiently, it sits in silence until we almost forget that it’s there… until we pass through a gantry and it beeps.

Speaking of the IU, it will eventually be replaced by the new On-board Unit (OBU). But whether you’re using the older generation or new, one thing both devices have in common is that they work in tandem with a card that has monetary value — such as the new NETS Motoring Card, which is compatible with both the IU and OBU.

If you haven’t switched to the new NETS Motoring Card, doing so could ensure a transition that’s as smooth as a drive on the expressway on Sunday morning…and also saves you time, effort and money — here’s how.


1. It’s accepted at all carparks

Not all carpark electronic parking systems are created equal — currently, publicly-owned carparks that are the majority must accept Singapore’s widely used cashless Electrionic Parking System (EPS) Contactless e-Purse Application (CEPAS) cards but older or private carparks may not.

This means that while most carparks can accept both EZ-Link and NETS issued CEPAS cards, some accept a specific payment mode, such as only CEPAS cards issued by NETS.

However, with the universal NETS Motoring Card, you can throw your parking anxiety to the wind. It’s fully compatible with exit readers at all carparks in Singapore — and even if auto deduction fails, you can just tap and hold it on the card reader at the gantry.

No more worries or frustration when you’re rushing to an important meeting but trying to pay for parking yet not knowing which card you can use…not a problem if you have the NETS Motoring Card!


2. Save time & effort on top-ups

With the new NETS Motoring Card, you’re able to top up the card on the go or from the comfort of your sofa via the NETS App (download via Google Play Store or Apple App Store). as well as Auto Top-up linked to your credit/debit card.

This means less time and effort spent making detours or searching for a physical top-up point such as NETS Top-Up Machines, NETS Self-Service Stations, ATMs, convenience stores*…but you still have the option to do so if it’s along your route!

Even better — when you sign up for Auto Top-up, there’s no physical removal of the NETS Motoring Card in your IU/OBU (topping up via the NETS App still requires you to remove the card from your IU/OBU to place it at the back of your phone to enable top-up with NFC). No more stressing over forgetting to reinsert the card later and incurring additional fees, which saves money.

*Some locations might incur additional service fees


3. Effortlessly view transactions on the go

Similar to top-ups, you can also effortlessly view transactions made with your NETS Motoring Card while on the go (but not when you’re driving, okay?). Via the NETS App. you can easily manage transactions and view your card balance and transaction history (yes, 24/7).

There’s no need to visit a physical location to view your statement and request for a printout.


4. Be rewarded for your everyday commute

I don’t know about you, but I derive great joy in optimising my everyday activities and spending, whether it’s racking up credit card reward points, enjoying cashback on daily necessities, clocking up steps to exchange for rewards…and even accumulating WINK+ points while I go about my usual commute with the new NETS Motoring Card.

These WINK+ points can be converted to e-vouchers for spending at participating retailers, which saves money. Some of the current merchants on WINK+ include Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot, Citrus Sox, BBQ Express and more.

To get started on your WINK+ rewards journey, just download and register your 16-digit NETS Motoring Card ID on the WINK+ app to begin earning WINK+ points.

Oh, and those who purchase the new NETS Motoring Card also enjoy free insurance up to $50 on their card, by HL Assurance (for peace of mind should you somehow misplace the card).

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To enrol in the lucky draw, submit your name, contact details and NETS Motoring Card ID in the lucky draw microsite. Top-ups from manual top-ups and Auto Top-Up (ATU) are counted as qualified top-ups for the lucky draw

There will be a grand draw at the end of the campaign — all of your chances earned will go towards this electrifying conclusion.

Find out more and switch to the NETS Motoring Card today.

The NETS Motoring Card costs $10 per card (inclusive of $5 stored value). It is available for sale at all petrol stations and convenience stores as well as the NETS Customer Service Centre.