Here’s the Extra Value You’ll Get When You Subscribe to StarHub’s 2Gbps Broadband Plan

StarHub 2Gbps Broadband - free Samsung soundbar

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If there’s one thing none of us can survive without, it’s the internet. Without an internet connection, some, unable to order groceries or food, would starve to death. Without being able to stream movies and series on platforms like Netflix or Disney+, we’d be forced to camp in front of the telly to watch local free-to-air TV programmes AND be tied to a fixed schedule — the horror!

These days, it’s not just our computers and mobile phones that are itching to connect to the internet. Through the internet of things, home appliances, electric cars and more are all hooked up to the web.

As devices get faster and more powerful, usage gets heavier, data and content get richer, and the number of devices we use rises. At some point, we need to raise our bandwidth to keep up.

The solution? Upgrade your internet connection to 2Gbps broadband. To sweeten the deal, you also get a ton of extra value when you sign up for one of the StarHub 2Gbps Broadband plans.


1. Exclusive freebies (like a free Samsung Soundbar worth up to $1,899)

Who says there’s no free lunch? When you sign up for or upgrade to any StarHub 2Gbps Broadband plan, you get a FREE Samsung Q-series Soundbar worth up to $1,899.

Samsung Q800B Soundbar
PHOTO: Samsung

The brand new Samsung Q-series Soundbar, released in 2022, is a stylish sound system that’ll elevate the audio quality of your movies, TV series and music. In addition, the Q800B (worth $1,899) is said to be the world’s first wireless Dolby Atmos with true 5.1.2ch sound — there are 5 front and surround channels, 1 subwoofer channel, 2 up-firing channels, and newly added side speakers.

Samsung soundbar
PHOTO: Samsung

Whether you’re an audiophile or dream of building the ultimate home cinema system, this device will help you enjoy your entertainment so much more.

The following StarHub plans qualify for the free Samsung Soundbar:

StarHub is currently the only company that we know of which is giving out such a lovely premium with their service plans. And what a generous freebie it is! The value of the Samsung Soundbar you’ll receive is equivalent to up to 19 months’ worth of broadband bills.

StarHub Broadband has the best WiFi coverage that everyone wants in on. By signing up for a StarHub 2Gbps Broadband plan, you are already receiving a superfast and reliable internet connection. With the addition of the free Samsung Soundbar, the value you get for your money goes through the roof.


2. Do not disturb mode: ON

Samsung 2Gbps broadband for gaming
PHOTO: StarHub

If there’s a gamer, an inveterate (legal) downloader of videos/high-res music or a home business owner in your household, their heavy internet usage might be slowing down the internet connection for themselves and everyone else.

In many instances, especially in this age of hybrid work, a poor internet connection can be fatal, especially during a client or investor meeting or when trying to keep the wheels of your home business turning. And when you’re done with work and are trying to relax, there’s no greater killjoy than lags during a game or when streaming shows on Netflix or Disney+.

Lags are a waste of time, and time is money for some. Having a speedy connection (even better if it’s via direct LAN) ensures the heavy internet user gets sufficient dedicated bandwidth to his or her device whenever it is needed.

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24 mth - Contract Terms
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24 mth - Contract Terms

3. Big house, no problem

If there are areas in your home with poor WiFi connection, those spaces become like a wasteland that nobody except dust mites want to venture into, and leave you wondering why you even bothered paying through your nose for such a big home.

Luckily, it’s easy to extend your home WiFi coverage, especially as you can receive a free StarHub Smart WiFi Pro router worth $399, included as part of your StarHub 2Gbps Broadband plan.

Extending your WiFi connection is a lifesaver in multi-storey houses that require an additional fibre connection on the different floors. And when you have a powerful broadband connection such as StarHub’s coupled with a Smart WiFi Pro router that can cover extra ground, you don’t need extra surface cabling that might look unsightly and literally trip you up.


Mai tu liao: Time to level up to a 2Gbps Broadband plan

StarHub offers some of the most generous bundles of freebies for 2Gbps Broadband plans in Singapore.

As mentioned before, you get a free Samsung Soundbar worth up to $1,899 when you sign up or upgrade to any 2Gbps Broadband plan.

Here are details about the 4 qualifying plans as well as the freebies you get with each:

2Gbps Broadband Plan with Samsung Soundbar worth $1,199

2Gbps Fibre Broadband @ $62.90/mth

  • FREE Samsung Soundbar (HW-Q600B) worth $1,199
  • 2Gbps Broadband with FREE Smart WiFi Pro worth $399
  • Disney+ on us
HubBundle 2G (4G) @ $89.90/mth

  • FREE Samsung Soundbar (HW-Q600B) worth $1,199
  • 2Gbps Broadband with FREE Smart WiFi Pro worth $399
  • 4G SIM Only Plan with 60GB + 20GB for first 3 months, 1000 mins and 1000 SMS
  • Netflix on us

2Gbps Broadband Plan with Samsung Soundbar worth $1,899

HubBundle 2G (5G) @ $99.90/mth

  • FREE Samsung Soundbar (HW-Q800B) worth $1,899
  • 2Gbps Broadband with FREE Smart WiFi Pro worth $399
  • 5G SIM Only plan with 70GB + 20GB for first 3 months, 1000 mins & 1000 SMS
  • Netflix and Disney+ on us 
HomeHub+ 2G @ $99.90/mth

  • FREE Samsung Soundbar (HW-Q800B) worth $1,899
  • 2Gbps Broadband with FREE Smart WiFi Pro worth $399
  • 1 TV+ Pass (Asian+ or Entertainment+)
  • FREE StarHub TV+ box worth $120
  • Netflix on us

Eh, why are you still here??? BBBMTL (Buy Broadband Mai Tu Liao)!!! Quickly sign up or upgrade to a StarHub 2Gbps plan and receive a free Samsung Soundbar worth up to $1,899.


Top image: StarHub.