3 Drawbacks (Really!) of Having a 4K Android TV & the Best WiFi Coverage in Your ‘Hood

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They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but did you realise it works the other way around too?

That’s right, even stellar things like having excellent WiFi coverage in your home (some say best in your ‘hood too) can have its bad points.

But why??? It seems like an obviously good thing to have in the era of work-from-home — and Covid-friendly hobbies like gaming. Duh. What kind of downsides could there possibly be?!

Read on…


1. Someone always seems to be trying to tap your WiFi connection

Ever had a nagging feeling that someone outside your household might be connecting to your broadband? Well, when you have the best WiFi coverage in your estate, it might turn out to be true.

Chances are, your neighbours aren’t even tapping on your WiFi on purpose. Maybe it’s because your generic “StarHub Broadband” connection name is that good, so its signal might actually supersede your neighbours’ own broadband connection. An honest mistake, ya?

Of course, there are also real leeches who do try and get an internet connection for free (remember the movie Parasite?). Or maybe ‘cos your WiFi is simply faster and better, so they purposely choose your network.

For your cybersecurity, it’s best practice to set a password and encrypt your broadband network. You can still be neighbourly and share these details with close blockmates — after all, StarHub Broadband can serve up to 40 devices at a time! Maybe you can change your network name to “BUY ME A DRINK” and see if anyone is automatic enough to get the hint and show their gratitude.


2. Visitors overstay their welcome (especially when you have a 4K Android TV)

It’s not a bad thing, being sociable and having guests over — as long as the number of visitors is well within the current Covid-19 phase rules, of course.

But it does get a tiny bit annoying when your visitors overstay their welcome. Like your neighbour who came over to “borrow some sugar” a whole 2 hours ago, but since then has been glued to your widescreen 4K Android TV streaming dramas on your superfast WiFi connection. Strange, they even forgot to take the sugar on their way out.

Or when your friend drops by randomly on a weekday, but suddenly gets an “urgent work email”, and before you know it, he’s doing back-to-back lag-free Zoom meetings on his laptop in your living room. (Hey, when did your home become a co-working space?)

Maybe your family members often visit to “catch up” but instead of actual conversation, they end up spending hours on your couch, eyes glued to your goggle box and/or their devices. At some point, you wonder if “catching up” was meant for their favourite shows on your 4K Android TV or playing Genshin Impact on your speedy WiFi connection…instead of with you. Sigh.

Oh well, you should probably get used to it. If you have an ultra-fast broadband connection with no dead spots, such is your lot in life.


3. Playground’s out… your 4K Android TV is in?!

When you have the best WiFi in the ‘hood, you can expect not just your friends and family, but even your kids’ schoolmates will want to come and hang out after school. Suddenly your house feels like a childcare centre.

You start running low on Milo and snacks, and when the parents come and pry their kids away from the TV, they end up chilling for hours too. Right now, you are secretly thankful for the 5 pax per household limit on visitors.

No need to scratch your head and wonder why you’re so popular. It’s probably because you got a free 4K Android TV, Netflix and Disney+ when you signed up for your StarHub 2Gbps Broadband plan. Not to mention free delivery and installation, a free TV wall mount and even a free antenna to boot.

In fact, there’s a simple mathematical equation for this: Awesome WiFi + 4K Android TV + Netflix + Disney+ = Coolest Neighbour Ever

That’s why it’s always TV time in your house, especially when the latest Disney releases and Marvel blockbusters come out. Remember when Shang-Chi came out and you had to restrict the number of eager visitors to your home?

Come to think of it, this “drawback” is not the worst problem to have if you love watching the latest shows. Break out the popcorn!


The best WiFi coverage that everybody wants in on

Now that you’ve checked out the drawbacks of having the best WiFi in your neighbourhood, what do you think? #FirstWorldProblems

With ultra-fast speed and support for up to 40 devices, StarHub offers the best streaming experience in town. Thanks to its Smart WiFi 6 mesh technology, you can get full WiFi coverage across your entire home — every nook and cranny — so say goodbye to those dreaded “dead spots”.

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