Single & actively dating in Singapore: Here’s how much dating costs you (2022)

How much it costs to be single & actively dating in Singapore - Moneysmart Blog
How much it costs to be single & actively dating in Singapore

More Singaporeans are opting out of marriage, weddings and kids because of the high cost of living. Personally, I think finding a partner who has the same approach to finances as you can actually end up saving you money in the long run.

But until you find that person, living the single life can be quite a drain on resources. In between actively dating, dining out and going on trendy date activities, there’s quite a set of costs to anticipate.

Declining marriage rates in Singapore

Marriage rates in Singapore have been falling over the past decade. In 2014, the marriage rate was 6.8 per 1,000 residents. In 2019, it had fallen to 5.9. And in 2020, no doubt due to Covid, the marriage rate plunged to 5.2 per 1,000 people.

The median marriage age is also increasing, reaching an all-time high in 2020, with males entering their first marriage at 30.4 years of age, and females at 28.8. As of 2020, there are also more singles across all age groups compared to 2010.

Covid-19 is partly to blame, as it has made it difficult to meet new people and has also caused couples to put off marriage. But overall, there is also a clear long-term trend of more people choosing to stay single or cohabiting with partners without getting married.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it’s definitely better than being forced to marry and pop out kids in order to not bring shame upon the family. For singles, the high number of unmarried people also means you no longer have to be the only one in the room who’s not coupled up.

Most popular online dating apps

Online dating apps like Tinder and OKCupid have single-handedly done what SDU spent decades failing at.

Unsurprisingly, the online dating segment is projected to reach US$4m in Singapore in 2022, with a user penetration rate of 5%. Dating apps are usually free to use, but also have paid premium tiers that let you unlock certain features.

In a survey of 1,774 users aged 16 and above, these were the 8 most popular dating apps in Singapore:

Dating app

Premium membership price



Tinder Plus (under 30) – 1.67 to 4.99 USD (2.25 to 6.71 SGD) per month

Tinder Plus (over 30) – 3.33 to 9.99 USD (4.48 to 13.44 SGD) per month

Tinder Gold (under 30) – 5 to 14.99 USD (6.73 to 20.17 SGD) per month

Tinder Gold (over 30) – 10 to 29.99 USD (13.46 to 40.35 SGD) per month

Tinder Platinum (under 30) – 6.67 to 19.99 USD (8.97 to 26.90 SGD) per month

Tinder Platinum (over 30) – 12.50 to 39.99 USD (16.82 to 53.81 SGD) per month

1 month, 6 month and 12 month packages available

Coffee Meets Bagel

1 month – 3.99 GBP (7.30 SGD) per month

6 month – 18.50 GBP (33.82 SGD) per month


A-List Premium – 19.90 to 24.90 USD (26.78 to 33.50 SGD)

A-List Basic Subscription – 7.95 to 23.70 USD (10.79 to 31.89 SGD)

1, 3 and 6 month subscriptions


17.21 USD to 19.50 USD (23.16 to 26.24 SGD) per month

1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions available


8.99 to 54.99 USD (12.10 to 73.99 SGD)

1, 3 and 12 month subscriptions available


BumbleBoost – 10.99 USD per week to 54.99 USD (14.79 to 73.99 SGD) per month

Lifetime – 149.99 USD (201.81 SGD)

1 week, 1 month, 3 month and lifetime subscriptions available


39.99 USD (53.81 SGD) per month

111 USD (149.35 SGD) per year


19.99 USD (26.90 SGD) per month

How much does it cost to be single and dating in Singapore?

Everybody has a different idea of a perfect date. You may be itching to share your favourite cai png stall with the future love of your life, but your date might have their sights set on something more atas.

In other words, your date costs could range from $0 to thousands. That said, for the sake of this article, here are some potential date activities and how much you can expect to pay

Date activity

Cost per pax

Lunch/dinner – hawker centre


Brunch and coffee – hipster cafe


Dinner with wine – fancy restaurant




Pint of beer x2 at a bar


Cocktail x2 at upscale bar


Movie (weekend)


Art jamming at art cafe


Hotel staycation




Universal Studios


Ice skating rink entry + skate rental


Roller skating rink entry + skate rental



$0 for SC and PR at NHB museums

Bowling (2 games)


Botanic Gardens / Gardens by the Bay


Night Safari


Escape room


Cycling at Pulau Ubin




If these prices aren’t already putting you on road to celibacy, the possibility of having to partake in more than one activity per date night might. Even if you pick one of the non food-and-drink related activities, you’ll probably also have to throw in a meal or at least a drink.

You should also factor in higher transport costs and, depending on how much effort you feel compelled to put in, grooming and clothing costs.

Let’s say if you were to go on just one Tinder or Coffee Meets Bagel date on a Friday evening and it goes quite well. What next, right? Obvi, you both drag the date on and on with several activities throughout the night. Now, in the steamy heat of the moment you may not realise how much you’ve spent. But here’s how much that pretty hot date may cost you:

Coffee Meets Bagel monthly subscription: $7.30
2 to 3 Grab rides: $45
Dinner with wine at a restaurant: $80
Cosmic Bowling per game: $17
Bowling shoe rental: $2
Drinks at bowling alley: $5
Morning after pill: $47
STD rapid test: $60

Total: $263.30

How to spend less money on dates?

Honestly, the biggest thing you can do to save money on dates is to be unabashedly yourself. If you’re a hawker centre kind of gal/guy, don’t try to hide it, own it!

That said, here are some quick and dirty tips that can shave a bit off that bill.

  • Meet for coffee or lunch instead of dinner and drinks – Lunch menus are often cheaper than dinner menus at the same restaurant. And alcohol is expensive.
  • Hype hawker meals – Hard-sell what you believe to be the best chicken rice stall in all of Singapore or visit one of the Michelin-starred stalls to help your date see hawker food in a new light. If crowds are an issue, go slightly before or after peak hour.
  • Opt for free activities wherever possible – Suggest a hike at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or a walk at the Botanic Gardens if your date is outdoorsy, or a trip to a museum for a slice of culture.
  • Go during off peak hours – Movie tickets are cheaper from Monday to Thursday and bars often have happy hour in the afternoon or early evening.
  • Pack snacks and drinks – Stash a few cans of beer in your bag and bring along some home-made snacks to prevent your date from dragging you to some hipster cafe out of hunger.
  • Check prices online first – Tickets to some attractions like the zoo and Night Safari can be cheaper if you book them in advance online.
  • Don’t stay out after midnight – If you take public transport, always be sure catch the last bus or train to avoid having to fork out the cash for a cab or Grab. Schedule your dates to be earlier if you can.

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